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South Palmyra Township

Allen, C. Corn Palmyra Palmyra w/o Dr. W. A. Allen Piatt Co., IL 1878
Allen, W. A. Palmyra Palmyra Physician & Surgeon Greene Co., IL 1876
Bilbruck, Charlotte Palmyra Sec. 31 Farming & Stock Raising Nottinghamshire, Eng. 1857
Bilbruck, John Died  Mar. 27, 1872 Late h/o Charlotte Bilbruck Yorkshire, Eng. 1857
Bivin, B. F. Palmyra Sec. 1 Farmer, St;k Raiser, Feeder Morgan Co., IL 1834
Bivin, Esther Sharp Palmyra Sec. 1 w/o B. F. Bivin Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Bivin, J. C. Palmyra Sec. 1 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1856
Bivin, James Died  Jan.   29, 1871 Father of J. C. Bivin Morgan Co., IL 1834
Bivin, Sarah Crabtree Palmyra Sec. 1 w/o of late James Bivin Muhlenburgh Co., Ky. 1852
Crum, Catherine Johnson Palmyra Sec. 6 w/o W. F. Crum Clark Co., W. Va. 1870
Crum, William F. Palmyra Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Clark Co., Ind. 1848
Denby, Clara E. Johnson Buford Sec. 30 Present w/o P. L. Denby Macoupin Co., IL 1829
Denby, Margarett S. Trible Died  Dec. 7, 1876 1st w/o P. L. Denby Devonshire, Eng. 1856
Denby, Peter L. Buford Sec. 30 Farmer, St'k Raiser, Feeder Macoupin Co., IL 1838
Duncan, Abigail Proffitt Palmyra Sec. 7 w/o J. W. Duncan Washington Co., E. Tn. 1854
Duncan, James S. Palmyra Sec. 23 Farmer, St'k Raiser, Coroner Macoupin Co., IL 1836
Duncan, James W. Palmyra Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Washington Co., E. Tn. 1851
Duncan, Mary J. Weller Palmyra Sec. 23 w/o J. S. Duncan Macoupin Co., IL 1844
Etter, Asbereen E. Davidson Palmyra Sec. 16 w/o H. Etter Barron Co., Ky. 1844
Etter, Henry Palmyra Sec. 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Anderson Co., E. Tenn. 1836
Holloway, J. C. Palmyra Sec. 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scott Co., IL 1866
Holloway, Lucy E. Smithson Palmyra Sec. 13 Pres w/o J. C. Holloway Clark Co., Ky. 1863
Holloway, Nancy Baker Died  Feb. 21, 1860 1st w/o J. C. Holloway Adams Co., IL
Hulse, A. C., Capt. Palmyra Palmyra Blacksmith Sullivan Co., E. Tenn. 1856
Hulse, Martha A. Ross Palmyra Palmyra w/o Capt. A. C. Hulse Macoupin Co., IL 1840
King, Sarah E. Steidley Palmyra Sec. 3 w/o W. M. King Greene Co., Ohio 1836
King, Wesley M. Palmyra Sec. 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Logan Co., Ky. 1835
Linn, Charles Palmyra Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Sangamon Co., IL 1861
Linn, Mary A. Crum Palmyra Sec. 6 w/o Charles Linn Clark Co., Ind. 1848
Marshall, Robert Palmyra Sec. 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Brown Co., Ind. 1859
Marshall, Sarah J. McCoy Palmyra Sec. 22 w/o R. Marshall Taney Co., MO 1865
Mize, Jacob Palmyra Sec. 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Lawrence Co., Ind. 1849
Mize, Martha E. Vaughn Palmyra Sec. 22 w/o J. Mize Morgan Co., IL 1877
Morrell, Emeline goode Palmyra Sec. 4 w/o W. Morrell Greene Co., IL 1872
Morrell, William Palmyra Sec. 4 Farmer & Painter Hancock Co., Ohio 1872
Ragan, Margarett Simpson Palmyra Palmyra Pres w/o R. R. Ragan Sangamon Co., IL 1844
Ragan, R. R. Palmyra Palmyra Dlr Hardwr & Agr. Imp & J.P. Tennessee 1836
Ragan, Sarah E. Patterson Died  Feb. 23, 1857 1st w/o R. R. Ragan Macoupin Co., IL 1826
Ridgway, John T. Palmyra Sec. 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Boone Co., MO 1861
Ridgway, Maria E. Crum Palmyra Sec. 5 w/o J. T. Ridgway Macoupin Co., IL 1847
Ridgway, Mary J. Solomon Palmyra Palmyra w/o Z. C. Ridgway Macoupin Co., IL 1847
Ridgway, Z. C. Palmyra Palmyra Prop South Palmyra Hotel Boone Co., MO 1861
Ross, Mary C. Proffitt Palmyra Sec. 18 w/o W. G. Ross Washington Co., Tenn. 1854
Ross, W. G. Palmyra Sec. 18 Farm'r, Stk Raiser, Twp Supvr Sumner Co., Tenn. 1829
Searcy, Benj. P. Died  Aug 12, 1868 in Boone Valley N.M. Boone Co., MO
Searcy, Nancy E. Palmyra Sec. 7 Farming & Stock Raising Boone Co., MO 1868
Shinpaugh, Jos. H. Palmyra Sec. 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Knox Co., E. Tenn. 1879
Shinpaugh, M'rg't Bilderback Palmyra Sec. 20 w/o J. H. Shinpaugh Knox Co., E. Tenn. 1879
Skeen, Baxter M. Palmyra Sec. 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser Washington Co., Tenn. 1832
Skeen, Lucinda Smith Died  Apr. 9, 1873 1st w/o B. M. Skeen Macoupin Co., IL 1838
Skeen, Mary E. Henderson Palmyra Sec. 20 Pres w/o B. M. Skeen Miller co., MO 1864
Smith, Joseph A. Palmyra Sec. 20 Frmr, Blacksmith & Wagn Mkr Greene Co., Ky. 1860
Smith, Sarah F. Garrison Palmyra Sec. 20 w/o J.A. Smith Adair Co., Ky. 1860
Solomon, D. N. Palmyra Palmyra Farm, St;k Raiser, Genl Mrcht Muhlenburgh Co., Ky. 1829
Solomon, Elizabeth C. Newell Palmyra Palmyra w/o D. N. Solomon Simpson Co., Ky. 1840
Tongate, Achilles Palmyra Sec. 4 Retired Farmer age 92 Amherst Co., Va. 1837
Tongate, C. P. Palmyra Sec. 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., Ky. 1837
Tongate, Clarissa E. Chiles Palmyra Sec. 3 w/o E. Tongate Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Tongate, Elias Palmyra Sec. 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1848
Tongate, M. C. Palmyra Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., Ky. 1837
Tongate, Malinda Fletcher Died  Aug. 21, 1853 1st w/o M. C. Tongate Adair Co., Ky.
Tongate, Mary A. Cherry Palmyra Sec. 4 Pres w/o M. C. Tongate Tennessee 1833
Tongate, Mary C. Gardiner Palmyra Sec. 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., Ky. 1860
Tongate, Nancy Malone Died  Jun 10, 1876 w/o A. Tongate, marr 66 yrs Tennessee 1837
Vaughn, Rachael E. Wiser Palmyra Sec. 15 w/o W. E. Vaughn Macoupin Co., IL 1852
Vaughn, Wm. E. Palmyra Sec. 15 Farmer, Minister & J. P. Morgan Co., IL 1873

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