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RICHARDSON VASEY was born in Yorkshire, England, May 9, 1849, and after a most useful life, died at his home in Jacksonville, March 21, 1884. He had retired somewhat from active business, but had carried on his farm most of the time until his death. He entered the mercantile business in partnership with Adam Funk about one year before his death, and was fast attaining distinction in this calling, when he was called away.

Mr. Vasey was the son of John and Hannah (Richardson) Vasey. A full family history of the Richardsons appears in another part of this volume in the biography of Vincent Richardson. John Vasey, after married lived in England until all his family was born. On May 27, 1849, they bid farewell to their native land, and after a journey of eight weeks and three days, landed in New York, whence they immediately proceeded to Morgan County, and there settled in township 15, range, 11, and here John Vasey and wife spent their last days in affluence, and died in the old home that was the scene of their battle for independence, and which they gallantly won. John Vasey died July 20, 1871. He was born Oct. 1, 1804. His wife survived him until June 16, 1884, when she died at the age of seventy-four years. Mr. and Mrs. Vasey were members of the English Church, and were much beloved by all their acquaintances.

Richardson Vasey, was the youngest of his family but one. He was five years old when his people landed in America. He began his education in the common schools, and completed it at the State College at Jacksonville, and also at a college located at Allegheny City, Pa. After finishing his education, he became a successful and intelligent farmer. He secured a good farm of 160 acres which is now in an excellent state of cultivation. Everything that he undertook was finished, and in a satisfactory manner. He was painstaking in every small detail, and believed in the principle of "that which is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." He was very active in politics, and had been from early life. He was firmly intrenched in the Democratic principles, and he is given the credit of fighting many a good battle for his party. He was a born leader, a fact which was exhibited in his political doings. IN 1878 he was elected from his district, to a seat in the State Legislature. As a lawmaker, he left behind him a good record for integrity and faithfulness. He was a reader of great scope, and there were few men in his portion of the country, whose general intelligence covered a wider field. He was particularly interested in astronomy, and in this branch of science, his knowledge was extended. The shelves of his library were filled with the choicest selection of books, which were not placed there for ornamental purposes, but for use, and it is a safe assertion to make, that he read every book he bought, as he was of an eminently studious bent, and was ever in search of knowledge. He at one time carried on a large local correspondence for newspapers, and was a writer of more than ordinary talent. As a man, Mr. Vasey was respected by all parties for his simple honesty and sincerity of purpose. He was genial, kind hearted, and made many friends by his uniform courtesy and willingness to aid those who needed it. Charity to him was a cardinal virtue.

Mr. Vasey was married in Morgan County, near Lynnville, on Aug. 20, 1877, to Miss Virginia B. Gordon, who was a native of this county, and whose birth occurred Oct. 28, 1853. She was the daughter of Hon. John and Sarah P. (Funk) Gordon. Her mother died at her home near Lynnville, on Sept. 12, 1873, where she was born and reared, at the age of forty-two years. She enjoyed the reputation of being a good woman, and a sincere Christian. Mr. Gordon married for his second wife, Mrs. Emma Dayton, and now lives in Jacksonville, and carries on his farm near Lynnville. Mr. Gordon is one of the reliable and leading Republicans of Morgan County, and has represented his district with ability in the State Legislature several terms. He was born on his father's old homestead near Lynnville, where he was reared and attended the common schools. He finished his education at an Ohio college. On the whole it may be said that he is a very successful man.

Mrs. Vasey was educated at the old Atheneum, a female seminary that once existed in Jacksonville. She was also graduated at the Conservatory of Music in the same city. She is a bright and intelligent woman, and an active member of the Christian Church. She has two children, Raymond G., and Richardson.

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