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Macoupin County, Illinois



According to the book "Tombstone Revelations in Macoupin County, Illinois, which was originally compiled by the Macoupin County Historical Society Commitee: "This is a small cemetery which was laid out by Mr. Wills for a public burying area. A deed for one acre of ground was given in care of Sam LeMarr but a cyclone demolished the LeMarr home and all his personal belongings were destroyed." The book goes on to say that the cemetery was surveyed in 1937 by the WPA and was in "very bad condition at that time. (Note - I doubt the cemetery could possibly have been in any worse condition than it is in today.)

The book also states that in 1979 Thelma D. Stewart and Velma Sonneborn, along with a work crew completely cleared the cemetery.

I can state without reservation that when Earl Deatherage and I visited this cemetery on 17 Mar 2006 it was in the worst condition by far of any cemetery we have visited to date. The vines, briars, brush, etc. are so thick that walking is nearly impossible and you almost need to stumble over a stone to find it. There are quite probably other stones we were unable to locate during our visit. To reach the cemetery, drive west on Palmyra Road out of the town of Palmyra to Four Corners Road. Turn south (left) on Four Corners Road and drive approximately 1/2 mile. The cemetery is located on top of a very steep hill to the left (east) of the road and is invisible to anyone driving down the road.
NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
CRUM, Catherine (Johnson) 12 Jan 1854 28 May 1913 Wife of Wm. F. Crum; b. Frederick Co., VA (No stone found)
CRUM, Dora 28 May 1878 1878 Dau of Wm. F. & Catherine Crum (No stone found)
CRUM, John W. Corp. Co. E, 122nd Ill. Inf.
CRUM, Samuel 1 Aug 1882 Son of Wm. F. & Catherine Crum (No stone found)
CRUM, Sarah Cathryn (8 Feb) 1890 (18 May) 1916 (d. Artesia N.M.)
CRUM, Thomas 2 Jul 1879 4 Jul 1882 Son of Wm. F. & Catherine Crum (No stone found)
CRUM, William Franklin 20 Apr 1845 9 May 1914 Son of Wm. & Lydia Coons Crum (No stone found)
DYER, Infant 15 Dec 1901 Infant of Mrs. Dyer (No stone found)
GALLOWAY, John 15 Feb 1844 31 Jul 1903
GALLOWAY, Mary E. 10 Feb 1838 15 Feb 1908 (Wife of (1) Gen. A.J. LeMarr (2) John Galloway)
GALLOWAY, Thomas Son of J. & M.E. Galloway (No stone found)
JAMES, Adam 22 Apr 1888 82y8d
JAMES, Delilah (Featherkile) 20 Jan 1904 92y Wife of Adam James (No stone found)
LEMARR, General A. J. 15 Nov 1857 1m22d Son of I.N. & S.E. LeMarr
LEMARR, General Andrew Jackson 23 Nov 1830 26 Nov 1868 (No stone found)
LEMARR, Infant 28 Oct 1842 Son of J.T. & M. LeMarr
LEMARR, Infant 21 Jan 1902 Son of E. & L. LeMarr
LEMARR, Infant 21 Feb 1893 Dau of E. & L. LeMarr
LEMARR, Infant 27 Sep 1860 27 Sep 1860 (No stone found)
LEMARR, James B. 10 Aug 1886 18y9m25d Son of A.J. & M.E. LeMarr
LEMARR, James T. 18 Sep 1846 3y5m23d Son of J.T. & M. LeMarr
LEMARR, James Taylor 1 Oct 1857 57y2m10d (Broken stone) (fm Clay Co. TN)
LEMARR, Jesse C. 6 Feb 1844 7y3m11d Son of J.T. & M. LeMarr
LEMARR, Martha 15 Jan 1859 54y
LEMARR, Robert Luther 23 Oct 1881 21y8m13d (Son of A.J. & M. LeMarr)
LEMARR, William 23 Dec 1857 1y1m Son of I.N. & S.E. LeMarr
LINN, Margaret 9 Nov 1866 23y7m20d Wife of James Linn
MADDY, Louisa P.(LeMarr) 20 Nov 1856 21y9m16d (dau J.T. & M. LeMarr) (No stone found)
MORRIS, Nancy Ann 17 Nov 1858 20y5m17d Dau of W. & S. Morris (No stone found)
SOLOMON, Easter H. 9 Sep 1852 25y4m5d 2nd wife of James Solomon
SOLOMON, Infant 3 Dec 1855 3 Dec 1855 Inf Dau of D.N. & E.C. (Newell) Solomon
SOLOMON, Lewis 1 Apr 1778 28 Jul 1849 (No stone found)
SOLOMON, Phoebe (Hodges) 22 Aug 1841 25y6m25d 1st wife of James Solomon
SOLOMON, Sarah Bowden 1780 26 Feb 1840 d/o J. & M. Bowden; W/o Lewis Solomon (No stone found)
WILLS, Betty A. 17 Sep 1861 1y7m24d Dau of D. D. & P. Y. Wills (No stone found)
WILLS, Infant 24 Oct 1848 Son of M.N.W. & S. Wills
WILLS, Martha R. 8 Mar 1858 1y7m16d Dau of M.N.W. & S. Wills
WILLS, Sarah E. 29 Feb 1858 8y5m19d Dau of D.D. & P.Y. Wills (No stone found)
WILLS, Seaborn C. 20 Sep 1854 1y1m10d Son of M.N.W. & S. Wills
WILLS, Susan M. 14 Aug 1863 Dau of Josiah & Syrena C. LeMarr Wills (No stone found)
WILLS, Syrena C. (Wills) 24 Aug 1863 38y3m4d Wife of Josiah Wills

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