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WILLIAM CHANCE, a highly successful farmer of Scott County, is a native of Delaware, and was born in 1819. His father, Thomas Chance, was born in Delaware, where he prosecuted the business of farming. He removed in an early day from Delaware to Ohio, and four years later settled in Illinois in 1830 in Naples Precinct, where he entered sixty acres of land. He was also a participant in the Black Hawk War, and resided in Bluffs Precinct until his death. The mother of William was Frances Anderson, also a native of Delaware.

William Chance received his early impressions on a farm, and like the majority of the pioneers of a new country secured his education amid difficulties. The deep snows of the winter did not deter these early settlers from walking miles to school. The conditions of gaining book knowledge in those days were widely different from the modern methods. He came West with his father, driving a team the entire distance which separates Ohio from Illinois. He was obedient to his father's wishes and remained on the farm aiding him until 1847, when he purchased land of John Morrison, on the river bottoms. This place contained eighty acres, which he continued to improve for about six years when he bought his present place of about a quarter-section of splendid land. He has improved his farm until it is now a complete place, and altogether he operates 329 acres of land. His house is finely adapted to the wants of a prosperous farmer, and he owns barns and sheds enough to make his stock comfortable. His farm contains all the elements for successful husbandry. In an early day he planted orchards of apples and peaches. He also has an abundance of small fruit, a fine vineyard and everything of that kind that would conduce to the comfort and prosperity of himself and family. He is engaged in general farming and raises good horses and cattle. He also has a dairy in connection with his farm. Mr. Chance was twice married. In 1848 he married Miss Ellen Adams, a native of Ohio. She died in Scott County, leaving two children, Charles and Emma, the latter being deceased. His second marriage was with Mrs. Annie Oakes, Nov. 2, 1855. She is the daughter of Benjamin Green. Mrs. Chance is a native of Bluffs, and was born Oct. 14, 1830. She was educated in the common schools of the day, remaining at home until her first marriage, which occurred in 1851 to Mr. John W. Oaks, a native of Ohio. He came to Illinois when he was twenty-one years old and purchased a farm containing 400 acres, which he improved and operated until his death in 1853. His widow rented out the farm, but resided there until her second marriage. By her first husband she was the mother of one child, Margaret, the wife of Curtis Unger, a farmer of Naples; By her second husband she had one child, Henrietta, who is now living at home.

Mr. Chance is an old resident of Scott County, and it is said that, obeying the injunction of his father, he has never entered a saloon, nor has he ever drank a drop of intoxicating liquor. The family is a very hospitable one, have a nice home and everything comfortable around them. Politically, Mr. Chance votes the straight Republican ticket, and has served for years as School Director and Superintendent of Roads. Both husband and wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which organization Mr. Chance is a Trustee.

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