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South Otter Township
Macoupin County, Illinois


Ross Cemetery is located in Section 11. It lies west of Nilwood about 2 miles and 1 mile north. The cemetery was laid out by Matthew Harris Ross in 1876 for members of his family. It was not deeded to trustees until April 1888. According to the original cemetery records, the cemetery, called Harris Ross Family Cemetery in the records, was platted by F. H. Chapman, surveyor, for George W. Ross, William M. Huson and James O. Cole, the trustees thereof in October A.D. 1898. The description contained in the papers is as follows: "Said cemetery is situated on the southwest corner of Section Eleven (11), in Township Eleven (11), North of Range Seven (7), West of the 3rd P.M. in said County (Macoupin). The southwest corner of said section being the southwest corner of said cemetery, and the south and west lines of said cemetery being common with the south and west lines of said section, respectively. The sizes of lots and widths of Highway, Street and Aleys are shown on the plat in feet. The lots are numbered, in red ink, from 1 to 71, both inclusive. This October 28th 1898." The document was attested to by F. H. Chapman, Justice of the Peace and signed on december 28th 1898. Other papers go on to say that the first meeting (although from checking the records this doesn't appear to be the actual first meeting) of the Ross Family cemetery was held on June 1, 1931 at the home of J. O. Cole and that all incorporators were present. The certificate of organization was issued by the Secretary of State and was displayed. The officers elected were: J. O. Cole, President; R. O. Barnes, Vice President, B. R. Cole, Treasurer, and John Cole, Secretary with Trustees elected for six years being J. O. Cole, R. A. Barnes & O. C. Cole. The actual incorporation papers issued by the state give the name as "The Ross Family Cemetery".

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Note: Many thanks and much appreciation from a fellow researcher and cemetery lover to Betty Moake and her good friends Jim & Wanda "Pug" Mayfield who spent a beautiful fall day on September 22, 2004 cleaning up this small cemetery. The grass was waist high and the three spent all day cutting the grass and digging out century (yucca) plants from the front of all of the stones. According to Betty, there is still one dead tree which needs to be removed and Jim will be making a new sign to put beside the drive to the cemetery. Also from Betty: "We hope too that someone else will be inspired to do the same or even give us a heads up on some missing burial areas that are around here. We really did enjoy the day out there .. it is a great way to get excercise, spend the day with friends and reap the reward at the end of the day" - when you can look out and see the cemetery shining and proud.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information
ANDERSON, Charles M. 12 Nov 1874 12 Feb 1894
ANDERSON, Elmore A. 3 Feb 1869 12 Sep 1894
ANDERSON, Susie 7 apr 1884 27 Nov 1897
BARNES, Amy E. Cole 23 Oct 1868 3 Nov 1901 Wife of Charles B. Barnes
BARNES, Cecil 12 May 1891 12 May 1891 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, Charles B. 2 Jan 1861 11 Jul 1924
BARNES, Dollie M. 22 Oct 1898 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, Goldie E. 11 Sep 1887 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, Hazel N. 16 Jun 1901 31 Aug 1901 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, James F. 12 Dec 1896 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, John C. 11 Jul 1889 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, Mabel H. 20 Jan 1895 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
BARNES, Ralph O. 13 Apr 1892 Child of C.B. & A.E. Barnes
COLE, Christina 9 Sep 1875 20y6m23d
COLE, Elizabeth 10 May 1828 12 Mar 1913 His Wife (Wife of John T. Cole) (No stone found)
COLE, Infant Dau of T. & S.H. Cole
COLE, John T. 26 Aug 1820 7 Apr 1912
COLE, Lois R. 16 Apr 1901 7 Jan 1903
GARRISON, Margaret E. 1859 1919
HALL, Martha Jane 22 Aug 1896 70y4m18d
HICKS, J. Henry 26 Dec 1868 16 May 1899
HUSON, Julia 21 Nov 1893 48y5m27d
HUSON, William M. 7 Oct 1838 8 Feb 1918
LILES, James H. 1829 1893
LILES, Mary C. 1828 (22 Mar) 1916
MAGNONI, Battisti 1857 (20 May) 1935
MAYFIELD, Mary Alice 1860 (23 Mar) 1944 Wife of Manning Mayfield
MAYFIELD, Manning 1861 1903
MALONE, Julia 13 Sep 1861 1y1m Dau of G. & M.J. Malone
ROSS, Charles E. 26 Jan 1876 19y2m
ROSS, John W. 30 May 1880 18y7m6d Son of M.H. & N.A. Ross
ROSS, Lou F. 9 Apr 1878 28y5m14d Dau of M.H. & N.A. Ross
ROSS, Lucy B. 3 Aug 1851 2y1m23d (No stone found)
ROSS, Matthew H. 11 Feb 1888 60y1m17d
ROSS, Nancy A. 22 Mar 1823 28 Mar 1903 Wife of Matthew H. Ross
SHAFER, Laura E. 1863 (12 Mar) 1923 Wife of James M. Shafer
STROWMAT, Tennessee Ann 1 apr 1878 75y (From Macoupin Death Records) (No stone found)
WARD, Charley C. 1856 1928
WARD, Hugh W. 22 Mar 1883 2 Mar 1951
WARD, Jesse 11 Jul 1889 80y7m25d
WARD, Sinia L. 1862 1937

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