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This division of the county lies in the extreme northwest corner and comprises within its limits a little more than fifty-four sections, or a township and one-half. It is designated Congressionally as Township 19 north, Ranges 7 and 8 west of the Third Principal Meridian. It is bounded on the north and east by the Sangamon River, south by Petersburg Precinct and west by Cass County. Originally, its surface was about equally divided between woodland and prairie. The timber was of a fine quality and, untouched as yet by the woodman's ax, was heavier than the third or fourth growth of our day. Much of its surface is sufficiently elevated and rolling to obviate the necessity of artificial drainage. Small portions contiguous to the Sangamon on the east and north are subject to overflow, but afford excellent pasturage. Concord Creek on the east, Clary's and Little Grove on the southwest, tributaries of the Sangamon, afford outlets for the surface waters of a large area. The Springfield & North-Western Railroad crosses the precinct in a general northwestern direction. The Jacksonville branch of the C., A. & St. L.R.R. touches the southeastern boundary of the precinct. The villages of Oakford and Atterberry whose history will be given at the close of this chapter are stations on the first-mentioned road. A belt of woodland extending in a general northeastern direction, elevated considerably above the adjacent prairie, and with quite a sandy soil, gives to the precinct the name which it bears.

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