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Carlinville Township

Anderson, M. M. Carlinville Sec. 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Christ'n Co., Ky. 1834
Anderson, Mrs. M. A. Carlinville Sec. 11 Wife of M. M. Anderson Macoupin Co., Ill. 1833
Brown, G. L. Carlinville Sec. 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Berkshire Co., Mass. 1866
Brown, Mrs. Mary L. Carlinville Sec. 30 Wife of G. L. Brown Litch. Co., Conn. 1866
Carr, Mrs. P. J. Carlinville Sec. 31 Wife of W. C. Carr Canada West 1867
Carr, William C. Carlinville Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., Ill. 1843
Denby, Naomi N. Buford Sec. 6 Wife of Wm. A. Denby Macoupin Co., Ill. 1842
Denby, William A. Buford Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., Ill. 1837
Dugger, W. B. Carlinville Sec. 29 Bdr. Of Bkershire & Pol'd Ch. Hogs Macoupin Co., Ill. 1835
Gore, Michael Carlinville Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ky. 1847
Gore, Mrs. Mourning Carlinville Sec. 6 Wife of M. Gore Sang'mn Co., Ill. 1834
Hays, Abiel Carlinville Sec. 16 Supt. Co. Poor Farm N.Y. 1865
Hays, Mrs. C. P. Carlinville Sec. 16 Wife of A. Hays Germany 1845
Jacobie, Jacob Carlinville Sec. 7 Farmer Germany 1852
Jacobie, Mrs. Dortha Carlinville Sec. 7 Wife of J. Jacobie Germany 1852
Lee, John A. Carlinville Sec. 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser Morgan Co., Ill. 1861
Lee, Miss Sarah A. Carlinville Sec. 20 Hskpr. For Jno. A. Lee Morgan Co., Ill. 1861
McClure, James A. Carlinville Sec. 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser Tenn. 1835
McClure, Mrs. Ellen Carlinville Sec. 36 Wife of J. A. McClure Ohio 1854
Morris, Charles Carlinville Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Yorkshire, Eng. 1856
Morris, Mrs. Maria Carlinville Sec. 7 Wife of C. Morris Yorkshire, Eng. 1856
Otwell, S. M. Died Mar. 26, 1843 Late husband of Mrs. M.B. Wright Ga. 1831
Patchen, D. T. Carlinville Sec. 32 Farmer Ohio 1848
Patchen, Mrs. Sarah S. Carlinville Sec. 32 Wife of D. T. Patchen Conn. 1848
Sargent, J. T. Carlinville Sec. 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser New London, N.H. 1857
Sargent, Mrs. Maria Carlinville Sec. 16 Wife of J. T. Sargent Mass. 1857
Steidley, J. S. Died Oct. 28, 1872 Father of S. F. Steidley Va. 1834
Steidley, S. F. Carlinville Sec. 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., Ill.
Steidley, Sarah E. Widow of J. S. Steidley Ky. 1835
Swank, B. F. Carlinville Sec. 17 Farmer & Stock Raiser Wayne Co., Ohio 1878
Swank, Mrs. Emma Carlinville Sec. 17 Wife of B. F. Swank England 1878
Welton, Mrs. Emeline Carlinville Sec. 29 Wife of S. Welton Litch. Co., Conn. 1839
Welton, Samuel Carlinville Sec. 29 Farmer, Auction'r & Bldg. Mover Litch. Co., Conn. 1839
Wilsn, Mary M. Nilwood Sec. 20 Wife of J. B. Wilson Macoupin Co., Ill. 1840
Wilson, James B. Nilwood Sec. 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser New York City 1864
Winter, Ferdinand Nilwood Sec. 1 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1864
Winter, Mrs. Caroline Nilwood Sec. 1 Wife of F. Winter Germany 1866
Wright, Mrs. Mary B. Carlinville Sec. 30 Widow of R. Wright N.J. 1831
Wright, Ruel Died Jan. 15, 1852 Late husband of Mrs. M.B. Wright Pa. 1839

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