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Macoupin County, Illinois


Hogan Cemetery is located 1 mile east of Modesto and 1/4 mile north from the road. It is in a field and overgrown with brush and weeds. Many stones are covered by vegetation and dirt. The cemetery was laid out by D. W. Hogan.

Earl & I visited this cemetery on October 19, 2005 and found nearly all of the burials shown on my original list. In addition, we found several other stones which were not previously listed. Unfortunately I missed photographing one (Jacob Peek) - his grave is in a line with the rest of his family and very easily read. At some time in the future I'll try to go back and photograph that stone. There was only one stone appearing on my original list which we did not find, that of William Peek. It could well be there in the cemetery which is filled with waist high weeds, grass and brambles.
NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
COOTS, Adelaide S. 4 Apr 1856 26 Dec 1921 Dau of John & Maria Coots
COOTS, Daniel S. 22 Feb 1852 1m7d Son of J. & M.E. Coots
COOTS, Emily D. 16 Mar 1849 1y8m28d Dau of J. & M.E. Coots
COOTS, Infant 19 Jul 1866 Son of J. & M. Coots
COOTS, Infant 26 Jun 1861 1d Son of J. & M.E. Coots
COOTS, John 19 Jan 1900 82y11m19d
COOTS, Maria E. 4 Jul 1886 59y6m9d Wife of John Coots
COOTS, Martha J. 31 Jan 1869 19y5m29d Dau of J. & M.E. Coots
COOTS, Reuben I. 3 Aug 1867 12 Jun 1891 Son of John & Maria Coots
CRANE, Clement V. 1863 1938
CRANE, Effie L. 5 Feb 1871 9 Apr 1909 38y2m14d
GRAVES, Mildred E. 20 Jan 1865 3m5d Dau of R. & P.A. Graves
GRAVES, Pauline A. 10 Dec 1889 44y1m23d Wife of Robert Graves
GRAVES, Robert 10 Jul 1919 80y9m10d
HOGAN, Isaac C. 22 Nov 1845 49y9m17d
HOGAN, Nancy 29 Sep 1866 68y Wife of I.C. Hogan
MASSIE, Wilsie S. 14 Jan 1887 14d Son of W.S. & N.B. Massie
PEEK, Caroline M. 17 Dec 1857 11y3m12d Dau of J. & E. Peek
PEEK, Eliza 19 Mar 1859 49y10m Wife of J. Peek
PEEK, Isaac 20 Aug 1845 2y9m14d Son of J. & E. Peek
PEEK, John A. 5 Jan 1838 3y Son of J. & E. Peek
PEEK, Joshua 25 Aug 1865 56y5m23d
PEEK, Mary J. 13 Jun 1845 2m26d Dau of J. & E. Peek
PEEK, William M. 29 Apr 1868 Pvt., Co. A, 32nd Ill. Inf.
STEWART, Evelina 25 May 1826 3 Apr 1880 Wife of Thomas Stewart; Married 16 Apr 1843
STEWART, Infant Child of T. & E. Stewart
STEWART, John C. 4 Dec 1850 27 Jun 1914
STEWART, L. G. W., Corp. Co. H, 133rd Ill. Inf.
STEWART, Martha Ann 10 Dec 1851 5y2m1d Dau of T. & E. Stewart
STEWART, Thomas 23 Dec 1813 6 Jun 1888
WISE, Daniel 17 Jun 1862 74y8m20d War of 1812
WISE, Drusilla 15 Dec 1881 89y8m27d His Wife (Wife of Daniel Wise)

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