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E. WILLIAM MUNDRUP. Among the worthy citizens and thrifty German farmers of Staunton Township, we are pleased to mention the hard working and earnest young bachelor who enjoys single blessedness upon section 23, and who bears the name which appears at the head of this sketch. Since he was old enough to do farm work, he has been actively engaged as a farmer and stock raiser, and he now owns a substantial farm of ninety-five acres on the section where he resides, and adjoining it upon section 23, he has eighty acres. All of this land is well improved and excellently well stocked. Our subject, with his brother Henry, purchased this farm and settled upon it some years ago, and they have carried it on together since that time.

He of whom we write is the elder of these two brothers, and was born in Madison County of this State in 1855, and received his early education and training in that county and in this. He came of German parentage, his father, Abraham, and mother Sophia (Fischer) Mindrup, being born in the Fatherland, where they grew to man's and woman's estate and while yet young and unmarried, came at the same time to the United States and settled in Madison county, Ill. There they were married about a year later and began life together upon a new farm which they had rented. They proceeded to improve it and lived there for about twelve years. They purchased the land which is now owned by our subject and his brother, and after the death of his wife which occurred in 1889, at the age of sixty years, he concluded to reside with his son. He is now sixty-three years old and is yet an active and capable man, and able to do much upon the farm. The departed mother was a devoted member of the Lutheran Church, with which her husband and family are also connected. The father and sons are all active and earnest Republicans in their political views and vote.

The subject of our sketch is the second child of the little household born to his parents and is now the eldest of the four who survive. Next in age to him comes Henry, who took to wife Sophia Franke, and with her lives on the farm with his brother and father, and helps to operate it. The next younger is a sister, Dena, the wife of Henry Kruse, who lives on a farm in Staunton Township. Another sister, Sophia, has married William Kruse, and lives upon a farm in this township. This excellent family has set an example of pluck, push and perseverance which may well be emulated by any young man who has determined to make for himself a place and a fortune in the West.

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