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North Palmyra Township

NORTH PALMYRA TOWNSHIP - Township 12 N - Range 8 West
ALFORD, M. T. Palmyra Sec 30 Farmer & stock raiser Sevier Co TN 1850
ALFORD, Susan M. Searcy Palmyra Sec 30 w/o M. T. Alford Spencer Co KY 1850
ALLYN, R. T. Palmyra Sec 16 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1850
ALLYN, E. E. Henderson Palmyra Sec 16 w/o R. T Allyn Morgan Co IL 1869
CHAPMAN, Daniel St' Grove Sec 24 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1831
CHAPMAN, Lucretia V Rice St' Grove Sec 24 w/o D Chapman Macoupin Co IL 1837
CHILES, Thomas W Palmyra Palmyra GenMer/PM/far/JP Smyth Co TN 1833
CHILES, Clarissa A Shaw Palmyra Palmyra w/o T W Chiles H'pshire Co MA 1836
CLEVENGER, John B Palmyra Sec 35 Farmer & stock raiser Overton Co TN 1829
CLEVENGER, Drewsley Huskey Palmyra Sec 35 w/o J B Clevenger Sevier Co TN 1837
COOTS, John Palmyra Sec 22 Farmer & stock raiser Shelby Co KY 1835
COOTS, Maria E Wise Palmyra Sec 22 w/o J Coots Madison Co IL 1843
CRUM, William C Palmyra Sec 29 farrm/stck & butcher Clark Co IN 1836
CRUM, Sarah E Stinnett Palmyra Sec 29 w/o W C Crum Macoupin Co IL 1839
GRIMMETT, Wm T Palmyra Sec 36 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1856
GRIMMETT, Talitha A Doss Palmyra Sec 36 w/o Wm T Grimmett Macoupin Co IL 1854
GRIMMETT, John C Palmyra Sec 36 Farmer & stock raiser Monroe Co TN 1850
GRIMMETT, Martha E Huson Deceased 25 Apr 1858 former w/o J C Grimmett Monroe Co TN 1850
HARRIS, Thomas R St' Grove Sec 11 Farmer & stock raiser Fluvanna Co VA 1850
HARRIS, Elizabeth Fry Deceased 4 Nov 1866 lst w/o T R Harris Fayette Co KY 1850
HARRIS, Margaret Westfall St' Grove Sec 11 pres w/o T R Harris Jefferson Co IN 1870
HOLLINGSWORTH Wm A Palmyra Sec 32 Farmer & stock raiser Campbell Co TN 1838
HOLLINGSWORTH, Nancy H Stinnett Palmyra Sec 32 w/o W A Hollingworth Claiborne Co TN 1838
HORTON, Robert Palmyra Sec 14 far stck, d'lr & shipper Morgan Co IL 1842
HORTON, Rebecca J Rice Palmyra Sec 14 w/o R Horton Macoupin Co IL 1844
KING, J C Palmyra Sec 33 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1837
KING, Sarah E. John Palmyra Sec 33 w/o J C King Sangamon Co IL 1859
KING, William H Palmyra Sec 28 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1839
KING, Lucy E Edwards Palmyra Sec 28 w/o W H King Lincoln Co KY 1858
LANDRITH, A P Palmyra Sec 20 Farmer & stock raiser 1833
LANDRITH, Lucy E Dew Palmyra Sec 20 w/o A P Landrith Morgan Co IL 1846
MARTIN, W C Palmyra Palmyra GenMerchant WashingtonCoTN 1856
MARTIN, Sarah A Solomon Palmyra Palmyra w/o W C Martin Macoupin Co IL 1848
MILLS, James M Waverly Sec 10 farm &stck & feeder Morgan Co IL 1866
MILLS, Julia A Peirce Waverly Sec 10 w/o J M Mills Morgan Co IL 1866
NIFONG, J F Palmyra Sec 7 farmer Madison Co MO 1828
NIFONG, Z. A. Solomon Palmyra Sec 7 w/o J F Nifong Morgan Co IL 1833
NORVELL, Mrs. Mary A Palmyra Sec 23 widow/o S. Norvell Logan Co KY 1849
NORVELL, Spencer Deceased 29 Jan1879 late h/o  M A Norvell Sumner Co TN 1828
NORVELL, Emily M Ross Deceased 9 Aug1845 lst w/o S Norvell Sumner Co TN 1832
O'NEAL, Elizabeth Palmyra Sec 34 Farmer & stock raiser Clark Co IN 1837
O'NEAL, Lewis L Deceased 23 Mar1854 late h/o E O'Neal Bourbon Co KY 1837
PINKERTON, Mrs Jane Palmyra Sec 32 Farmer & stock raiser Alabama 1834
PINKERTON, Henry B Deceased 1 Nov 1854 late h/o Mrs J Pinkerton Nashville TN 1834
POTTER, Rev Thos Palmyra Palmyra Pastor Cum'land Pres CH Menard Co IL 1874
POTTER, Catherine Opdyke Palmyra Palmyra w/o Rev T Potter Mercer Co NJ 1874
RICE, Jasper Palmyra Sec 28 Farmer & stock raiser Greene Co KY 1832
RICE, Mary Jones Palmyra Sec 28 w/o J Rice CumberlandCoKY 1831
RITTER, George L St' Grove Sec 12 Farmer & stock raiser Shelby Co KY 1872
RITTER, Harriett A Sims St' Grove Sec 12 w/o G L Ritter Macoupin Co IL 1857
SOLOMON,  F. M. VancilsPt Sec 8 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1838
SOLOMON, Margaret L Lowery VancilsPt Sec 8 w/o F M Solomon Ireland 1874
SOLOMON, Lewis VancilsPt Sec 4 farm/stck & feeder MuhlenbergCo KY 1827
SOLOMON, Nancy A Fink Deceased 18 Sep1863 lst w/o L Solomon Shelby Co KY 1830
SOLOMON, Mary A Baker VancilsPt Sec 4 pres w/o L Solomon Morgan Co IL 1831
SOLOMON, Wm J Palmyra Sec 31 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1845
SOLOMON, Louisa I Hulse Palmyra Sec 31 w/o W J Solomon WashingtonCoTN 1865
STEIDLEY, Clara M Palmyra Sec 33 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1841
STEIDLEY, S. J Deceased 6 Jan 1878 late h/o C M Steidley Frederick Co VA 1836
STRATE, Stephen B Palmyra Sec 34 Farmer & stock raiser Perry Co OH 1855
STRATE, Magaret S. Davis died in IA 5 Apr 1866 lst w/o S B Strate Ross Co OH 1855
STRATE, Clara A Knowlton Palmyra Sec 34 pres w/o S B Strate Worcester, MA 1868
STULTS, Robert T Palmyra Sec 29 Farmer & stock raiser Macoupin Co IL 1841
STULTS, Martha W Hollingsworth Palmyra Sec 29 w/o R T Stults Claiborne Co TN 1838
TUCKER, Robert Palmyra Sec 27 mfg tile, fire br'k, & farmer Madison Co MO 1853
TUCKER, Sarah A O'Neal Palmyra Sec 27 w/o R Tucker Macoupin Co IL 1840
VANCIL, Imri B VancilsPt Sec 9 Farmer & stock raiser Union Co IL 1828
VANCIL, Elizabeth S Rice VancilsPt Sec 9 w/o I B Vancil VA

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