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WWII U.S. Army Deaths

NARA Records



I received the following note from Mitzi Calbreath - I was at the National Archives to research WWII Deaths and extracted these lists which I thought you might like to share with other researchers. The list includes only members of the U.S. Army. When asked about the other service organizations, Mitzi indicated that the lists for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard contained the names of individuals from all over the state rather than being broken down by county as these were. To find additional Illinois WWII Casualties (Navy, Marine Corps, & Coast Guard, go to the following link:

The list includes the serviceman's name, serial number, his rank and a code. Translation of the codes is as follows: DNB - Died in Line of Duty, non-battle
DOI - Died of Injuries
DOW - Died of Wounds
FOD - Finding Of Death
KIA - Killed In Action during battle
M - Missing

Our thanks so much to Mitzi Calbreath for obtaining and sharing these lists with our researchers.
Name Serial Number Rank Code
ARMSTRONG, Kenneth H. 36445493 TEC5 KIA
BARNETT, Lee A. 36673281 PVT KIA
CARLTON, Alfred H. 36440588 PFC DOW
DENNY, Carl L. 16051745 TSG KIA
DETTORE, John A. 36373725 PVT DNB
DICKERSON, James D. 36070038 TEC4 DNB
FENITY, Edward L. 16051743 TSG FOD
FLORENCE, James R. 01550792 1LT DNB
FRY, Earl Jr. 36972091 PVT KIA
GEERS, Charles P. 16019442 SGT KIA
GOODMAN, Raymond K. 36429788 PFC KIA
GORDON, Frederic C. 0-716418 1LT DNB
GRAMZA, Stanley H. 6827083 SGT DNB
HANNAFORD, George 36075383 SGT DNB
HARDWICK, Willis J. 36481960 PFC KIA
HOFF, Samuel L. 36312957 PFC KIA
HOLMES, Harold F. 36047704 TEC4 KIA
KARR, Austin F. 36069057 TEC5 KIA
KIRBACH, Charles N. 36484088 TEC4 FOD
KOSKI, Raymond N. 36456842 PFC KIA
LOKEY, Harold E. 17016644 PVT FOD
LOVELACE, Dale O. 36074631 TEC5 KIA
MARSH, Lewis W. 36055409 PFC KIA
MEANS, Aubrey F. 36058810 TEC4 KIA
MOSER, Richard A. 35487489 SGT DNB
NEWTON, Eugene I. 36441261 SGT KIA
PRICE, Ward C. 36671117 SGT KIA
PROBST, Francis L. 36923560 PFC DNB
PRUIETT, Cecil A. 16040203 SGT FOD
REDDISH, Robert E. 36075372 SGT KIA
REINERT, Dean P. O-753736 2LT KIA
SCHOFIELD, Lloyd L. 36484067 PFC KIA
SCOGGINS, Carl O. 36429936 PFC DOW
SCOTT, Robert D. 36479685 PFC DOW
SHENKEL, Carson E. 36443515 TEC4 KIA
SHORT, Herschel P. 36908493 PFC KIA
SIMPSON, Donald A. O-393319 MAJ DNB
SMITH, Henry L. C. 36050829 PVT DNB
TALLEY, Paul T. 36055406 SSG KIA
WOODARD, Albert J. O-790445 2LT DNB
WOOLSEY, Hollan T. 36432003 SGT KIA
WYATT, Bert W. O-526045 2LT KIA