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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia 1879

Page 120:


LEN C. GLESSNER was born in Delaware, Ohio, March 17th, 1853, being the sixth in a family of nine children.His father, Lewis Glessner, was in early life a farmer, which occupation he subsequently abandoned.In 1861 he purchased the Hancock Courier at Findley, Ohio, and removed with his family to that place.He continued the publication of the paper and its editorial management until his death, which took place early in 1879.Young Glessner was thus brought up in immediate contact with newspapers from the time he could read, and came naturally into the newspaper business.He had the advantages of a good English education.At the age of fifteen he entered his fatherís office to learn the printing business, commencing at the bottom, and steadily working his way up, acquiring a complete knowledge of the art in all its branches; and occasionally a share of the editorial work would devolve upon him in the absence of the editors. Arriving at the age of twenty-one, and wishing to see something of the world for himself, he left home and friends, and started out to work at his trade.After traveling around for some time, he found himself in Farmer City, Illinois, and through the influence of an elder brother, bought the Farmer City Journal, and in October of 1874 issued his first paper.The office was purchased altogether on time, Glessnerís capital at the time of the purchase being just $23.94; but by careful management and untiring labor, the debt of nearly $2,000 was paid in two yearsí time.From the time of passing into Mr. Glessnerís hands, the Journal was marked by an independence of thought and sincerity of purpose and a certain spiciness of tone, that soon gave it more than a local reputation.


In 1877 Mr.Glessner was married to Miss Emma Chappelear, an estimable lady of the same city.They have one child.After conducting the Journal successfully for four years and a half, and wishing for a wider field of action and usefulness, Mr. Glessner, after making arrangements for the continuance of the paper, moved to Carlinville, Illinois, and on March 1st, 1879, issued the first Macoupin County Herald, Mr. E. A. Snively becoming associated with him in the editorial work.From the beginning, the success of the Herald has been most brilliant, and has far surpassed the most sanguine expectations of the publisher.In seven months the circulation has gown to 1,500 copies, and is now increasing from fifty to seventy-five per week.The secret of Mr. Glessnerís success in life is an untiring energy which never allows him to become discouraged by any obstacle; but by constant pegging away, he will eventually attain his end.His idea of a good newspaper is one which, in clear print, shall give the most interesting rather than the greatest, quantity of reading, and faithful work in the field of local news, gleaning all that can possibly interest any of his readers.

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