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SAMUEL MCCURLEY is a native of Morgan County, Ill., and was born on the 3d of September, 1829, and has resided here since his birth. His father, Ezekiel McCurley, was a native of Alabama, and was born in 1815. He was united in marriage with Jane Criswell, of the same State, whose parents came to Morgan County in an early day. Ezekiel McCurley first settled here in 1827, but returned to Alabama the same fall, and, in company with his father and mother, returned the following spring, and settled on Government land. Their first purchase was eighty acres, but, by additions in later years, the farm was increased to 900 acres. At the time of the senior McCurley's death, which occurred April 13, 1835, the homestead comprised 200 acres of land. Mrs. McCurley his wife, and mother of the subject of this sketch, died oct. 15, 1883. She was the mother of eleven children, seven of whom are living: William M., Julia, Emeline, Margaret, Susan, Mary E., ans Samuel. William M. married Telitha Davidson, of Macoupin County. They are now living in Morgan County, and have seven children: Amanda, Alice, John, Ella, Ezekiel H., Mary E., and Rue. Julia married John C. Spires, a farmer now residing in Cherokee, Kan. The result of this union was the birth of five children: Francis, Albert, Amanda, Susie and Nellie. Emeline married Garrett Seymour, a farmer now living in Nebraska. Margaret married James D. Henry, of Morgan County. They are the parents of eight children: George, William, Peyton, Gussie, Carrie, Gertrude, Eva, and Ernest. Susan was married twice. Her first husband was G. W. Henry, by whom she had two children - Sylvia and Ethel. Her second husband is Thomas MacLamar, of Ohio; he is the father of one child, Olin. Mary E. married Henry Seymour, of Morgan County; they have three children: Effie, Lulu, and Dora.

Samuel McCurley was married twice. The maiden name of his first wife was Elizabeth Seymour, who was born in March, 1854, and by whom he has one child living, James P. James married Clarinda Moore, and is farming in Morgan County. Mary Mooreland was the name of his second wife. Her parents came from Columbiana, Ohio, in 1852. She is the mother of nine children, six of whom are living: Nancy J., Lavina, Julia A., Caroline, William E., and Agnes. The names of those deceased are Mary, George E., and Emma. Nancy J. married Lucien Haynes, of this county, and is the mother of two children - Birdie and Stella. Lavina A. married George Nichols; they are now residing in Greene County, Ill., and are the parents of six children: Leonard B., Ella, John, Olive, Orrin, and Albert (deceased). Julia A. married Thomas E. Storey, a farmer of this county, and is the mother of one child, Elmer. Caroline married Edward Radford, a farmer of Morgan County.

Samuel McCurley now owns a farm of 300 acres of the average Illinois prairie land, than which there is none better on the face of the earth. His farm is a model in every respect, and the owner takes especial pride in exhibiting his stock and the products of his farm. While he had a fair start in life, it goes without saying that he has made the most of his resources.

Mr. McCurley is one of the three original members of the Baptist Church in this locality, which the entire family attend. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and, politically, is a Democrat.

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