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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


Girard Township
South Half of T12N-R6W-3PM

Aherin, Catherine Girard Girard w/o P. Aherin Ireland 1859
Aherin, Patrick Girard Girard Farmer & Capitalist Ireland 1859
Armstrong, C. C. Girard Girard Dlr. In Drugs & Groceries Jersey Co., IL 1855
Armstrong, F. D., Mrs. Girard Girard w/o C. C. Armstrong Alton, IL 1860
Bellamy, Ann Girard Girard w/o J. Bellamy Pennsylvania 1837
Bellamy, John Girard Girard Dlr. Groceries, Queenswr, Hdw Kentucky 1852
Boggess, B. Girard Girard Retired Farm'r & Coal Opr. Virginia 1835
Boggess, Eliza J. Trabue Girard Girard w/o B. Boggess Kentucky 1835
Boggess, Nancy Dickerson Died  Apr. 12, 1863 Former w/o B. Boggess Kentucky 1835
Bristow, L., Mrs. Girard Girard w/o W. T. Bristow Baltimore, Md. 1857
Bristow, W. T. Girard Girard Architect & Builder Overton Co., Tenn. 1829
Carpenter, Charles Girard Girard Coal Opr. & Tile Mfr. Iowa 1869
Carpenter, Lottie Girard Girard w/o C. Carpenter Montgomery Co., IL 1867
Clardy, B. Girard Sec. 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Anderson Co., Tenn. 1868
Clardy, Mary Goains Girard Sec. 33 Pres w/o B. Clardy Kentucky 1868
Clardy, Mary Haskins Died  Jul. 22, 1850 Former w/o B. Clardy Greene Co., IL
Delaney, Catherine Girard Girard w/o Daniel Delaney Ireland 1859
Delaney, Daniel Girard Girard Deputy Sheriff Ireland 1858
Denham, E. W. Girard Girard Farmer & Capitalist Greene Co., IL 1857
Denham, Mary M. Girard Girard w/o E. W. Denham Macoupin Co., IL 1859
Dopheide, Henry Girard Girard Mfr. Wagons, Carriages, &c. Germany 1865
Dopheide, Kate Girard Girard w/o H. Dopheide Germany 1853
Eastham, Annie O. Girard Girard w/o G. A. Eastham Kentucky 1859
Eastham, George A. Girard Girard Attorney-at-law Kentucky 1850
Eastham, W. E. Girard Girard Retired Coal Operator Kentucky 1851
Fletcher, Burrell Girard Sec. 26 Farmer & Stock Dealer Macoupin Co., IL 1836
Fletcher, Melvina F. Wright Girard Sec. 26 w/o B. Fletcher Morgan Co., IL 1853
Hamilton, H. C. Girard Girard Cashier of bank Missouri 1855
Hamilton, Parmelia E. Girard Girard w/o H. C. Hamilton Macoupin Co., IL 1853
Heaton, Isaac Girard Sec. 32 Retired Ex-Sheriff Pennsylvania 1853
Heaton, Nancy Girard Sec. 32 w/o I. Heaton Kentucky 1853
Huff, Catherine Girard Sec. 35 w/o W. T. Huff Cass Co., Mich. 1866
Huff, W. T. Girard Sec. 35 Farmer & Prop. Threshing Mac Butler Co., Ohio 1866
Lynch, Alfred Girard Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser East Tennessee 1832
Lynch, Elizabeth Girard Sec. 31 w/o Alfred Lynch Overton Co., Tenn. 1829
Macknel, D. S. Girard Girard Lumber Dealer New Jersey 1857
Macknel, Rhoda J. Girard Girard w/o D. S. Macknel Indiana 1857
Metcalf, B., Mrs. Girard Girard w/o J. D. Metcalf Kentucky 1855
Metcalf, J. D. Girard Girard Pres. Bank of Girard Kentucky 1855
Miner, Charles W. Girard Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somerset Co., N.J. 1866
Miner, Sarah F., Mrs. Girard Sec. 31 w/o C. W. Miner Jersey Co., IL 1862
Ring, Charlotte Girard Girard w/o F. W. Ring St. Louis, MO 1864
Ring, F. W. Girard Girard Grocery, Bakery & Restaur't Germany 1859
Roach, J. F. Girard Sec. 32 Farmer, St'k Raiser & Dealer Carroll Co., Tenn. 1847
Roach, Martha A., Mrs. Girard Sec. 32 w/o J. F. Roach Macoupin Co., IL 1836
Simmons, Albert H. Girard Girard Editor & Pub of Girard Gazette Ohio 1865
Smalley, Elizabeth Arnold Died  Sept. 5, 1854 w/o J. B. Smalley Jessamine Co., Ky. 1850
Smalley, John B. Girard Sec. 27 Farm'r & Brdr Short Horn Catl Somerset Co., N.J. 1838
Smalley, Sarah Wood Died  Feb. 1849 w/o J. B. Smalley Madison Co., IL 1830
Smith, Elizabeth R. Girard Sec. 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser Todd Co., Ky. 1844
Smith, L. P. Girard Girard Bookkeepr Gir. Milling Co. Macoupin Co., IL 1852
Smith, Samuel A. Died  Mar. 20, 1874 Late h/o Mrs. E. P. Smith Maury Co., Tenn. 1835
Steidley, E. B., Mrs. Girard Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Overton Co., Tenn. 1848
Steidley, Joseph B. Died  Jan. 1, 1861 Late h/o Mrs. E. B. Steidley Maryland
Thacker, Christina Girard Sec. 33 w/o J. W. Thacker Tennessee
Thacker, J. W. Girard Sec. 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1853
Tipton, George L. Girard Girard Editor & Pub of Girard Gazette Illinois 1879
Walker, Lucy, Mrs. Girard Girard w/o R. J. Walker Greene Co., IL
Walker, R. J. Girard Girard Prop. Girard Mills Pennsylvania 1866
Wiley, Florence E. Girard Sec. 26 w/o J. B. Wiley Erie Co., Pa. 1860
Wiley, J. B. Girard Sec. 26 Farmer & Stock Raiser Huron Co., Ohio 1866
Wood, Sophronia Arnold Died  Apr. 4, 1878 w/o J. B. Smalley Jessamine Co., Ky. 1856
Woodroof, Clara H. Girard Girard w/o J. W. Woodroof Massachusetts 1835
Woodroof, J. W. Girard Girard Prop. Farmer's Mill & Elevator Virginia 1834
Yerington, Catherine Girard Girard w/o G. K. Yerington Cass Co., Mich. 1865
Yerington, George K. Girard Girard Prop. Girard House Canada 1865

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