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Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia


Polk Township

Armour, Harriet, Mrs. Plainview Sec. 31 w/o W. C. Armour Macoupin Co., IL 1848
Armour, W. C. Plainview Sec. 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1845
Baker, George Carlinville Sec. 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser Monongahela Co., Va. 1866
Baker, Mary, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 36 w/o G. Baker Greene Co., Pa. 1866
Barnstable, James Chesterfield Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somersetshire, Eng. 1845
Barnstable, M. A., Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 7 w/o J. Barnstable Somersetshire, Eng. 1845
Brayford, Henry Macoupin St. Sec. 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Staffordshire, Eng. 1861
Brayford, M. A., Mrs. Macoupin St. Sec. 22 w/o H. Brayford Staffordshire, Eng. 1861
Candler, Cant Chesterfield Sec. 17 Far., St'k Raiser & Dealer England 1852
Candler, Emma, Mrs. Deceased Sec. 17 1st w/o C. Candler England
Candler, Mellicent Died  Aug. 18, 1861 2nd w/o C. Candler Madison Co., IL
Candler, Nancy J., Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 17 Pres w/o C. Candler Greene Co., IL 1837
Dorman, Elias M. Plainview Sec. 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser Shannon Co., MO 1846
Dorman, Huldah J., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 34 w/o E. M. Dorman Nelson Co., Ky. 1848
Duckels, Edward G. Plainview Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1842
Duckels, Emma L., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 4 w/o E. G. Duckels Macoupin Co., IL 1849
Eldred, A. H. Carlinville Sec. 8 Farmer & Brdr of Short Horns Greene Co., IL 1856
Eldred, E. B. Carlinville Sec. 8 Farmer, St'k Raiser, & Feeder Herkimer Co., Ky. 1857
Eldred, Elizabeth E. Died  May 24, 1873 2nd w/o E. B. Eldred Boston, Mass. 1855
Eldred, Emeline M. Died  Jun. 13, 1857 1st w/o E. B. Eldred Greene Co., IL 1857
Eldred, Grace Carlinville Sec. 8 Pres w/o E. B. Eldred Devonshire, Eng. 1858
Eldred, Laura, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 8 w/o A. H. Eldred Greene Co., IL 1856
Elliott, David Macoupin St. Sec. 26 Farmer & Minister Macoupin Co., IL 1831
Elliott, Nancy J., Mrs. Macoupin St. Sec. 26 Pres w/o D. Elliott Hardin Co., Ky. 1848
Elliott, Nancy, Mrs. Died  Mar. 7, 1876 1st w/o D. Elliott Jersey Co., IL 1854
Gillespie, Matthew S. Chesterfield Sec 17 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1834
Gillespie, Nancy P. Chesterfield Sec. 17 w/o M. S. Gillespie Greene Co., IL 1859
Gracey, Sarah A., Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 18 w/o W. L. Gracey Bond Co., IL 1853
Gracey, William L. Chesterfield Sec. 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co., IL 1853
Hayward, Daniel Carlinville Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Boston, Mass. 1838
Hayward, Sarah A., Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 4 w/o D. Hayward Knox Co., Tenn. 1844
Hounsley, Alice, Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 7 Pres w/o J. Hounsley England 1867
Hounsley, John Chesterfield Sec. 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser England 1851
Hounsley, Sarah Deceased 1st w/o J. Hounsley England 1851
Johnston, D. R. Macoupin St. Sec. 23 Watchman C.&A. R.R. Bridge Muhlenburg Co., Ky. 1836
Johnston, Lucy A. Macoupin St. Sec. 23 Pres w/o D. R. Johnston Greene Co., IL 1860
Johnston, Nancy Jane Died  Jun. 11, 1873 1st w/o D. R. Johnston Muhlenburg Co., Ky. 1839
Komoros, Joseph J. Macoupin St. Sec. 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Bohemia 1856
Komoros, Mary, Mrs. Macoupin St. Sec. 15 w/o J. J. Komoros St. Louis, MO 1877
Lambert, Eliza M., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 28 w/o T. Lambert Jersey Co., IL 1866
Lambert, Theodore Plainview Sec. 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Prussia 1866
Lockyer, Ann, Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 4 w/o G. Lockyer Somersetshire, Eng. 1868
Lockyer, George Chesterfield Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somersetshire, Eng. 1868
Morris, Martha A., Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 6 w/o R. Morris Sullivan Co., Ind. 1840
Morris, Richard Chesterfield Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Somersetshire, Eng. 1850
Mottaz, Eli Died  Sept. 24, 1875 Late h/o Mrs. S. Mottaz Switzerland
Mottaz, Sarah A., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 32 Farming Jersey Co., IL 1867
Parker, Caroline Macoupin St. Sec. 27 Pres w/o G. Parker Macoupin Co., IL 1860
Parker, George Macoupin St. Sec. 27 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hardin Co., Ky. 1848
Parker, Olive Died  Apr. 12, 1873 1st w/o G. Parker Macoupin Co., IL 1852
Peebles, Mary J., Mrs. Chesterfield Sec. 3 w/o W. S. Peebles Macoupin Co., IL 1860
Peebles, W. S. Chesterfield Sec. 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macoupin Co., IL 1858
Pepperdine, J. A. Carlinville Sec. 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Greene Co., IL 1830
Pepperdine, Marietta, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 4 w/o J. A. Pepperdine Greene Co., IL 1857
Raffurty, James Chesterfield Sec. 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Montgomery Co., Ky. 1833
Raffurty, Maria Chesterfield Sec. 6 w/o J. Raffurty Grayson Co., Ky. 1840
Rhoads, Edmund Plainview Sec. 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser Grayson Co., Ky. 1855
Rhoads, Frances, Mrs. Plainview Sec. 34 w/o E. Rhoads Hardin Co., Ky. 1855
Rhoads, Isaiah Plainview Sec. 25 Farmer & Stock Raiser Jersey Co., IL 1855
Rhoads, Mary A. Plainview Sec. 25 w/o I. Rhoads St. Louis, MO 1869
Rhodes, Augusta E., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 32 w/o S. H. Rhodes St. Clair Co., IL 1837
Rhodes, Catharine A., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 29 Pres w/o S. F. Rhodes Glasgow, Scotland
Rhodes, George W. Plainview Sec. 33 Far., St'k Rais'r & Road Com. Madison Co., IL 1833
Rhodes, Lydia P., Mrs. Deceased 1st w/o S. F. Rhodes St. Louis, MO
Rhodes, S. F. Plainview Sec. 29 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co., IL 1837
Rhodes, Samuel H. Plainview Sec. 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co., IL 1853
Rhodes, Sarah E., Mrs. Plainview Sec. 33 w/o G. W. Rhodes N.J. 1844
Sawtell, Anna, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 3 w/o H. Sawtell Somersetshire, Eng. 1855
Sawtell, Henry Carlinville Sec. 3 Farme & Stock Raiser Somersetshire, Eng. 1855
Silberzahn, Mary, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 10 w/o T. Silberzahn Baden, Germany 1857
Silberzahn, Thomas Carlinville Sec. 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser Baden, Germany 1858
Smith, George B. Died  Nov. 5, 1872 1st h/o Mrs. S. Mottaz Jersey Co., IL 1867
Utt, Martha J. Plainview Sec. 35 w/o W. Utt Pendleton Co., Va. 1854
Utt, William Plainview Sec. 35 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scioto Co., Ohio 1852
Whitlock, Hettie Macoupin St. Sec. 25 w/o W. H. Whitlock IL 1857
Whitlock, W. H. Macoupin St. Sec. 25 Farmer St. Louis Co, MO 1875
Wolf, Josephine Died  Aug. 29, 1873 1st w/o W. Wolf Macoupin Co., IL 1847
Wolf, Louisa, Mrs. Carlinville Sec. 1 Pres w/o W. Wolf Madison Co., IL 1866
Wolf, William Carlinville Sec. 1 Farmer Brunswick, Ger. 1866
Yowell, John M. Macoupin St. Sec. 14 Farmer & Tp. Supervisor Lincoln Co., Ky. 1850
Yowell, Mary A., Mrs. Macoupin St. Sec. 14 w/o J. M. Yowell White Co., IL 1856

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