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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


Brighton Township

Ackerman, S. Brighton Br'h'n Lumber Dealer N.Y. 1862
Ackerman, M.J., Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o S. Ackerman Alton, IL 1848
Andrews, John Brighton Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Va. 1830
Andrews, Martha, Mrs. Brighton Sec. 6 w/o J. Andrews Ky. 1832
Barber, Emeline M., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 7 Farming & Stock Raiser N.H. 1837
Barber, Nathan D. Died May 31, 1878 Former h/o Mrs. E. M. Barber N.H. 1836
Bixler, Samuel H. Died Feb. 14, 1871 1 h/o Mrs. K.B. Glenny Indiana
Blee, J. C. Miles Miles Stat. Agent & Past Master Penn. 1865
Blee, M. E., Mrs. Miles Miles w/o of J.C. Blee N.J. 1855
Blodget, Daniel Brighton Br'h'n Retired Farmer N.H. 1836
Blodget, Isabella A. Brighton Br'h'n w/o of D. Blodget Ky. 1849
Brown, M. Brighton Sec. 19 Farm'r, S. Raisr, & Dairyman Champaign Co., Ohio 1830
Brown, Margaret A., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 19 Present w/o M. Brown Brooklyn, N.Y. 1853
Brown, Sarah B., Mrs. Died July 16, 1851 Former w/o M. Brown Washington Co., Ky. 1830
Chase, E. E., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 17 w/o O.A. Chase N.Y. 1863
Chase, O. A. Brighton Sec. 17 Farmer & Gen'l Merch. N.H. 1836
Clark, H. C. Brighton Sec. 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ky. 1852
Clark, Luticia E., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 18 w/o H.C. Clark Musk'm Co., Ohio 1851
Drew, Sarah A., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 28 w/o T. Drew England 1848
Drew, Thomas Brighton Sec. 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1859
Eddington, Chas. W. Miles Sec. 11 Farmer Macoupin Co., IL 1857
Eddington, Ellen, Mrs. Miles Sec. 11 w/o C.W. Eddington Macoupin Co., IL 1856
Fritsche, A.M., Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o J.C. Fritsche Germany 1868
Fritsche, J. C. Brighton Br'h'n Boot & Shoe Maker Germany 1868
Glenny, C. E., Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o H.R. Glenny St. Louis, MO 1873
Glenny, Holly R. Brighton Br'h'n Reporter & Correspondent Ohio 1873
Glenny, Kate B., Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n Prop. Brightwood Cott. Hotel Ky. 1871
Glenny, W. W. Died Mar. 12, 1878 2nd h/o Mrs. K.B. Glenny New Jersey 1873
Hilliard, Celia A., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 17 w/o G.W. Hilliard Macoupin Co., IL 1844
Hilliard, G. W. Brighton Sec. 17 Farmer, Fruit Grwr, Dairyman Macoupin Co., IL 1840
Jacoby, Frederick Brighton Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1853
Jacoby, Philephena Brighton Sec. 31 w/o F. Jacoby Macoupin Co., IL 1859
Jones, Clara E., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 22 w/o of J. Jones Macoupin Co., IL 1858
Jones, John Brighton Sec. 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Wales 1862
Jones, Margaret I., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 16 w/o Wm. Jones Musk'm Co., Ohio 1858
Jones, William Brighton Sec. 16 Farmer Wales 1833
Kelsey, John Shipman Sec. 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1842
Kelsey, Sarah E., Mrs. Shipman Sec. 3 w/o J. Kelsey Macoupin Co., IL 1842
Martin, B. Brighton Sec. 20 Farmer, Dairyman Ky. 1850
Martin, Helen, Mrs. Brighton Sec. 7 w/o of H.F. Martin N.H. 1837
Martin, Henry F. Brighton Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Rhode Island 1837
Martin, Martha A., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 20 w/o B. Martin Ky. 1850
Merrill, Harriett A. Brighton Br'h'n w/o W.C. Merrill Franklin Co., N.Y. 1859
Merrill, Wm. C. Brighton Br'h'n General Merchant Franklin Co., N.Y. 1856
Metzler, T. D. Brighton Br'h'n Pas. Of St. Alphonsus Ch. Germany 1878
Miles, Eliza A., Mrs. Miles Sec. 8 w/o of Col. J.R. Miles Ky. 1835
Miles, J. R. Miles Sec. 8 Merch. Farm & S. Raiser Ky. 1832
Montgomery, Elizabeth, Mrs. Miles Sec. 4 w/o J. Montgomery Madison Co., Ind. 1864
Montgomery, John Miles Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co., IL 1839
Montgomery, John P. Miles Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1854
Moxey, Henry Brighton Sec. 2 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1872
Moxey, Mary Ann Brighton Sec. 2 w/o H. Moxey England 1872
Nutter, C. H. Brighton Br'h'n Merch. Millers, Shippers Pike Co., IL 1862
Nutter, Harrison Brighton Br'h'n of Flour, Wheat, etc. Pike Co., IL 1862
Palmer, James Brighton Br'h'n Retired Farmer Vt. 1836
Palmer, Susan E., Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o J. Palmer Virginia
Parker, Aaron M. Brighton Br'h'n Editor & Pub of Brighton Adv. N.J. 1865
Parker, Harriet, Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o A.M. Parker Md. 1836
Potter, Asa Brighton Br'h'n Attorney-in-Law & P.M. N.Y. 1857
Potter, Martha, Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o A. Potter IL 1840
Sams, Mary J., Mrs. Miles Sec. 9 w/o P.W. Sams Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Sams, P. W. Miles Sec. 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Belmont Co., Ohio 1864
Smith, Fannie, Mrs. Brighton Br'h'n w/o W. E. Smith
Smith, John Woodburn Sec. 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1851
Smith, Mary, Mrs. Woodburn Sec. 12 w/o J. Smith N.J. 1858
Smith, W. E. Brighton Br'h'n Liv. Feed & Sale Stable N.H. 1872
Stratton, L. P. Brighton Br'h'n Banker N.H. 1859
Strunk, Joseph Miles Miles Merchant Miller Pa. 1874
Strunk, Susan, Mrs. Miles Miles w/o J. Strunk Pa. 1874
Sweetser, E.M., Mrs. Brighton Sec. 7 w/o J. Sweetser Mass.
Sweetser, John Brighton Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1850
Weiss, Catharine Brighton Sec. 15 w/o H. Weiss Salem Co., N.J. 1854
Weiss, Henry Brighton Sec. 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Bucks Co., Pa. 1854

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