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WILLIAM A. BERRYMAN, one of the substantial farmers of Morgan County, was born in Barren County, Ky., Dec. 16, 1828. His career is a splendid object lesson to illustrate the possibilities of a man who possesses energy, to become the owner of his own vine and fig tree. His father William Berryman, was a native of North Carolina, and was born in 1794. He lived in that State until he attained his majority, when he removed to Washington County, Ky. At the age of twenty-five he married Mary Landers of that county. Her people came from Virginia, but were among the earlier settlers of Kentucky. After their marriage they removed to Barren County, Ky., and lived there until the death of the senior Berryman, which occurred in 1860. Mrs. Berryman, the mother of the one of whom this sketch is written, died in 1873. In this family were twelve children, four of whom are living. John M., married Zurilda Scott, of Barren County, Ky.; Susan married Zachariah Buckingham, of Tennessee; Sarah married William Jones, of Barren County, Ky.; Benjamin married a lady in Iowa; they now live in Texas, and have seven children. Green married a Miss Queen, of Iowa. He was a volunteer in the late war, and died in Arkansas in 1862.

The subject of our sketch married Mrs. Nall, of Morgan County. Her people came from Muhlenberg County, Ky., and were among the first settlers there. In company with two sisters and their husbands, she came to Macoupin County, this State, in 1834. She is of German ancestry as was her husband. Six children have been born to this couple, three of whom are living, whose records are appended: Levi married Isaac Hill's daughter, of Morgan County, and is following agricultural pursuits. They have one child, Goldie. Isabelle, married John Heddick, of Macoupin County; they have three children, two of whom are living, - Ada and Osay. Henry A. married Clara Dugger; he is a farmer.

The wife of the subject of this sketch is the mother by her first husband of the following family, and whose record is as follows: Franklin married Martha Evans, of Morgan County, and is now living in Clay County, Neb. They have nine children: Eva, Hannah, Serva, Anna, Amy, William, Frank, Mamie, and Minnie. Franklin was a volunteer in the late war in the 32d Illinois Infantry, serving in Company H, commanded by Capt. Ross. He served nine months when he became blind while in the line of duty, and is now the recipient of a pension from a grateful country, amounting to $72 a month. Susan married Haden Berryman, brother of the subject of this sketch. He is dead but the widow is now living in Morgan County with her seven children: Belle, William, Carlin, Frank, George, Julia and Lizzie. Felitha, deceased, married Felix Berryman, also a brother of the subject of this sketch; they had four children: Benjamin, Oscar, Mary and Charles. Nancy, deceased, married Eli Austin, of Morgan County; three children were born to this couple: Eli, Mary and Bert. Malinda, deceased, married John Scott, of Barren County, Ky.; they had four children: Dora, Ailsie, William and Hannah. Hannah, deceased, married John Crisswell; two children were in this family, Edgar and Clara. Eliza died at the age of seventeen, while Elizabeth and Russell died in infancy.

William Berryman, whose name appears at the head of the sketch, commenced an active life poor, working on a farm at monthly wages. He slowly ascended the latter of success until now he owns a farm of 320 acres, and has also aided his children to a start in life. He is now enjoying the fruits of his early industry and intelligence. Both he and his wife are members of the Baptist Church, and politically, he votes the Democratic ticket.

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