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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


Virden Township
North Half of T12N-R6W-3PM

Boyer, John Virden Virden Physician & Surgeon Germany on the Rhine 1854
Boyer, Maggie Virden Virden Pres w/o M. M. Boyer Germany on the Rhine 1855
Boyer, Mary Died  Aug. 6, 1854 Late w/o M. M. Boyer Germany on the Rhine 1854
Boyer, Michael M. Virden Virden Dealer in Boots & Shoes Germany on the Rhine 1854
Buckles, Harriet Virden Virden w/o R. Buckles Morgan Co., IL 1865
Buckles, Robert Virden Virden Prop. Junction Hotel Scioto Co., Ohio 1863
Burch, C. H. Virden Virden Boots, Shoes, Confectionery Jersey Co., IL
Burch, Nettie L. Virden Virden w/o C. H. Burch Pa.
Chedister, G. M. Virden Virden Pro. Livery & Brdr Horses N.J. 1856
Chedister, Marth Virden Virden 1st w/o G. M. Chedister N.J. 1858
Chedister, Mary E. Dec'd Virden w/o G. M. Chedister Pa.
Clark, Hannah Virden Virden w/o S. H. Clark N.Y. 1859
Clark, Samuel H., Rev. Virden Virden Physician & Surgeon Albany, N.Y. 1859
Clements, E. A., Mrs. Virden Sec. 12 w/o J. R. Clements Greene Co., IL 1865
Clements, J. R. Virden Sec. 12 Far. & Bdr. Short Horns Davidson Co., N.C. 1865
Cogswell, Abbie C. Died  May 12, 1874 Late w/o C. H. Cogswell Cuyahoga Co., Ohio 1869
Cogswell, C. H. Virden Sec. 15 Nurseryman & Fruit Grower Cuyahoga Co., Ohio 1854
Coultas, Elizabeth J. Virden Sec. 6 Maine 1867
Coultas, T. F. Virden Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scott Co., IL 1867
Cowen, Amanda Virden Virden w/o B. Cowen Maine 1858
Cowen, Balfour Virden Virden Lawyer New Hampshire 1858
Cox, John J. Virden Virden Manf. Wagons/Carriage, & &c Jesey Co., IL 1853
Cox, Mary A. Virden Virden w/o J. J. Cox Hull, England 1856
Duckels, H. E. Virden Sec. 8 w/o T. G. Duckels Jersey Co., IL 1865
Duckels, Thomas G. Virden Sec. 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1838
Fletcher, J. Q. Virden Virden Dlr. In Stock, Shipper, Trader Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Fletcher, M. J., Mrs. Virden Virden w/o J. Q. Fletcher Macoupin Co., IL 1844
Gates, Maggie S. Virden Virden w/o W. F. Gates Greene Co., IL 1870
Gates, William F. Virden Virden Mfr. Drain Tile & Grocer Sangamon Co., IL 1865
Gelder, Clara J. Virden Sec. 4 w/o J. Gelder Jersey Co., IL 1856
Gelder, John Virden Sec. 4 Farmer & Capitalist Macoupin Co., IL 1837
Hegans, Lafayette Virden Virden Mfr. Carriages, Wagons, &c Indiana 1865
Henderson, John P. Virden Sec. 4 Far. & B'der Short Horns Ky. 1853
Henderson, Maxie Z. Virden Sec. 4 w/o J. P. Henderson IL 1855
Huston, John F. Virden Sec. 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., Ohio 1868
Huston, Mary L. Virden Sec. 13 w/o J. F. Huston Trumbull Co., Ohio 1868
Jepsen, F., Mrs. Virden Virden w/o M. Jepsen Denmark 1873
Jepsen, M. Virden Virden Mfr. Of Boots & Shoes Denmark 1873
Lorton, Ada Virden Virden w/o W. Lorton Jersey Co., IL 1873
Lorton, William Virden Virden Salesman Virden, IL 1858
Mayer, Mary H. Virden Virden w/o P. Mayer Mass. 1868
Mayer, Peter Virden Virden Dlr Gent's Furnishing Goods Germany on the Rhine 1867
Meyer, Charles Virden Virden Family Groceries & Restaur't France 1867
Meyer, Mary Virden Virden w/o Chas. Meyer Ireland 1866
Morrell, Elizabeth B. Virden Virden w/o J. L. Morrell IL 1851
Morrell, John L. Virden Virden Farmer & Capitalist Maine 1851
Ryan, Jennie M., Miss Virden Sec. 6 At Home
Sewall, William W. Virden Virden Miller Morgan Co., IL 1856
Shriver, J. H. Virden Virden Druggist & dlr Paints, Books, Highland Co., Ohio 1868
Shriver, Tryphena F. Virden Virden w/o J. H. Shriver Pike Co., IL 1868
Simon, G. W. Virden Virden Miller England 1860
Smith, John G. Virden Sec. 15 Frmr, St'k Rsr, Twp Supv. Chatham, N.C. 1852
Smith, Mary Ann Virden Sec. 15 w/o J. G. Smith Jersey Co., IL 1852
Stansbury, Emily M. Virden Virden w/o T. D. Stansbury Pa. 1876
Stansbury, T. D. Virden Virden Mfr. & Dlr in Saddles & Hrns Ohio 1853
Steed, Sarah A. Virden Virden w/o W. Steed IL
Steed, William Virden Virden Dlr. In Gent's Furnishings England 1856
Tarbet, W. L., Rev. Virden Virden Pastor Presbyterian Ch. Blunt Co., Tenn. 1859
Thompson, L. H., Mrs. Virden Virden w/o W. F. Thompson Ky. 1868
Thompson, W. F. Virden Virden Editor & Pub. Virden Record Ky. 1868
Tuttle, George Virden Virden Dlr. Staples & Fancy Dry Gds South Carolina 1871
Tuttle, S. E. Virden Virden w/o Geo. Tuttle Jersey Co., IL 1871
Utt, John W. Virden Virden Coal Opr. & Tile Mfr. Scioto Co., Ohio 1856
Utt, Mary Died  Aug. 1, 1878 w/o J. W. Utt N.J. 1856
Vaniman, Daniel Virden Sec. 18 Farmer & Minister Ohio 1864
Vaniman, Elizabeth Virden Sec. 18 w/o D. Vaniman Indiana 1864
Vaniman, George Virden Sec. 16 Farmer Montgomery Co., Ohio 1866
Vaniman, Louisa Virden Sec. 16 w/o G. Vaniman Pa. 1866
Virden, Sarah S. Virden Virden w/o W. H. Virden Scott Co., IL 1873
Virden, Will H. Virden Virden Dlr. Dry Goods & Groceries Christian Co., IL 1852
Wilcox, S. B. Virden Virden Retired Genesee Co., N.Y. 1865
Winterbottom, J., Rev. Virden Virden Minister M. E. Church Lancashire, Eng. 1877
Winterbottom, S. E., Mrs. Virden Virden w/o J. Winterbottom Scott Co., IL 1877
Wright, Louisa J. Virden Sec. 17 w/o P. Wright Louisville, Ky. 1867
Wright, Preston Virden Sec. 17 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hart Co., Ky. 1849
Wright, Susan Died  Oct. 3, 1865 1st w/o P. Wright Hart Co., Ky. 1849
Young, Charles Virden Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Oneida Co., N.Y. 1858
Young, Mary Virden Sec. 7 w/o C. Young Albany, N.Y. 1858

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