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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


South Otter Township

Adams, Emeline Peebles Nilwood Sec. 15 w/o J. Adams Hart Co., Ky. 1837
Adams, J. Nilwood Sec. 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Henry Co., Ky. 1830
Allen, Rebecca J. Conlee Nilwood Sec. 22 w/o W.P. Allen Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Allen, Wm. P. Nilwood Sec. 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., IL 1857
Arnett, Cynthia A. Langley Buford Sec. 31 w/o P. L. Arnett Erie Co., Pa. 1854
Arnett, P. L. Buford Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Bacon, M.A. Horton, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 32 w/o Thos. Bacon Taylor Co., Ky. 1875
Bacon, Mary A. Miller Buford Sec. 30 w/o R. Bacon Clark Co., Ind. 1836
Bacon, Mary Hoover Died Sep. 23, 1877 Late w/o Thos. Bacon Indiana 1835
Bacon, Robert Buford Sec. 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Norfolk, Eng. 1837
Bacon, Thomas Carlinville Sec. 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser Norfolk, Eng. 1837
Bacon, Thomas W. Buford Sec. 32 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1858
Barrow, Rebecca Edwards Girard Sec. 9 w/o T.S. Barrow Morgan Co., IL 1842
Barrow, T. S. Girard Sec. 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ky. 1830
Byers, Fannie Buford Sec. 31 w/o J. Byers Germany 1868
Byers, Jacob Buford Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1868
Cooney, Mary O'Neil Carlinville Sec. 20 w/o M. Cooney Pa. 1850
Cooney, Michael Carlinville Sec. 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1852
Crawford, Adora L. Clages Palmyra Sec. 6 w/o J. Crawford Macoupin Co., IL 1856
Crawford, G. D. Nilwood Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Overton Co., Tenn. 1832
Crawford, Jonathan Palmyra Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1847
Crawford, Nancy M. Bridges Nilwood Sec. 6 w/o G.D. Crawford Madison Co., IL 1844
Davidson, Caroline F. Groves Girard Sec. 11 w/o D. Davidson Sangamon Co., IL 1833
Davidson, David Girard Sec. 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Alabama 1830
Dix, Charles Nilwood Sec. 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hartford Co., Conn. 1869
Dix, Hellena Davidson Died Dec. 5, 1878 Late w/o C. Dix Morgan Co., IL 1853
Dufner, John Nilwood Sec. 11 Farmer Baden, Ger. 1868
Dufner, Maggie E. Flinn Nilwood Sec. 11 w/o J. Dufner Tipperary Co., Ire. 1870
Hart, Emily Crays Nilwood Sec. 23 w/o J.S. Hart Sangamon Co., IL 1833
Hart, John E. Palmyra Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1855
Hart, John S. Nilwood Sec. 23 Farmer & Stone Mason Morgan Co., IL 1840
Hart, Sarah M. Cherry Palmyra Sec. 6 w/o J. E. Hart Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Howard, Eleanor Crump Girard Sec. 9 w/o H. Howard St. Clair Co., Ky. 1843
Howard, Henry Girard Sec. 9 Farmer & Blacksmith Macoupin Co., IL 1844
Howard, Martha A. Crump Nilwood Sec. 9 w/o M.V. Howard Macoupin Co., IL 1847
Howard, Martin V. Nilwood Sec. 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1840
Jenkings, Charity E. Hayes Girard Sec. 8 w/o W.H. Jenkins Macoupin Co., IL 1859
Jenkins, Wm. H. Girard Sec. 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Nelson Co., Ky. 1854
Johnson, R. Z. Buford Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Clark Co., Ind. 1855
Johnson, Rebecca J. Wilson Buford Sec. 31 w/o R.Z. Johnson Sullivan Co., Ind. 1856
Lair, Elizabeth J. Nilwood Sec. 17 w/o J.M. Lair Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Lair, Jerry M. Nilwood Sec. 17 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1837
Mahan, Sarah Ditson Palmyra Sec. 6 w/o T. Mahan Macoupin Co., IL 1843
Mahan, Thomas Palmyra Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Rush Co., Ind. 1850
Palmer, Sarah M. Nilwood Sec. 16 Widow of W. R. Palmer Orange Co., Ind. 1831
Palmer, William R. Died Dec. 24, 1859 Former h/o S.M. Palmer Rutherford Co., Tenn. 1830
Pruitt, James M. Carlinville Sec. 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co., IL 1855
Pruitt, Laura J. Sinclair Carlinville Sec. 32 w/o J.M. Pruitt Macoupin Co., IL 1856
Ross, M. H. Nilwood Sec. 14 Farmer & Stock Raiser Sumner Co., Tenn. 1830
Ross, Nancy A. McMullen Nilwood Sec. 14 w/o M.H. Ross Shelby Co., Ky. 1830
Snell, Mary A. Nilwood Sec. 21 w/o S. Snell Morgan Co., IL 1851
Snell, Samuel Nilwood Sec. 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Jefferson Co., Ind. 1840

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