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THE PATRIOT, Carrollton, Ill., Friday, January 2, 1903


Divided into three parts:

Thanks to Marty Crull for sharing and Carol S. VanValkenburgh for transcribing.







            1.   Dr. A. D. Penny moved to East St. Louis.

            1.   James Laverly made New Year gift of $32,000 to his four sons.

            7.   Public installation M. W. A.  475.

            9.   Annual Masonic Banquet.

            13. Union revival meeting began.

            13. Moore-Bloomer entertainment.

            13. Wiegnand bought Beatty gallery.

            13. Smallpox quarantine at White Hall raised.

            15. Central Union Telephone Exchange discontinued.

            17. Mrs. Sarah Gallup’s residence five miles southeast burned; total loss.

            17. Mrs. Mattie Clark’s residence at Eldred burned.

            22. Weber concert in library course.

            23. M. P. L. public installation

            24. Art League’s fifth annual meeting.

            24. Slight earthquake shock felt here.

            25. County Checker Tournament held here.

            31. First annual meeting of county school officers held here.




            1.   County teacher’s meeting held here.

            1.   George W. Davis retires from Carrollton Bank; connected with it for 19 years.

            4.    Mrs. Howard Burns started on trip to Europe and Holy Land.

            7.   Two-day Doll Show by Episcopal ladies.

            8.   Annual reunion of McPherson family.

            13. Library Board adopts plan.

            15. Jesse S. Cottrell gave forth number in library course.

            17. Al Swank shot and seriously wounded Alvin Black at Walkerville.

            19. Local threshermen organize a combine.

            21. Linder farmers held second quarterly institute.

            23. The “Stone Jug” at Eldred burned; built for schoolhouse about 1837.

            24. Circuit Court opened, Judge Thompson presiding.

            28. THE PATRIOT high School Story Contest.






            3.   Walter Postlewait injured by locomotive explosion in California.

            8.   County teachers meeting, White Hall.

            12. Odd Fellows Logde initiates Thos. Scruby on 21st birthday, youngest member

                  in state.

            25. Col. J. G. Camp’s lecture, last in library course.

            26. Hon. A. J. Hopkins spoke at Court House.

            29. Democratic County Primary.

            31. Democratic County Convention.



            1.   Town elections.

            1.   E. A. Eldred becomes partners of W. H. Sieverling in implement business.

            2.   Rev. W. Bryson Smith called as pastor of Presbyterian Church.

            11. Conlee Lodge, A. O. U. W. instituted.

            12. County teacher’s meeting at Roodhouse.

            12. Twelve Carrolton men became Elks at Alton.

            14. County W. C. T. U. Convention opened at Roodhouse.

            15. City elections.

            15. F. A. Whiteside sells ranch of 3010 acres to George, Kilburn & Roberts for


            18. Local High School Contest.

            19. Members School Board re-elected.

            19. Current Topic Club’s ninth annual banquet; President David Felmly of State

                  Normal University guest of honor.

            22. New County Board organized with George Wright, chairman.

            26. Republican County Primaries.

            28. Republican County Convention, Greenfiled.

            29. Contract for library building let to Moore and Reed, $9318.

            30. Daum Post Office discontinued.




            1.   Fully two-thirds of corn planting done.

            2.   Roodhouse High School Commencement, ten graduate.

            2.   Novelty Concert for benefit of library.

            2.   Kane School Commencement, six graduate.

            5.   Republican Senatorial Convention at Carlinville.

            6.   Democratic Senatorial Convention at Carlinville.

            7.   Greenfield High School Commencement, 15 graduate.        

            10. County H. S. Contest at Roodhouse; Greenfield wins banner.

            11. Clarence Hanks killed by cars near Pegram.

            15. West End Circle’s closing picnic.

            17. Mrs. Howard Burns returns from Palestine.

            18. First Communion at St. John’s Church for 30 children.

            26. H. E. Bell bought White Hall Register,

            30. Twenty-eighth commencement Carrollton High School; 18 graduate.

            30. Memorial Day observance postponed to Sunday, account of rain.

            30. Simpson & Linder bought Kane Hardware Store.

            31. H. S. Alumni’s fifteenth banquet.




            2.   County summer normal opened at Roodhouse, for one week.

            2.   Julius Schumann bought out Otis Sieverling in blacksmith shop.       

            3.   W. J. Roberts and H. A. Orchard bought Galesburg Gazette.

            11. B. Y. P. U. Associational Convention held here.

            11. Israel Standifer killed by cars at Alton.

            11. Barn at Wm. Hyland’s burned.

            12. Wheat harvest began.

            16. Twenty-four harvesting machines were seen at work in wheat fields, in drive

                  of twelve miles.

            20. E. S. Vanarsdale and Ed Roodhouse bought the A. S. Pegram elevator.

            21. Infant son of Dan Harkins & wife, near Eldred, run over by mower & both

                  feet cut off; died week later.

            22. Rev. Fr. O. A. Snyder, Assistant Priest at St. John’s Church left for


            27. Greene County Medical Society organized at White Hall.

            27. Robert Dickson’s barn, White Hall, struck by lightning and burned.




            1.  City ordinances revised and ordered printed.

            1.  Ceres Post Office discontinued.

            4.  Library Social and Band Concert only celebration; receipts $108.

            10. John Pointer run over and killed by threshing outfit; age 63.

            11. Wheat reported making 30 to 50 bushels per acre.

            18. Electrical storm does much damage; 2.22 inches rainfall; small cyclone

                  north part of county.

            19. Frank Mack struck by a train and seriously injured.

            25. THE PATRIOT office moved to Marmon Building.

            28. Geo. Clough’s residence damaged by fire.





            2.   Moses Hudson, Deputy Sheriff, shot and killed Marsh Sutton at Roodhouse,

                  while attempting to arrest him.

            4.   Ninety Carrollton people on rail and river excursion to Quincy.

            5.   H. C. Kenney sells business to Bowie and Vertrees,

            5.   W. G. Waltrip celebrates 88th birthday.

            7.   County S. S. Convention at Rockbridge.

            7.   W. H. Riley, Jackson County, murdered in bed; lived here 25 years ago.

            14. John Ashford, Jr., struck by train near White Hall and injured.

            20. H. T. Rainey nominated for Congress at Jacksonville on 257th ballot.

            20. River valley farmers hold convention here to seek damages from Chicago

                  Drainage Board for overflow.

     21.-22. Thirty-seventh Greene County S. S. Convention, Greenfield.

            21. Sam Clothier killed by cars at Sapulpa, Indian Territory.

            31. Dr. A. O. Miller, Rockbridge, shot and killed his wife; took poison when

                  arrested, and died at door of county jail.     




            1.   Judge Shirley opened Circuit Court.

            1.   City Public Schools opened with 395 pupils.

            5.   First automobile passed through town.

            7.   M. E. Church reopened after extensive improvements.

            8.   Mrs. F. V. Gano seriously hurt in runaway.

            9.   County Board fixes tax levy at $35,000.

            12. County Medical Society met here.

            12. Racing Matinee at Fair Grounds.

            12. Republican Congressional Convention at Jacksonville.

            16. White Hall Street Fair opened.

            16. Linder Farmer’s Institute.

            21. F. A. Whiteside bought an automobile.

            21. Geo. Butler, Berdan, killed by cars at White Hall.




            12. Union farewell service for Rev. J. E. Artz, retiring pastor M. E. Church.

            13. First killing frost.

            14. Greene County Fair opened.

            14. Rev. D. T. Black, new pastor M. E. Church, arrives from Waverly.

            16. Total eclipse of moon.

            28. C. & A. begins taking Carrollton spring water.

            29. William Flatt’s residence, near Eldred, burned.

            30. Union Teacher’s Association held 12th annual meeting here.




            4.   General election.

            11. Second annual poultry show at Greenfield.

            18. Greene County Fair election, D. Simpson, president.

      23.-30. Mission meetin, conducted by Passionist Fathers Mulberry & O’Connor,

                  at St. John’s Church.

            26. Wm. T. Gardiner succeeds Ira Close as Postmaster at Kane.

            27. Rev. W. Bryson Smith preached Union Thanksgiving sermon.

            30. Mrs. Burch’s residence at Kane burned.




            1.   Mrs. VanBuntley of Patterson thrown under a traction engine by frightened

                  team, at West Roodhouse, and life crushed out.

            4.   Nellie Peck Saunders entertainment, first in library course.

            7.   Rev. E. D. Ervine resigns pastorate Episcopal Church, goes to Wellsburg,

                  W. Va.

     11.-12. County Farmers Institute at Greenfield.

            18. Public Library moves into new building.

            22. Ernst Albert Courturier, cornatist, in band entertainment,

            24. Four local Sunday Schools entertain Santa Claus.

            25. T. E. William’s family reunion, four generations.



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