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Macoupin County, Illinois


Ritchie-Ross Cemetery is located about 1 to 1 1/2 miles south of Palmyra on Route 111. Driving south from Palmyra, turn right at Zelmer Airport Road. Follow the road until it ends at a "T" road and turn right - the cemetery which is mowed and maintained is located on the right side of the road before you reach a house on the left side of the road. During winter and before the crops get to big, you can see the cemetery from Rte. 111.

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NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
HUNT, Laban 20 May 1855 71y
KELLY, Infant of William 31 Dec 1903 (No stone found)
RITCHIE, Emma E. 23 Sep 1871 7m21d Dau of E.W. & S. Richie
RITCHIE, Nellie 19 Dec 1887 2y5m23d Dau of E.W. & S. Richie
ROSS, Benjamin F. 26 Dec 1851 14y2m3d Son of R. & M.A. Ross
ROSS, Elizabeth 26 Feb 1836 34y1m24d Wife of Robert Ross
ROSS, Infant Son 1848 (No stone found)
ROSS, Infant Son 14 Dec 1850 Inf Son of T.B. & J. Ross
ROSS, J. W. 2 Jan 1859 1 Jul 1888 29y5m29d Son of T.B. & J. Ross
ROSS, Jane 17 Oct 1828 11 Aug 1909 Wife of Thomas B. Ross
ROSS, Joseph M. 26 Jun 1867 8 Jun 1891 23y11m12d Son of T.B. & J. Ross
ROSS, Mary A. (Simpson) 1 Mar 1848 21y3m21d Wife of Thomas Ross
ROSS, Mary Anne 6 Mar 1848 Dau of T.B. & M.A. ross
ROSS, Robert (1801) 20 Oct 1870 69y2m
ROSS, Robert Green 17 Jun 1860 Son of T.B. & J. Ross
ROSS, Thomas B. 6 Oct 1870 45y10m3d (Son of Robert Ross)
SEARCY, Annie E. (Ritchie) 1858 1880 Wife of J.B. Searcy
SEARCY, Ella C. 1880 Dau of J.B. & A. Searcy
STANFIELD, Alice 11 Feb 1902 22y5m (No stone found)
STANFIELD, Benjamin F. 18 Feb 1858 1y10m Son of G. & E. Stanfield
STANFIELD, Elizabeth (Smith)
STANFIELD, John H. 18y1m27d Son of G. & E. Stanfield
STANFIELD, Ollie 27 Jul 1899 29y6m27d (No stone found)
STANFIELD, Sophia 7 Oct 1863 8d Dau of G. & E. Stanfield
STANFIELD, Thomas J. 1 Sep 1859 1y28d Son of G. & E. Stanfield
UNKNOWN, Robert 25 Jun 1861 5y11m25d
WILEY, Infant 6 Dec 1871 24d Son of John H. & Mary E. (Ross) Wiley

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