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Greene County, Illinois

Marty Crull of the "Tri-County News" is attempting to gather information about the following list of Veterans who were killed while serving their country. Anyone who can provide additional information on the following veterans should email Marty.

AGEE, PFC JOHN - KIA 1944 - son of Charles Agee - lived on Lee King farm before moving to Rockbridge, Ill.

BARNO, SGT LLOYD -1951 - son of A. & E. (Mcwhorter) Bamd - Mar. Betty J Atkins, children Glenda J & Lloyd.

BLACK, PFC JAMES - 1945 - son of Dr. J. M. Black - Mother was Eula Huckabay.

BLEVINS, 2ND L T VIRGIL - son of Robert Blevins - married June Rutledge a granddaughter of Sarah Wilkinson.

BOGAR, L T CHARLES - 1944 - son of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Bogar - married 1 child.

BROWN, CAPT GEORGE F - 1945 - age 28 - married Hester Batty, of Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois.

BROWN, ERNEST - 1943 - USCG - son of George Brown -lived E. of Roodhouse before moving to Gary, Indiana.

BURCH, PFC THOMAS - KIA 1944 - son of George Burch of Kane vicinity - left two children.

BURK, PVT EDWIN - KIA Italy - nephew of Mrs. Ross Edwards.

CANATSEY, SGT FRANKLIN V - Died 1945 in Germany - Buried Richwoods cemetery east of Roodhouse.

CARLTON, PFC ALFRED H - 1944 - mother, Mrs. Julia Carlton, lived in Roodhouse.

CARMEAN DONALD - son of Nora Madeline Carmean - Mother died in 1991.

CHAPMAN, LT WAYNE -1942 - age 31.

CHRISTEN, T5 JOE - 1945 - son of May M. Christen - Nephew of William Reynolds.

DAVIS, FLIGHT OFFICER JAMES WILSON - KIA over Ormoc Nov. 10, 1944 - Left wife, June, and son James.

DEUTACHER,S SGT WILBUR W - 1944 over Austria - son of Mrs. W C Meyer - father operated Hillview pump station.

DICKERSON, SGT JAMES DONALD - 1944 - son of James LeeRoy and Nettie (Campbell) Dickerson.

EDWARDS, PFC ERNEST RAY - son of Earl and Pearl (Coats) Edwards - age 39 years.

ENDERS, JOHN H - KIA in Okinawa - son of Mrs. Tony Enders - Wife was Virginia Farrelly.

ERICHA, LT WILLIAM - wife was former Doris Gimmy, dau of Kent Gimmy.

FRENCH, JAMES EDWARD - KIA 1942 - SS HALO - mother was Myrtle French.

GALLUP, ROY EDWARD - KIA 194 - son of Joseph H. and Luella Gallup - Married Inas Kraushaar.
GREENWALT, ENSIGN RALPH - son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Greenwalt - grandsonofS. P. McCracken.

HARRINGTON, PFC JAMES -son of Mrs. Rosaline Schwallenstecker.

HARSHBARGER, JOHN RAYMOND - 1942 - son of J. H. Harshbarger, Linder twsp, Greene County, Illinois.

HICKS, S SGT JOHN L - KIA - age 24 - son of William H. Hicks of Scottville, Ill.

HOSKINS, FRANKLIN - 1942 - mother was Maude Holmbes - Drown getting off his submarine.

JENNINGS, FRANKLIN - son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Jenning, Greenfield, IL.

JONES, 2ND LT WILLIAM - 1944 - son of Mr. and Mrs. James Jones, Greenfield, Illinois.

LOCKER, M SGT J H - parents Mr/Mrs W. A. Locker, Roodhouse, Ill. - age 52 - Taken prisonr at Corregidor.

LONG, S SGT LEONARD E - 1944 - son of Harry Long, Hettick, Ill.- Grandparents Mr/Mrs Jas Bettis, Carrollton.

NAYLOR, PFC HAROLD - KIA 1945 - age 27 - Parents Mr/Mrs Henry Naylor - Wife Marie Worley & son 10 days old.

NEWBERRY, CPL HAROLD EDWARD - age 24 - son of Jesse and Nellie Newberry, White Hall, Illinois.

NEWINGHAM, S SGT LYNDLE - KIA in Germany, March 9, 1945 - Son of Mr/Mrs Ernest Newingham.

POPE, LT DAVID H - KIA - son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Pope

REDDISH, GT ROBERTS - son ofMr/Mrs. Elmer Reddish, East Hardin, Greene County, Ill. - wife Golda Hazelwood.

ROURKE, WM. VEDEER WEIMER - 1944 - Marine - great nephew of Grace & Virginia Vedder.

SECOUR, PFC EUGEND - father, Edmond Secor, Linder twsp, Greene County, Illinois.

SPONSLER, FLIGHT SGT HARRY - MIA 1943 - son of Clarence Sponsler, White Hall- Graduate Carrollton H. S.

TAPP, NEWTON Jr - 1943 - grandfather was George B. Tapp

VANDERHEYDEN, CAPT. EDWARD - 1944 - MIA June 1944 - native of Whte Hall - Grandson of Frank Vanderheyden.

WAYHAM, HAROLD D. - 1945 - born in Carrollton, Illinois - age 24 - known as "Hop".

WECK, L T RAYMOND S - 1944- age 27 - son of Mrs. Hilda Ryan, Roodhouse, Ill. - Bur. Mem Cern. St. Louis, MO.

WILFONG, SEAMAN JAMES - age 29 - son of Pierce and Jessie (Becraft) Wilfong - formerly of White Hall, Ill.

WOOD, PFC GEORGE - 1943 - son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wood - born in Carrollton, Illinois.

WORRELL, S SGT GILBERT C - 1942 - son of Alfred F. and Mary Worrell, Athensville twsp, Greene County, Ill.

WRIGHT, CHARLES EVANS Jr - 1944 - father, Charles Evans Wright - mother, Mrs. W. H. Florth.

WYATT LT BERT - 1944 - grad 1941 from Greenfield H.S. - Son of Mrs. Bell Wyatt - Wife Helen Earle Sagamore.

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