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Albers, H.B.
, Dealer in and Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes. A fine assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Shoes in all sizes on hand; also Boots and Shoes of his own Manufacture, for Men and Boys. The only exclusive Boot and Shoe House in Menard County.
Antle, F.P., Dr., Physician and Surgeon.
Bale & Co., Manufacturers and Dealers in Drain Tiles of every description. Office at Woolen Factory.
Bale, F.V., Proprietor of the Salem Flouring Mill, which is now in a flourishing condition.
Bale, Hardin & Son, Manufacturers and Dealers in Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, Satinets, Jeans, Tweeds, Flannels, Blankets, Fancy and Plain Stocking Yarn, etc., etc., West street, one-half mile south of Court House.
Bishop, Robert, Manufacturer and Importer of Guns, Pistols, Rifles, Bowie-Knives and Sporting Apparatus in all its branches. All kinds of repairing done at the shortest notice. South side Square.
Blane, S.H., Attorney at Law and Notary Public. Office on north side Square.
Bone, D.M., Dealer in Furniture, Wall Paper, Coffins and Caskets.
Bowen, J.H., Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Glassware, Queensware, Wood and Willow Ware, Red Front, west side Square.
Brahm, Lanning & Wright, Dry Goods Dealers.
Brahm & Greene, Bankers.
Branson, N.W., Hon., Attorney at Law.
Cain & Parks, Editors of the Petersburg Observer and Job Printers.
Clark, N. & L. B., Proprietors of the Clark House, formerly the Elmo, northeast corner Square. First-class accommodations.
Cook, J.W., Practicing Physician and Surgeon.
Deerwester, S., Wagon and Carriage Manufacturing, Blacksmithing, and General Job Work.
Elliott, C.E., Practicing Physician.
Frackelton, D.S., Banker. Collections made and promptly remitted.
Hatfield, C.L., Dealer in Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Stucco, Lime, Hair, Cement, etc., etc.
Hofing, J., Proprietor of the Menard Hotel. First-class accommodations. Fine Sample Room on ground floor.
Johnson, Breese, Attorney at Law. Office on north side Square.
Knoles, T.S., Attorney.
Masters, Hardin W., Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery; State's Attorney for Menard County.
Mick & Knoles, Proprietors and Editors of the Petersburg Democrat. Job Work done on short notice and at low rates.
Morris, E.M., Wagon Manufacturer; also Blacksmithing and General Job Work. North Main street.
Masters & Rankin, Dealers in Lumber, Lime, Lath, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Hair, Stucco, Cement, etc., etc. Office and Yard, corner Main and Cherry.
Montgomery, B.F., Stock Dealer.
McNeely, T.W., Hon., Attorney at Law.
McDougall & Stith, Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Glassware, Queensware, Wodenware, Teas, Coffees, Spices, Tobacco, etc., etc.
Morris, D.T., Manufacturer of and Dealer in Harness, Saddles, Collars, Bridles, Whips, Combs, Brushes, etc., etc.; also Wholesale Dealer in Case Collars.
Newcomer, J.W., Practicing Physician.
Rainey, P., Miller and Grain Dealer.
Richter, J.F., Importer and Dealer in Italian and American Marble, also Scotch and American Granite Monuments. Prepared to turn out as fine work as any in Central Illinois. Shop and yard near northeast corner of Square.
Stewart & Truckenmiller, Dealers in Pure Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, Toilet and Fancy Articles, Choice Wines and Liquors for medicinal use, and all Druggists' Sundries, Fine Imported and Domestic Cigars. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully prepared. West side Square.
Stoker, A.W. Foundry, General Machine Shop and Job Work.
Shephard & Rutledge, Livery and Feed Stable. First-class Rigs at reasonable rates.
Stevens, R.N., Attorney at Law and Master in Chancery.
White, William M., Contractor and Builder.
Waring, W.C., Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Trunks and Valises, also Groceries, Glass and Queensware, Wood and Willow Ware.
Young, Arthur, Justice of the Peace and Insurance Agent, Representing the Royal Insurance Company of Liverpool, England.


Bell Bros., Dealers in Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, Provisions, Queensware, etc., etc.
Linkel, J.A., Manufacturers and Dealer in Furniture and Undertaking also Wall Paper.
Metcalf, E. T. Dr., Physician and Surgeon.
Spears, J.Q., Merchant and Grain Dealer.
Sandford, G.H., Dr., Physician and Surgeon.
Thrapp, F.S., Dealer in Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, Perfumery, Soaps, Combs and Brushes, Trusses, Supporters, Braces and Toilet Articles, Books Stationery, etc., etc.
Thacher, C.B., Capt., Justice of the Peace.
Thrapp, R.B., Proprietor of the Tallula Nursery. Complete assortment of Fruit, Shade and Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, Roses, etc., etc., with a fine assortment of Small Fruit.
Wathen, J.F., Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps and Fancy Goods, also Groceries, Provisions, Queensware, Glassware and Confectioneries.
Wathen Hotel, J.F. Walthen, Proprietor. New house, newly furnished; First class accommodations expressly for transient trade.


Clark, C., Manufacturer of Brick and Tiling. Large quantity of the best quality constantly on hand. All sizes of Tile from 3 to 7 inch.
Hurt J.A. Capt., Proprietor Hotel and Boarding-house.
Hardgrave, M.T., M.D., Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Books, stationery, etc., etc.; Pure Liquors for medical use; also Paints, Oils, Perfumeries, Toilet Soaps, Hair Oils, Combs, etc., etc.
Hall, C., General Merchant.
Kinhart, J., Manufacturer of Wagons, Carriages and General Job Work; also Blacksmithing in its various branches; also Dealer in Agricultural Implements.
Primm, T.J., Dr., Physician and Surgeon.
Roberts, William F., Dr., Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, Putty, Books and Stationery, Wall Paper, Window Curtains, Pure Wines and Liquors for medical uses.
Thomas, E.D., Dr., Practicing Physician.


Alkire, J.D., Banker.
Engle, M.M., Merchant.
Foster, J.T., Merchant.
Hughes, Daniel T., Druggist and Apothecary. Prescriptions carefully prepared. Also Justice of the Peace.
Hurst, Stith J., Physician.
Marbold, H.H., Banker and Dealer in Live Stock.
Petrie, John A., Dealer in Hardware, Grain and Farm Implements.
Petrie & Co., Dealer in Stoves, Tinware, Agricultural Implements, and Grain.
Petrie, David A., Dealer in Lumber; also Contractor and Builder.
Paulson, O.P., Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Rule, H.K., Merchant, and Dealer in Groceries, Dry Goods, etc.


Alkire, D.H., Merchant
Deal, George T., Dealer in Live Stock.
Deal, John H., Miller
Lee, John D., Physician.
Propst, Levi, Carpenter and Joiner.
Sharp, Adam, Maker of and Dealer in Boots and Shoes.
Schofield, Joseph, Merchant.

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