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SALLIE (HEAD) WRIGHT relict of James Wright, was born in Franklin County, Ky., on the 25th of December, 1811. Poets have sung of the vicarious suffering of man; painters have made their canvas eloquent with lights and shadows of human endeavor, historians have recorded in imperishable words the deeds of heroes, but when the history of this great land shall have been stripped of prejudice, and trust in its simplicity recorded, the brave suffering pioneer mother will stand as the synonym of grand character. Leaving the comforts of civilization, and the happy scenes of childhood, bidding farewell to the sacred ties that cluster around associations that appeal to the better, higher and nobler feelings, she exhibited a bravery that would put to blush the deeds of the soldier of Gettysburg or the adamantine heroism at Thermopylae. The lady whose name initiates this sketch is a typical pioneer mother, a class of early settlers whose sufferings are entitled to a place on record not a whit below the husband. With finer natures their privations were more acute, and a fair-minded writer of history can make no distinction between the sexes.

Mrs. Wright's father, John Head, was born in Culpeper County, Va., May 23, 1788, and died Aug. 7, 1850. Her mother was a native of Franklin County, Ky. In this family were ten children, a history of whom is herewith given. Those living are William, Permelia A., Henry H., and Sallie.

William was married twice. His first wife was Sarah Norris, of Scott County, Ky. His second wife was Anastasia Norris, of Scott County, Ky., by whom he had seven children. He is a prominent minister of the Baptist Church; Permelia A. married George Triplett, of Franklin County, Ky. He was born in 1808 and died in 1887, while the date of his wife's birth was 1809. Mr. Triplett was politically prominent in the State of Kentucky. He served in both Houses of the Legislature, and when the South seceded he was sent to the Confederate Congress, a position he resigned to enter the Rebel Army under Gen. Breckenridge. At the close of the war he returned to his native place, and immediately assumed his old place in the political world. He was mainly instrumental in electing Samuel McCreary to the United States Senate, after which he was chosen to the position of County Judge. He was the father of ten children; Henry H., is a farmer in Davis County, Ky.

Mrs. Wright was married to James Wright, of Franklin County, Ky., Sept. 25, 1830, and in a few days subsequent to that event they started for Morgan County, a distance of 350 miles, the whole distance being covered on horse-back. Mr. Wright was born in 1794 and died March 13, 1872. His parents came from Culpeper County, Va., and were of Irish and Welsh ancestry. His father was a Revolutionary soldier, and served seven years under Gen. Washington.

Mrs. Sallie Wright was the mother of eleven children, eight of whom are living - William H., John A., George M., Permelia A., Alexander H., Thomas B., Maggie E., and Benjamin F. William H. married Leonora Reinbach, of Morgan County, and lives in Jacksonville. He is President of the Franklin Bank, and is reckoned as one of the solid men of this section of the State. In early life he crossed the plains to California and was 140 days on the road, arriving there March 10, 1853. He was transported by an ox team. He left California Oct. 3, 1863, and returned by the way of Panama, arriving at the old homestead in Morgan County, Nov. 5, 1863. He then directed his attention to farming and at intervals taught school. He was elected Treasurer of Morgan County, and served eleven years, after which he filled the office of Deputy Sheriff for four years. He was married June 10, 1884, and is the father of two children - Leonora B. and William H. John A. married Paulina Harney, of Morgan County; George M. a retired farmer, married Catherine Ward, and is the father of five children - William E., Effie, Charles, Myrtle, Kimmie May. Permelia, married George N. Boulware. They have four children - May, Sallie, George W., and Maggie. Thomas B. married Anna Reinbach. He is a stock-dealer and a farmer; Maggie married Dr. William E. Manley, a physician, of Franklin. They have two children - Carl W., and an infant, Mary Z. Benjamin F. married Sallie Hill, of Morgan County. He is a commercial traveler and lives in Jacksonville, and is the father of two children - Emma and Alfred.

Mr. James Wright, husband of her of whom this sketch is written, at the time of his marriage, was the owner of a small farm of eighty acres, though at his decease, his holdings covered 500 acres. He was a man noted for his sympathetic nature, a kind husband and a good citizen. The family are members of the Christian Church.

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