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GEORGE GROVES, who has long been connected with the agricultural interests of Macoupin county, is a self-made man, having had neither influence nor pecuniary assistance in attaining the position he now holds among the farmers of Bunker Hill township.

He was born in Yorkshire, England, seventy years ago last June, being one of the eleven children born unto Richard and Elizabeth (Brewerton) Groves. The parents were also natives of the mother country and there they spent their entire lives.

George Groves was brought up at home and when old enough entered the common schools which he attended until he had mastered the common branches. He was early trained in the work of the fields and in 1871 he determined to realize the ambition of his youth and become a citizen of the United States, so he took passage for America. He first located in the vicinity of Kansas City, Missouri, where he worked as a farm hand for a year, after which he farmed as a renter for a season; then he came to Macoupin county. Upon his arrival in this county he purchased the farm upon which he has ever since resided, consisting of eighty acres of most excellent land, in connection with which he operates an adjoining eight acre tract.

For his wife Mr. Groves chose Miss Agnes Govan and there have been five children born to them: Richard, Anna, Elizabeth, Margaret and William.

The family is affiliated with the Congregational Church, while politically Mr. Groves exercises his right of franchise in support of the men and measures of the republican party. Mr. Groves has never been an extensive but an intensive farmer, possessing the ability to so thoroughly till and cultivate every acre of his land that it yields the maximum amount, the quality of the product being fully equal to the quantity. He has met with success and is now one of the prosperous and highly respected citizens of the community.

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