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Macoupin County, Illinois





Ruyle Cemetery, located in Scottville Township, Section 28, Macoupin County, Illinois is in a timber, on a point of land which lies between three separate but intersecting creeks. The cemetery is located about one fourth mile north of South Saw Mill Rd and approximately one half mile north of the Palmyra Rd. Earl located and photographed this cemetery on 28 Mar 2006.
NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
CAUDLE, Abigail (No stone found)
CAUDLE, Charlie E. 26 Oct 1871 1y1m9d Son of J.T. & E. Caudle
CAUDLE, John C. 4 oct 1833 31 Jul 1876
CAUDLE, Lura E. 23 Jan 1871 1y10m26d Dau of J.C. & M. Caudle
CONAWAY, Infant 14 Feb 1864 Son of J.B. & N.A. Conaway
CONAWAY, Joseph B. 22 Aug 1869 81y9m15d
CONAWAY, Sarah (Ruyle) 27 Dec 1853 36y3m4d Wife of J. Conaway
DUGGER, James S. 27 Feb 1859 2y16d Son of W.H. & Polly Dugger
DUGGER, Minerva J. 6 Jun 1874 19y10d Dau of W.H. & Polly Dugger
HOGGATT, Tomaco P. 4 Feb 1877 2y2m Dau of J.A. & E.J. Hoggatt
REDFERN, Andrew 4 Aug 1840 1m Son of S. & E. Redfern
REDFERN, Betsy A. 4 May 1844 10y10m Dau of S. & E. Redfern
REDFERN, Elizabeth (No stone found)
REDFERN, John Wesley 4 Apr 1833 14 Jul 1854 21y3m10d
REDFERN, Solomon 20 Apr 1844 38y5m21d
RICE, Frances 23 Jan 1858 68y Wife of Wm. Rice
RUYLE, A. (Andrew) 1 Feb 1814 19 Jul 1897
RUYLE, Aaron 13 Jan 1819 3m13d Son of A. & C. Ruyle
RUYLE, Austin 6 Jul 1879 69y4m15d
RUYLE, Charity M. C. (McCollom) 25 Jul 1824 21 Jul 1880
RUYLE, Elizabeth 21 Sep 1851 63y8m28d Wife of Moses Ruyle
RUYLE, Littleton 1824 (Husband of Nancy Phoenex) (No stone found)
RUYLE, Moses 10 Apr 1864 84y
RUYLE, Nancy J. (McCollom) 8 Feb 1887 66y3m9d Wife of Austin Ruyle
RUYLE, Stephen D. 29 Jan 1864 1y5m7d Son of H. & E. Ruyle

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