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IRVIN STEVENSON is a native of Morgan County, and was born Dec. 14, 1848. He is in the possession of a good business education, acquired at Washington High School, and is a prominent citizen of his county.

Septimus Stevenson, father of Irvin, was born in Scott County, Ky., and is an old settler of Morgan County. He married Miss Eveline Hill, of Fayette County, Ky., who died in September, 1867. They had seven children, all of whom are living - Fannie, Lottie, May, Thomas, William, Fred and Irvin. Fannie married James M. Culley, of Indiana, and they are now living in Morgan County; Mr. Culley is a prosperous and intelligent farmer. They have one child living, Howard; Thomas married Alice Snow, of Fredonia, N.Y., but has no children; Lottie married George Guthrie, a commercial salesman of Zanesville, Ohio, at which place they now reside; William married Libbie Reynolds, of Jacksonville, and they are now residing in Aurora, Neb.; they have one child, a babe; May married C. S. Rannells, a farmer of Pisgah, Morgan County, Ill. They have no children; Fred married Lou Greenleaf, of Jacksonville, Ill. They are living on the old homestead in Morgan County.

When Septimus Stevenson came to Morgan County there was little indication of there being such a transformation in the character of the country as has occurred. Provisions, lumber and all other commodities that were needed by the early settlers were procured only by hauling a long distance, sometimes the trip to the Mississippi river consuming ten days. All the trials incident to the opening up of a new country befell Mr. Stevenson, but, with commendable courage and perseverance, he conquered all difficulties, and has left his imprint upon the history of Morgan County. He has a magnificent homestead, all the land connected therewith being in a high state of cultivation, and he is now enjoying the fruits of the inconveniences that surrounded him in the pioneer days.

Irvin Stevenson, of whom this sketch is written, was married, in 1879, to Miss Kate Clark, of Morgan County. Her father is now living, but her mother is deceased. Three children have blessed this union, only one of whom is living, Herbert Clark. Mr. Stevenson owns a fine farm of 200 acres, and the buildings thereon are a credit to the place. He is an extensive farmer, and also deals in cattle, and feeds them for the market. In this part of the farming industry he has scored a marked success, and is one of the many farmers of this section who are fast becoming rich by reason of close attention to business, coupled with intelligence. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Pisgah.

Mr. Stevenson has positive and intelligent convictions upon any subject with which he is familiar, which accounts for his zeal in advocating the principles of the Republican party in a stalwart manner. Though he has never sought office, it would not be surprising some day to hear that the office sought him.

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