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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


Staunton Township

Adden, A. H. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Prop. Livery Stables Madison Co., IL 1860
Adden, Hattie, Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o A.H. Adden Madison Co., IL 1871
Addens, Amy Mt. Olive Sec. 222 w/o T. Addens Germany 1859
Addens, Thees Mt. Olive Sec. 22 Farmer Germany 1859
Ahrens, Elizabeth, Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n w/o J. M. Ahrens Germany 1847
Ahrens, John M. Staunton Staunt'n Dealer in Lumber Germany 1855
Arkebauer, Anna, Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 12 Widow of J.G. Arkebauer Germany 1852
Arkebauer, Henry J. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Pro. Hotel & Saloon Madison Co., IL 1860
Arkebauer, J. G. Died Mar. 25, 1874 Late h/o Mrs. A. Arkebauer Germany 1847
Arkebauer, Meint Mt. Olive Sec. 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1855
Arkebauer, Mina, Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o H.J. Arkebauer Madison Co., IL 1878
Arkebauer, Tette Died Mar. 11, 1874 w/o of M. Arkebauer Germany 1854
Behrens, Henry Mt. Olive Mt. O. Prop. Hotel & Saloon Germany 1866
Behrens, Martha Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o H. Behrens Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Bentley, W. T. Staunton Staunt'n Editor & Pub. Of Times Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Binney, John Mt. Olive Mt. O. Physician Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Buhr, A., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o H. Buhr Macoupin Co., IL 1858
Buhr, Harbert Mt. Olive Mt. O. Prop. Hotel & Saloon Germany 1867
Caldwell, Annie, Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n w/o of H. Caldwell Ireland 1852
Caldwell, Hugh Staunton Staunt'n Post Master Ireland 1837
Chapman, James H. Mt. Olive Sec. 15 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1840
Chapman, M. B., Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n w/o S.H. Chapman South Carolina 1830
Chapman, S. H. Staunton Staunt'n Farmer & Carpenter Carroll Co.,N.C. 1849
Chapman, Sarah K., Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 15 w/o J.H. Chapman Montgomery Co., IL 1873
Cowell, B. F. Staunton Sec. 30 Farm. Carpen'r & Joiner Macoupin Co., IL 1828
Cowell, Rhoda Staunton Sec. 30 w/o B.F. Cowell Macoupin Co., IL 1828
Danklef, John Mt. Olive Mt. O. Prop. Hotel, Saloon & Butcher Germany 1858
Danklef, Sophia, Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o J. Danklef Germany 1870
Davis, F. M. Staunton Staunt'n Mechanical Engineer Madison Co., IL 1840
DeWerff, John H. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Brick Manufacturer Madison Co., IL 1875
Dripps, Lucy, Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 27 w/o T.S. Dripps Montgomery Co., IL 1876
Dripps, Thompson S. Mt. Olive Sec. 27 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1849
Eckhoff, Caroline Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o A. Ekhoff Madison Co., IL 1859
Ekhoff, Albert Mt. Olive Mt. O. Prop. Hotel & Saloon Madison Co., IL 1867
Ferguson, David Staunton Sec. 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1839
Ferguson, Mary J., Mrs. Staunton Sec. 33 w/o D. Ferguson Jerseyville, IL 1854
Flint, G. W. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Lumber Dealer St. Clair Co., IL 1877
Flint, J. G. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Druggist St. Clair Co., IL 1876
Flint, L. F., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o J.G. Flint Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Funderburk, M. J. Staunton Sec. 35 w/o of T. Funderburk Sangamon Co., IL 1846
Funderburk, Thomas Staunton Sec. 35 Farmer St. Clair Co., IL 1819
Gessner, Fredrich Mt. Olive Mt. O. Teacher in German School Germany 1877
Gessner, H., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o F. Gessner Germany 1877
Godfrey, Cornelius Staunton Staunt'n Teacher Macoupin Co., IL 1855
Godfrey, Frank Staunton Staunt'n Prop. Godfrey House N.C. 1847
Godfrey, M. J., Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n w/o Frank Godfrey Macoupin Co., IL 1838
Hartke, A. W., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o F.W. Hartke Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Hartke, F. W. Mt. Olive Mt. O. General Merchant Germany 1863
Hayes, Ida Died Dec. 20, 1876 w/o J. Hayes Germany 1875
Hayes, James Mt. Olive Mt. O. Pitt Boss in Mt. O. Coal Mine England 1875
Henderson, F. M. Mt. Olive Sec. 14 Farmer & Teacher Jasper Co., MO 1850
Henderson, Mattie, Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 14 w/o F. H. Henderson Madison Co., IL 1868
Keiser, C. J. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Miller, Merchant, P.Master Germany 1855
Keiser, Charlotte, Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 13 w/o J. Keiser Germany 1875
Keiser, Gertie A., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o H.J. Keiser Germany 1847
Keiser, Harbert J. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Farm. J.P. & Not'y Public Germany 1854
Keiser, John Mt. Olive Sec. 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1855
Keiser, Mary C., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o C.J. Keiser Macoupin Co., IL 1849
Kruse, E. B., Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 12 w/o of H. Kruse Madison Co., IL 1867
Kruse, Henry Mt. Olive Sec. 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1853
Mindrup, Dina, Mrs. Staunton Sec. 22 w/o of late Ernst Mindrup Germany 1865
Mindrup, Ernst Died Feb. 23, 1866 Father of H.H. Mindrup Germany 1865
Mindrup, Henry Staunton Sec. 15 Farmer Madison Co., IL 1865
Mindrup, Herman H. Staunton Sec. 22 Farmer Madison Co., IL 1865
Mindrup, Sophia, Mrs. Staunton Sec. 15 w/o Henry Mindrup St. Charles Co., MO 1877
Mitchell, J. T. Staunton Staunt'n Township Collector Mt. Olive 1854
Monke, H. H. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Engr & Stockhldr in Coal Shaft Germany 1857
Niedermeier, Christ Mt. Olive Mt. O. Wagon & Carriage Maker Germany 1871
Niedermeier, D., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o C. Niedermeier Germany 1875
Nieman, Anna, Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o J.C. Nieman Germany 1858
Nieman, John C. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Frmr & Coal Mine Stockhldr Germany 1842
Nieman, M., Mrs. Died 1854 Mt. O. Former w/o J.C. Nieman Germany 1847
Niemeyer, S. M., Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o Wm. Niemeyer Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Niemeyer, William Mt. Olive Mt. O. Gen. Mrchnt & Mine Stckhldr Germany 1866
Olive, Jesse Staunton Sec. 35 Farmer & Stock Raiser Trigg Co., Ky. 1847
Olive, Margarett, Mrs. Staunton Sec. 35 w/o J. Olive Madison Co., IL 1847
Panhorst, Dora, Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n Widow of Wm. Panhorst Germany 1848
Panhorst, William Dec'd Germany 1855
Prange, Henry Mt. Olive Sec. 2 Farmer, Miller, Stockhldr Germany 1853
Prange, Wilhelmina Mt. Olive Sec. 2 w/o of H. Prange Germany 1853
Remmert, A., Mrs. Mt. Olive Sec. 11 w/o H. Remmert Germany 1849
Remmert, Henry Mt. Olive Sec. 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1856
Ripley, J. R. Staunton Staunt'n Police Mag., Ins. Agt. Madison Co., IL 1876
Ripley, Sarah M., Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n w/o J.R. Ripley Macoupin Co., IL 1846
Sawyer, H. B., Mrs. Gillespie Sec. 6 w/o. of M.C. Sawyer Alton, IL 1869
Sawyer, M. C. Gillespie Sec. 6 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1848
Sawyer, Sarah S. Staunton Sec. 30 w/o of S. Sawyer Ky. 1850
Sawyer, Stephen Staunton Sec. 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser N. C. 1831
Schoen, Henry W. Mt. Olive Mt. O. Dlr in Hardw. & Tinw. Manufac St. Louis, MO 1858
Schwing, Christiana Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o J. Schwing Germany 1861
Schwing, John Mt. Olive Mt. O. Prop. Blacksmith Shop Germany 1861
Shirley, Mary J., Mrs. Staunton Staunt'n w/o W. C. Shirley Madison Co., IL 1852
Shirley, W. C. Staunton Staunt'n Farmer & Real Estate Dlr. Tenn. 1842
Sievers, August Staunton Sec. 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1867
Sievers, Louisa Staunton Sec. 33 w/o A. Sievers Germany 1867
Simmering, Kate, Mrs. Mt. Olive Mt. O. w/o L. Simmering Canada 1869
Simmering, Louis Mt. Olive Mt. O. Blacksmith Germany 1868
Snell, Hosea Staunton Staunt'n General Merchant N.C. 1821
Snell, Rebecca J. Staunton Staunt'n w/o H. Snell Tenn. 1831
Stanton, A. M., Mrs. Staunton Sec. 34 w/o M. Stanton Ohio 1870
Stanton, M. Staunton Sec. 34 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Voge, Caroline, Mrs. Died Oct. 8, 1878 Late w/o H. Voge Germany 1869
Voge, Henry Staunton Staunt'n Prop. Stan'n Coal Mine Germany 1869
Wall, H. W. Staunton Staunt'n Banker & Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1832

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