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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


Hillyard Township

Anderson, James Plainview Sec. 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hardin Co., Ky. 1852
Anderson, Parthena A. Died  Oct. 21, 1852 Late w/o J. Anderson Ohio 1852
Baird, Permelia C. Plainview Sec. 3 w/o S. Baird Ky. 1830
Baird, Samuel Plainview Sec. 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ky. 1845
Bradley, Elizabeth, Mrs. Died  Feb. 1859 Former w/o R. Bradley England 1858
Bradley, Nancy, Mrs. Shipman Sec. 32 Pres w/o R. Bradley Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Bradley, Robert Shipman Sec. 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1858
Brown, J. Elizabeth, Mrs. Plainview P'view w/o N. H. Brown Macoupin Co., IL 1842
Brown, John C. Plainview Sec. 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1836
Brown, Martha P. Plainview Sec. 5 w/o J. C. Brown Ky. 1862
Brown, Mary J., Mrs. Plainview P'view pres w/o S. Brown Macoupin Co., IL 1833
Brown, N. H. Plainview P'view Merchant Miller Giles Co., Tenn. 1844
Brown, Samuel Plainview P'view Gen. Merchandize & P.M. N. C. 1844
Brown, Sarah, Mrs. Died  Mar. 28, 1856 Former w/o S. Brown England 1835
Cramp, Abraham Shipman Sec. 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1836
Cramp, Sarah, Mrs. Shipman Sec. 21 w/o A. Cramp England 1836
Dey, Catherine M., Mrs. Bunker Hill Sec. 24 w/o R. Dey Champaigne Co., Ohio 1853
Dey, Rhuliff Bunker Hill Sec. 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Jersey Co., IL 1854
Fahrenkrog, F., Mrs. M.D. Bunker Hill Sec. 36 w/o H.L.C. Fahrenkrog Germany 1857
Fahrenkrog, H. L. C. Bunker Hill Sec. 36 Farmer & Dairyman Germany 1854
Fleming, Edward Shipman Sec. 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1839
Fleming, Edward Died  June 10, 1847 1st h/o Mrs. Vancourt Ireland 1836
Fleming, Mary A., Mrs. Shipman Sec. 28 w/o E. Fleming Ireland 1848
Foster, Elizabeth J., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 4 w/o J. M. Foster Cumberland Co., Ky. 1830
Foster, J. M. Plainview Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Pa. 1841
Gibbs, Micajah Dorchester Sec. 24 Farmer & Carpenter Franklin Co., N.Y. 1873
Gibbs, Sarah, Mrs. Dorchester Sec. 24 w/o M. Gibbs Ross Co., Ohio 1873
Gray, James P. Shipman Sec. 22 Farmer Va. 1831
Gray, Martha Jane Shipman Sec. 22 w/o J. P. Gray Ross Co., Ohio 1826
Hackney, Amelia, Mrs. Died  Jan. 15, 1868 1st w/o J. Hackney Pa. 1851
Hackney, James Bunker Hill Sec. 25 Farmer, Stk Rr & Supvr New York City 1851
Hackney, Joseph B. Bunker Hill Sec. 25 Farmer & Stock Raiser Troy, N.Y. 1851
Hackney, Mary J., Mrs. Died  Oct. 21, 1873 Late w/o J. Hackney Somerset Co., N.J. 1852
Hackney, Mary, Mrs. Bunker Hill Sec. 25 w/o J.B. Hackney Troy, N.Y. 1867
Henderson, Charity, Mrs. Woodburn Sec. 32 w/o D. Henderson Anderson Co., Tenn. 1839
Henderson, Daniel Woodburn Sec. 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser Anderson Co., Tenn. 1848
Hilyard, A. E., Mrs. Bunker Hill Sec. 26 Pres w/o L. Hilyard Champaigne Co., Ohio 1865
Hilyard, Charlotte, Mrs. Died Sept. 25, 1859 Former w/o L. Hilyard Somerset Co., N.J. 1829
Hilyard, Leonard Bunker Hill Sec. 26 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1832
Hilyard, Martha A., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 16 w/o W. Hilyard Sangamon Co., IL 1836
Hilyard, Samuel Plainview Sec. 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1831
Hilyard, Susan S., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 22 w/o S. Hilyard Madison Co., IL 1861
Hilyard, Wm. Plainview Sec. 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Sangamon Co., IL 1832
Holland, Ann B., Mrs. Woodburn Sec. 34 Retired N.J. 1819
Holland, John V. Died  Sept. 1, 1862 Late h/o A. B. Holland N.Y. City 1819
Huckelbridge, Hannah Bunker Hill Sec. 33 w/o J. Huckelbridge Madison Co., IL 1867
Huckelbridge, Job Bunker Hill Sec. 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somersetshire, Eng. 1838
Huckelbridge, John Bunker Hill Sec. 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1835
Huckelbridge, M., Mrs. Bunker Hill Sec. 33 w/o J. Huckelbridge Sangamon Co., IL 1855
Laing, Calvin Woodburn Sec. 26 Farmer Essex Co., N.J. 1856
Laing, Clarinda, Mrs. Woodburn Sec. 26 w/o C. Laing Madison Co., IL 1856
Lemay, James Plainview Sec. 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1840
Lemay, Louisa, Mrs. Plainview Sec. 12 w/o J. Lemay Macoupin Co., IL 1840
Lyons, James Plainview Sec. 5 Farmer Ireland 1876
McCurdy, Joseph M. Bunker Hill Sec. 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser N.J. 1868
McCurdy, Melissa A. Bunker Hill Sec. 36 w/o J.M. McCurdy Madison Co., IL 1857
Meehan, Margaret W. Plainview Sec. 5 w/o W.O.S. Meehan Limerick Co., Ireland 1868
Meehan, Wm. O. S. Plainview Sec. 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Limerick Co., Ireland 1868
Meriwether, E. B. Shipman Sec. 29 Farmer & Fine Stk. Rr. Todd Co., Ky. 1844
Meriwether, L. A., Mrs. Shipman Sec. 29 w/o E. B. Meriwether Westchester Co., N.Y. 1838
O'Neil, John Shipman Sec. 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1839
O'Neil, Nancy, Mrs. Shipman Sec. 18 w/o J. O'Neil Columbia Co., Pa. 1839
Reckard, Calvin Plainview Sec. 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hampshire Co., Mass. 1835
Reckard, Priscilla, Mrs. Plainview Sec. 12 w/o C. Reckard Macoupin Co., IL 1839
Rhoads, Charles Plainview Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Grayson Co., Ky. 1834
Rhoads, Nancy E., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 6 w/o C. Rhoads Sullivan Co., Tenn. 1837
Roberts, Ritty A., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 22 w/o W. B. Roberts Hardin Co., Ky. 1861
Roberts, Wm. B. Plainview Sec. 22 Farmer & Twp. Collector Hardin Co., Ky. 1865
Schneider, Louisa C. Shipman Sec. 18 w/o P. Schneider Tenn. 1863
Schneider, Philipp Shipman Sec. 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1858
Schultz, A. W. Plainview P'view Manuf. Wagons, Carriages, &c Orange Co., N.Y. 1860
Schultz, Elenora, Mrs. Plainview Sec. 20 w/o A. Shultz Allegheny Co., Md. 1866
Schultz, Sarah M. Plainview P'view w/o A. W. Schultz Hagerstown, Md. 1864
Shultz, Alexander Shipman Sec. 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somerset Co., Pa. 1866
Slifer, David Bunker Hill Se. 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser Frederick Co., Md. 1844
Slifer, Margaret, Mrs. Died  Aug. 23, 1856 Late w/o D. Slifer Frederick Co., Md. 1844
Smalley, David S. Bunker Hill Sec. 14 Farmer & Stock Raiser Morris Co., N.J. 1844
Smalley, Debaline, Mrs. Bunker Hill Sec. 14 Pres w/o D.S. Smalley Somerset Co., N.J. 1874
Smalley, Theodocia, Mrs. Died  Mar. 20, 1875 1st w/o D.S. Smalley Essex Co., N.J. 1844
Snider, Emily D., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 10 Pres w/o W.N. Snider Macoupin Co., IL 1841
Snider, Margaret, Mrs. Died  Sept. 1853 1st w/o W.N. Snider N.J.
Snider, Martha, Mrs. Died  June 23, 1857 1nd w/o W.N. Snider IL 1855
Snider, Wm. N. Plainview Sec. 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co., IL 1855
Squier, Alexander V. Plainview Sec. 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somerset Co., N.J. 1866
Squier, Margaret E., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 15 2nd w/o A.V. Squier Macoupin Co., IL 1845
Squier, Rachel, Mrs. Dec.  Apr. 3, 1862 1st w/o A.V. Squier Morris Co., N.J.
Sunderland, Charles Bunker Hill Sec. 14 Farmer & Stock Raiser Trenton, N.J. 1854
Sunderland, Leah Bunker Hill Sec. 14 w/o C. Sunderland Pa. 1856
Taggert, Adam Died  Sept. 14, 1866 Late h/o Mrs. Taggert Ireland 1845
Taggert, Margaret J., Mrs. Shipman Sec. 29 Farmer N.C. 1845
Taylor, Annie Plainview Sec. 11 w/o R. Taylor 1867
Taylor, Robert Plainview Sec. 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1867
Thomas, Lucinda Died  Oct. 13, 1864 Late w/o W.A. Thomas Ind. 1832
Thomas, Wm. A. Plainview Sec. 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser St. Clair Co., IL 1834
Vancourt, Elias Died  Dec. 1862 Late h/o Mrs. VanCourt N.J.
Vancourt, Elizabeth Mrs. Shipman Sec. 28 Farming N.J. 1836
Waggoner, B. F. Plainview Sec. 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., Il 1851
Waggoner, M. E., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 16 w/o B.F. Waggoner Macoupin Co., IL 1839
Ward, Mary, Mrs. Shipman Sec. 30 w/o O. Ward Ireland 1845
Ward, Owen Shipman Sec. 30 Farmer & Carpenter Ireland 1849

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