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Macoupin County, Illinois


Stevenson Cemetery, also known as Ditson Cemetery, is located in North Otter Townshp, Macoupin County, Illinois. It is about 1/4 mile northwest of the intersection of Greenland & Finney roads on property owned by the Hannah family in Section 21. The property is listed as an exception in transfer of the deed and is listed as 1 acre. It is surrounded on two sides by a small lake or pond with of hog confinement buildings on another side. According to information published by the Macoupin County Genealogical Society, the WPA completed a survey of the cemetery in 1937 and counted approximately 125 graves.    Although the cemetery was cleaned up during 1980, it is again covered with downed trees and limbs and there is a huge pile of brush in the center of the cemetery, probably from limbs and trees broken during the storms of 2006 although some of the trees have been down so long they are almost completely rotted away. Earl & I read and photographed this cemetery on 16 March 2007. As the photographs above show, it is in terrible shape. We found a number of stones not previously recorded and didn't find a good number of stones which had been recorded previously - we both believe there could be many more stones in this cemetery which we were unable to locate. Most of the stones are down and many were buried, a few as much as 6 to 8 inches below the surface of the ground. We'll try again with a probe to see if we can find others - however, any stones under the huge brush pile will remain hidden.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
ALDERSON, Infant 7 Mar 1865 1d Son of W.O. & L.A. Alderson
ALDERSON, Mary L. 17 May 1863 18y7m10d Dau of R. & E.B. Alderson
ALDERSON, Robert T. 4 Jul 1859 3d Son of W.O. & L.A. Alderson
ALDERSON, Sarah C. 2 Oct 1856 2y8m7d Dau of J.A. & Era Alderson
BALLARD, Henry 19 Jun 1836 25 Jun 1865
BALLARD, Mary E. 3 Jun 1865 21 Dec 1865 Dau of H. & E.O. Ballard
BRADFORD, Anna R. 6 Feb 1852 31y11m24d Wife of Joseph M. Bradford
BRADFORD, Joseph M., Capt. 15 Oct 1851 39y1m13d Black Hawk War, IL Militia
BRICKEY, Allen W. 16 Feb 1876 16y9m6d
CLOUD, George A. W. 18 Aug 1811 23 Feb 1880 68y6m5d
CLOUD, J. Clementine 8 Mar 1865 17y5m29d Dau of G.A.W. & N.G. Cloud
CLOUD, John Aug 1852 12 Mar 1919 (No stone found)
CLOUD, Margaret A. 1 Apr 1858 17y8m16d Dau of G.A.W. & N.G. Cloud
CLOUD, Martha H. 26 Mar 1865 26y10m5d Dau of G.A.W. & N.G. Cloud
CLOUD, Mary 23 Nov 1872 39y2m14d Wife of G.A.W. Cloud
CLOUD, Nancy G. (Stevenson) 25 Apr 1866 48y9m20d Wife of G.A.W. Cloud
CLOUD, Sarah Agnes (Adcock) 1855 1946
COLLINS, Eoline M. 23 Aug 1855 1y9m Dau of L.C. & E.E. Collins
CRUMP, Elenor 13 Nov 1868 77y Wife of Elisha Crump
CRUMP, Elisha 22 Jun 1854 72y
CRUMP, Eveline M. 15 Jan 1828 Wife of R.M. Crump (No stone found)
CUMP, John A. 16 Aug 1871 45y4m7d
DRAPER, Charles H. 12 Aug 1875 1m25d Son of F.U. & M.L. Draper (No stone found)
DRENAN, Elizabeth 5 Aug 1860 37y5m17d Wife of Joseph Drenan
FALLS, C. G. (No stone found)
FALLS, David W. (Found only footstone)
FALLS, Laban A. 1 Oct 1851 11m28d Son of G.L. & C. Falls
FALLS, Mary 22 Mar 1862 2hr Dau of G.L. & C. Falls
FALLS, Nancy E. C. 25 Sep 1857 5m7d Dau of G.L. & C. Falls
GRAHAM, Infant 26 Dec 1854 Son of T. & M.A. Graham
GRAHAM, James 5 Sep 1859 67y5m15d
GRAHAM, James T. 28 Apr 1942 11 Oct 1845 12y5m16d Son of Wm.L. & Kezia Graham
GRAHAM, James Thomas 10 May 1848 25 Nov 1850 2y6m10d Son of W.L. & Kezia Graham
GRAHAM, James W. 15 Sep 1862 28y6m25d Pvt. Co. D, 122nd Ill. Inf.
GRAHAM, Jessey M. 7 Jun 1861 3m17d Son of J.W. & L.C. Graham
GRAHAM, John H. 28 Dec 1853 3m19d Son of W.L. & Kezia Graham
GRAHAM, Louisa E. 4 Aug 1850 20 Jun 1851 9m16d Dau of W.L. & Kezia Graham
GRAHAM, Mary A. 8 Nov 1857 2y2m2d Dau of W.L. & Kezia Graham
GRAHAM, Nancy J. 21 Oct 1837 11m17d Dau of T. & M.A. Graham
GRAHAM, Rebekah 8 Apr 1856 75y10m26d Wife of James Graham
GRAHAM, Thomas J. 18 May 1856 15d Son of T. & M.A. Graham
GRAHAM, Winfield 26 Aug 1856 6m Son of J.G. & N.J. Graham
GUNN, Albert K. 24 Oct 1873/5 28d Son of W.G. & M.E. Gunn
HAGLER, Elizabeth M. 15 Aug 1854 35y5m18d Wife of John G. Hagler
HAGLER, Elvira E. 13 Aug 1853 27y10m4d Wife of John G. Hagler
HAGLER, Franke 15 Nov 1872 12 Oct 1875 2y10m27d Son of J.G. & C. Hagler
HAGLER, Harvey T. 1847 1926
HAGLER, Hiram B. 12 Sep 1853 2m23d Son of J.G. & E.E. Hagler
HAGLER, John G. 26 Nov 1816 9 Mar 1903
HAGLER, Martha E. 18 Apr 1858 5y3m12d Dau of Jno.G. & E.M. Hagler
HAGLER, Minerva E. 1845 1927
HAGLER, Sarah J. (Wilson) 10 Mar 1863 33y1m15d Wife of John G. Hagler
HAGLER, William L. 28 Sep 1852 1y4m10d Son of J.G. & E.E. Hagler
HOWARD, Searles T. 21 Mar 1880 16d Son of M.V. & M.H. Howard (No stone found)
LACKEY, John A. 28 May 1850 9m Son of J. & A. Lackey
LACKEY, Joseph A. 23 Aug 1856 1y5m2d Son of J. & A. Lackey
LANGLEY, Ida H. 16 Feb 1860 1m22d Dau of A.J. & C.A. Langley
LANGLEY, Willie N. 2 Jun 1864 3m21d Son of A.J. & L. Langley
MARSHALL, Robert L. 15 Aug 1853 1y2m20d Son of J.D. & H.V. Marshall
MCGINNIS, Bertha 14 May 1879 8 Feb 1887 Dau of L.C. & M.L. McGinnis (No stone found)
MCGINNIS, Lucinda C. 19 Apr 1863 26 Jun 1894 Wife of M.L. McGinnis; Our Mother
MCGLOTHIN, Adam 11 May 1862 Pvt. Co. A, 32nd Ill. Inf. (No stone found)
MILLEN, Deidamia 22 Feb 1853 31y4m2d
MILLEN, Robert A. 3 Dec 1845 23y6m23d
MILLEN, Virginia 12 Feb 1842 1m10d Dau of T.M. & M.M. Millen
MYERS, Eliza A. 5 Sep 1855 1y1m20d Dau of W.J. & E.A. Myers
MYERS, James M. 28 Feb 1865 1m5d Son of W.J. & E.A. Myers
MYERS, John N. 29 Sep 1859 1y6m2d Son of W.J. & E.A. Myers
MYERS, Louisa A. 9 Sep 1875 20y9m1d Wife of Milton A. Myers
MYERS, Willie B. 5 Aug 1875 3y7m11d Son of M.A. & L.A. Myers
MYERS, William I. 11 Aug 1860 8d Son of W.J. & E.A. Myers
NORVELL, Lucy E. 25 May 1850 10m24d
PADDOCK, Delmar L. 6 Feb 1952 (Moved to Girard Cem.)
PULLIAM, Child 5 Dec 1860 2m15d Child of R. Lair Pulliam
RIFFEY, Etta A. Alderson 3 Mar 1883 19y11d Wife of W.R. Riffey
RIFFEY, Infant (No dates)
RIFFEY, W. R. 11 Apr 1907 48y5m11d
STEVENSON, Andrew T. 7 Oct 1859 28y7m27d
STEVENSON, Jane 6 Jun 1849 59y3m21d Wife of John Stevenson
STEVENSON, John 11 Sep 1835 49y8m18d
STEVENSON, John A. 30 Jun 1845 2 Dec 1852
STEVENSON, John J. H. 28 Aug 1862 10y11m12d Son of J.Y. & S. Stevenson
STEVENSON, John W. 20 Dec 1854 26y8m3d
STEVENSON, Katherine M. 2 Jul 1848 1y8m24d Dau of J.Y. & S. Stevenson
STEVENSON, Margaret J. 13 May 1849 25y5m15d Dau of J. & J. Stevenson
STEWART, James M. 10 Nov 1874 23y4m18d Husband of Samantha E. (Williams) Stewart
STEWART, Martha E. 1 Nov 1874 18y2m1d Dau of Samuel & Annie Stewart
STEWART, Nannie 2 Feb 1874 28y8d Dau of Samuel & Annie Stewart
WILSON, Elizabeth B. 2 Dec 1843 37y9m1d Wife of John Wilson
WILSON, John 12 May 1859 62y6m10d
WILSON, Martha L. 22 Jul 1854 1d Dau of W.J. & M.H. Wilson (No stone found)

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