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STRANG, CARY F., a native of Greene County, Ill., was born June 19, 1838. His parents were Benjamin and Martha A. (Sanders) Strang, the former of English descent, and the latter a native of Kentucky. They emigrated to Greene County sometime in the thirties. The father died when our subject was about seven years of age, and at the age of nine, with his mother, and step-father, Samuel Murray, he came to Morgan County. The family settled about two and one-half miles northeast of the present site of Murrayville, and lived there two years. In 1851, they removed to the present farm of our subject. Samuel Murray was a native of Scotland, and laid off the town of Murrayville, which is named in honor of him. He continued a resident here until his death, which occurred in 1867.

Mr. Strang, of whom we write, was reared to manhood in this county and received his education in the early subscription schools, and later attended the public schools. He had not the advantages offered the young men of today, but being a reader all his life he has been able to keep himself posted in the current topics of the day. Mr. Strang is engaged in farming and raising live stock, and has seen the country rise from its primitive condition into what it now is.

The subject of this notice was twice married, his first wife being Ellen M. Grimes, who became the mother of five children: Mary E., is the wife of Benjamin Rice, and they reside in this county; Maggie married John Wyatt, and they are also residing in this county; Clara, is the wife of Thomas Crouse, Postmaster at Murrayville; Edward; one child is deceased. Mrs. Strang passed away on Nov. 21, 1871. Mr. C. Strang was subsequently married to Margaret Grimes, daughter of John and Mary A. (Potts) Grimes, the father a native of Kentucky. By this union he became the father of four children, all of whom survive - Ellen M., Lulu G., Harry G., and Meda E. The mother of these children is a native of Pike County, Ill., and was born Dec. 7, 1839. She left her native county when quite young and resided for some time in Greene County, this State, and also for a time in Jersey County, and in 1871 came to this county.

The subject of this biography is the owner of 200 acres of land in this county. He also owns one-half interest in 147 acres, where he now lives, with his brother, B. D. Strang, who resides in Greene County, this State. He likewise has an interest in 1280 acres of land with his brother heretofore mentioned in Greene County. He is practically a self-made man, having made all he has by his energy and industry with the exception of receiving a small start from his father's estate. He and his wife are consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, he serving as Trustee of that organization. He owns one of the finest and best furnished homes in the county. He and his wife are active members of society and are now in the prime of life and enjoying the fruits of a life well-spent and surrounded by their children and friends. Politically Mr. Strang votes with the Republican party.

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