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CAESAR MAYFIELD. Upon North Main street stands the livery stable so successfully run for the past five years by the gentleman, the salient points of whose history are here briefly recited. He is the oldest of six children, who comprise the family of Milton and Elizabeth (Caudle) Mayfield, and was born on the 28th of September, 1849, at Franklin, in this county. The other members of the family are: Brock L.; Sarah; Murray; E. W.; and R. R.; all of whom are unmarried, and with the exception of E. W. and our subject reside at home.

Milton Mayfield, the head of this household, is aa native of Alabama, and was born in the year 1822. When he was seven years of age, his parents came to Morgan County, he, of course, accompanying them. Since that time he has always continued to reside in it, and has been identified with all its interests. He has been a tiller of the soil from his youth, and by no means unsuccessful in that employment. He was elected Sheriff of this county in 1868, and served in that office for two years. He engaged subsequently in the cattle trade, and for six years was practically a resident of Nebraska, although his family, whom he visited as often as possible, remained in the old home. At the end of that period he sold his interest in the business, and retired from active business life. He was the oldest of six brothers and one sister born to Ennis and Mary (Myers) Mayfield, who were born in Alabama and Tennessee, respectively.

The subject of our sketch is an educated man, having been through the classes of the regular institutions, and was graduated from the Jacksonville Business College. Until he was twenty-one years of age, he lives with his father. He then engaged in the live-stock and cattle trade, which he continued until the year 1884, when he opened the livery and sale stable, and has established it upon a firm business basis. His stable is largely patronized, and is considered the largest and best in Morgan County. His prosperity in business is beyond question, and is all the more noteworthy, seeing that it has been all his own work.

The family of which Mr. Mayfield is a member, is one of the oldest and most prominent pioneer families of the county, and has always been held in the highest regard by the citizens of the same. The subject of this sketch has not only fully sustained the honor and reputation of the family, but added thereto. He is genial and affable, business-like and thorough in everything he undertakes, and has a reputation for sterling qualities and disposition, most desirable. He is a member of the K. of P. and I.O.O.F. Societies, and in each is much esteemed. Usually he votes the Democratic ticket, having been for many years a member of that party. He is counted as one of the firmest friends and staunchest adherents, and not without just reason. He also has a fine stock farm of 360 acres, three miles east of Murrayville.

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