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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia 1879

Page 161

ROBERT R. COOPER - Mr. Cooper, who has been a resident of Barr township for the lst twenty-five years, was born in Christian county, Kentucky, January 22d, 1828. His father, Edward L. Cooper, was born in Virginia, and after he was grown moved to Kentucky and married Miss Mary Perry, who was also the fourth of a family of eight children. He lived in Christian county, Kentucky, till about eight years of age, attending for a short time a school, distant three miles from his father's farm. The part of Greene county to which his father came was an old settlement, and he went to school in a frame building half a mile from his father's residence. He lived at home till nearly twenty-three years of age, and then (in December, 1850) married Miss Amarine Parks, a native of Tennessee, daughter of John Parks, an old settler of Barr township. Mr. Cooper was farming in Greene county till 1855, and then settled on the farm he now owns, in section seventeen of Barr township. He is known as an enterprising and substantial farmer. His farm consists of 445 acres, lying in one body in section seventeen, with the exception of thirty-five acres in section sixteen, and on it are fine improvements. His first wife died in June, 1869. November, 1870, he married Lizzie Ridings of Greene county, whose death occurred in February, 1872. His present wife, whom he married in August, 1872, was formerly Miss Mary Bacon, who was born in Tennessee and came to Illinois when a child. He has eight children living, three by his first marriage, one by his second,, and four by his third. Their names in the order of their births are as follows: Henry E., Lucy B., Adrian E., Frank, Ella D., Freddie, Edgar and Charles. Mr. Cooper was originally a whig, but like many of the members of that party, he became a republican when the question of the extension of slavery into the territories became a conspicuous issue. He has never taken an active part in politics nor has aspired to official position or public station. For twenty-six years, he has been a member of the United Baptist church, and is now connected with Goshen church, in the east part of Barr township.

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