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Soldiers & Sailors Home - Admissions - Daily Record

Fourth Biennial Report
of the
Quincy, Illinois
June 30, 1892

Admissions - Daily Record

Indexed by Lowell L. Volkel

Admission of Mexican War & Civil War Veterans

1887 - 1889

Section #1

The late Lowell L. Volkel indexed this volume in 1975. The book consists of actual copies of the printed records of the Soldiers' & Sailors' Home in Quincy.

The preface in the book includes the following information: "The Soldiers' and Sailors' Home was established by an act of the General Assembly, June 26, 1885, "to provide a home and subsistence for honorably discharged ex-soldiers and sailors who enlisted from Illinois in the U.S. Army or Navy, during the war of the rebellion and the Mexican War, and who have since become and are now residents of the State of Illinois, and who may have become disabled through ... such service, or who by reason of old age, or other disabilities, are disqualified from earning a livelihood...."

The commission appointed by Governor Oglesby to locate the home under the provisions of this act, selected a tract of 140 acres just outside the northern limits of the city of Quincy. Building operations began in May, 1886. The home was formally opened in March, 1887.

This book contains copies of pages from the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Biennial Reports of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home. Only those pages listing admissions to the Home were copied. Much additional data about the operation of the Home may be found in these reports. Copies of the full reports are in the Illinois State Library.

Each soldier or sailor was assigned a "Registry Number" upon admission to the Home. These numbers were assigned in consecutive order beginning with the number eleven. If a discharged veteran was later readmitted, he kept the number initially issued to him. Many names in these reports are obviously misspelled. A researcher should check the index for various spellings of a name.

The records of the Quincy Home are in the Illinois State Archives, Springfield, Illinois. You may receive photocopies of a soldier's file by writing to the Archives. When making a request, be sure to state the soldier's name, his regiment, and his registry number as found in this book. There may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of the copies.

This volume covers 4,418 separate admissions to the Home between March, 1887, and June 30, 1898. Many re-admissions are also noted. All of the men listed in this book served their country in the Mexican War or the Civil War. Beginning in 1899, Spanish-American War soldiers also became eligible to enter the Home. Projected future volumes of this series will include Spanish-American soldiers as well as veterans of the earlier wars.

Lowell M. Volkel, August, 1975"

November 27, 1888 1029 ALEXANDER, SAMUEL Co. G-61st Illinois Infantry; Co. G-34th Illinois Infantry Greene Lung disease
December 23, 1887 627 ALLEN, ALBERT L. Co. F-1st Missouri Cavalry Greene Chronic diarrhea
November 20, 1888 1016 ALLEN, RUNEY Co. F-15th Illinois Infantry; Co. A-61st Illinois Infantry Greene Lung disease
July 25, 1890 1644 ARNOLD, JOSEPH S. Co. H-3d Wisconsin Infantry; Co. L-1st N.H.N. Art. Greene Gun-shot wound left leg
May 18, 1887 291 AUSTIN, CURTIS Co. A-1st Michigan Inf., Mexican; Co. A-35th Ill. Inf; Co. I-59th Ill. Inf. Greene Kidney disease; Discharged December 23, 1887
September 19, 1889 1310 BEERTERMAN, H. Co. G-59th Illinois Infantry; Co. H-2d U.S.V. Greene Gun-shot wound right thigh
November 9, 1887 585 CLARK, WM. Co. F-26th Pennsylvania Infantry; Co. H-99th Pennsylvania Infantry Greene Kidney disease
December 17, 1891 2117 HOPPER, HENRY W. Co. A-2d N.Y. Cavalry Greene Rheumatism, piles, etc.
April 5, 1887 139 HOPPER, JOSEPHUS B. 1st Ill Inf Mexican; Co. K-2d Ill Arty; Co. A-149th Ill Inf Greene Physical and mental wreck
June 12, 1888 831 LOWNDS, JOHN Co. E&E-61st Illinois Infantry Greene General debility
April 28, 1887 244 McCHELANEY, JAMES Co. K-99th Pennsylvania Infantry Greene Gun-shot wound right arm
August 5, 1890 1650 NEUN, GEORGE Co. D-43d Illinois Infantry Greene Diarrhea
January 29, 1890 1471 OPDYKE, J. W. Co. K-10th Illinois Infantry Greene Rheumatism
May 4, 1892 2226 PITCHFORD, WM. H. Co. F-12th Illinois Cavalry Greene Inflammatory rheumatism
January 6, 1888 647 REDDING, JAS. Co. E&E-11th Illinois Cavalry Greene Hernia
July 28, 1887 428 REED, F. Co. B-14th Ohio Infantry Greene Chronic rheumatism
April 12, 1890 1532 ROLLINS, M. P. Co. K-14th Illinois Infantry; Co. F-61st Illinois Infantry Greene Paralysis
April 23, 1891 1883 SADDLER, EDWARD Co. I-119th Illinois Infantry Greene Carbuncle
June 17, 1892 2255 SCOTT, CHAS. Capt. Thomas' Company, 1832 Greene General debility
October 5, 1889 1334 SMITH, JACOB Co. A-6th Illinois Infantry Greene Rheumatism
October 28, 1890 1749 SMITH, JOHN J. Co. F-1st Missouri Cavalry Greene Rupture, varicose veins and alcoholism
January 14, 1888 659 SPAULDING, LUCIUS C. Co. A-61st Illinois Infantry Greene Gun-shot wound
February 25, 1890 1498 STACKMAN, H. Co. A-61st Illinios Infantry Greene Old age
April 5, 1887 140 TARPIEN, BENJ. Co. H-1st Missouri Inf.; Co. G-Benton Cadets; Co. G-26th Missouri Inf Greene Partial loss of sight; Discharged November 11, 1887
April 5, 1887 138 TAYLOR, RICHARD Co. I-4th U.S. Artillery; Co. K-7th Illinois Infantry Greene Chronic diarrhea and piles
March 28, 1889 1170 WOOD, ENOS Co. K-33d Illinios Infantry Greene Gun-shot wound in right leg