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Following is a transcription of the information contained in the original Ross Family Cemetery record book:

April 26th AD 1890 - Record of the Ross Family Burying Ground (this may be when the book was purchased).

Money raised by subscription in 1889, page No. 2:

"May fifteenth (15th) 1889
Town of South Otter Macoupin and State of Ill.
We the undersigned promise to pay to the Trustees of the Ross Family Buring Ground the amount annext to our names for to be applied in fencing the above named grounds

J. O. Cole      $ 1.50 Pd
T. Cole       $ 1.50 Pd
S. Cole       $ 2.50 Pd
Wm. Worley      $ 3.00 Pd
G. W. Ross     $ 1.50 Pd
John Cole      $ 5.00 Pd
Chas. Enyart?      $ 2.00 Pd
Harvey Maison      $ 1.00 Pd
D. H. Murphy      $ 5.00 Pd
                                $ 23.00

Paid to Wm. Morgan & W. Sells
setting posts      $ 3.25
Fence 45 1/3 rods      31.73 1/3
staples       .25
Lumber for Big gate       .75
Nales       .15
Hinges for little gate       .25
Totle paid out up to Apr 26, 1890      $ 36.38 1/3

Sold or taken
Lot No 7 by Chas. Ward       Pd $4.00
Lot No 9 by Ross Family      Pd $4.00
Lot No 10 by D. H. Murphy      Pd $4.00
Lot No 13 by Rm. Huson
Lot No 7 by
Lot No 21 by Catherine Lane      $5.00
Lot No 9 by George Liles       $5.00
Lot No 17 by John Graham      $5.00
Lot No 10 by Lillian Hicks      $5.00
Ross Family Lot 14
Anderson, A. J. Lot 22
Huson, Wm. Lot 15
Barnes, C. B. Lot 25
Adams, R. C Adams Lot 24
Cole, J. Q. Lot 23
Mayfield, M. Lot 4
Bailey, L. Lot 3

Received May 22 1890 of G. W. Ross      $3.00
Received June 6th 1890 of L. C. Cole      $3.00

By call meeting - met Jan 23d 1894 and appointed William Huson trustee to fill vacancy of D. H Murphy for the Ross Family Burying Ground. J. O. Cole & G. W. Ross

By call meeting met April 25, 1925 and appointed Ralph Barnes trustee to fill vacancy of Milton Huson for the Ross Family Burying Ground. J. O. Cole & G. W. Ross

Interestingly enough there are a couple of other things written in the book which do not appear to have anything to do with the cemetery:

Breeding of mares:

Topsie April the 5
Minnie April the 30
Hazle May the 11

Colt on pasture
April 27, 1913


Lemon Pudding
Juice of one lemon
3 eggs
1 pint hot water
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoon of flour
4 slices of bread
mix flour sugar & lemon and hot water

For 6-9 gallons
1 can white banner malt
3 lbs sugar
1 cake Fleshman's yeast

Place malt in kettle and heat for 20 minutes. Pour sugar in jar and dissolve in (milk) warm water, add malt when thoroughly dissolved. Then dissolve yeast and put in jar. Let stand for 72 hours, then bottle. Use 1/4 teaspoonful sugar in each bottle.

[Wonder what the above recipe produced? Smile....]

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