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Scottville Township

Branom, J. W. Scottville Sctvlle Prop. Hotel, Feed Stable, J.P. Logan Co., Ky. 1877
Branom, Sarah A. Scott Scottville Sctvlle w/o J.W. Branom Macoupin Co., IL 1853
Carling, Elizabeth Moultre Scottville Sec. 11 w/o W. Carling England 1858
Carling, William Sr. Scottville Sec. 11 Farmer & Coal Miner England 1858
Cherry, James H. Scottville Sctvlle Farmer & Stock Raiser Overton Co., Tenn. 1829
Cherry, Sarah Nevins Scottville Sctvlle w/o J.H. Cherry Overton Co., Tenn. 1830
Clark, Margarett A. Groves Scottville Sctvlle w/o W.A. Clark Morgan Co., IL 1859
Clark, W. A. Scottville Sctvlle Furniture Dlr & Undertaker Lee Co., IA 1855
Dalton, Jennie Haynes Scottville Sctvlle w/o Dr. Dalton Bates Co., MO 1873
Dalton, W. B. Scottville Sctvlle Physician & Surgeon Morgan Co., IL 1870
Elder, David Scottville Sctvlle Physician & Surgeon Bond co., IL 1854
Elder, Nancy J. Coons Scottville Sctvlle w/o D. Elder Cincinnati, Ohio 1856
Faith, James Palmyra Sec. 36 Farmer, Stock Dlr & Physician Louisville, Ky. 1871
Faith, Martha E. Brown Palmyra Sec. 36 w/o J. Faith Greene Co., IL 1873
Fanning, Nancy Moore Scottville Sec. 6 w/o W.R. Fanning Kentucky 1861
Fanning, William R. Scottville Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Morgan Co., IL 1861
Gobble, Eliza J. Sweeney Scottville Sctvlle w/o J.P. Gobble Casey Co., Ky. 1855
Gobble, Elizabeth Weatherford Scottville Sctvlle w/o S. Gobble Bourbon Co., Ky. 1857
Gobble, John P. Scottville Sctvlle Drugs, Hardware & Groceries Scottville, IL 1842
Gobble, Sargeant Scottville Sctvlle Farmer, J.P. & Notary Public Washington Co., Va. 1838
Greer, A. M. Scottville Sctvlle Dry Goods, Boots, Shoe, &c Greene Co., IL 1854
Hancock, Geo. H. Scottville Sctvlle Merchant and P.M. Morris Co., N.J. 1869
Hancock, Mary F. Patterson Scottville Sctvlle w/o G. H. Hancock Macoupin Co., IL 1852
Hettick, Delilah Sharp Scottville Sec. 28 w/o S. Hettick Claibourne Co., Tenn. 1850
Hettick, Stephen Scottville Sec. 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Fayette Co., Ohio 1825
Huson, M. J. Hollingworth Palmyra Sec. 36 w/o T.F. Huson Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Huson, T. F. Palmyra Sec. 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser Bowan Co., Tenn. 1850
Kinkead, A. G. Scottville Sctvlle Physician & Surgeon Christian Co., Ky. 1851
Kinkead, Lucy J. Booker Scottville Sctvlle w/o A.G. Kinkead Greene Co., IL 1866
Mansfield, Albert Scottville Sec. 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Barron Co., Ky. 1856
Mansfield, Maria Price Scottville Sec. 5 w/o A. Mansfield Hamilton Co., IL 1856
McCollom, Emma J. Howser Scottville Sec. 36 w/o T.G. McCollom Allen Co., Ky. 1834
McCollom, T. G. Scottville Sec. 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser Overton Co., Tenn. 1828
Owens, Ida A. Fletcher Scottville Sec. 25 w/o J. S. Owens Macoupin Co., IL 1859
Owens, John S. Scottville Sec. 25 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1859
Richmond, Mahala C. Hassler Scottville Sec. 30 w/o A.W. Richmond Rowan Co., Tenn. 1858
Richmond. A. W. Scottville Sec. 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Rowan Co., Tenn. 1858
Smith, L. B. Scottville Sctvlle Prop Wagon & Carriage Shop Cumberland Co., Ky. 1850
Smith, L. J. Groves Scottville Sctvlle w/o L.B. Smith Morgan Co., IL 1844

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