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Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers, 1906.

BARNES, NATHAN HALE, (deceased), for a quarter of a century connected with the United States Naval Service and for many years with the faculty of Illinois College, Jacksonville, was the second son of Rev. William and Eunice A. Barnes, and was born at Hartford, Conn., July 12, 1845, coming to Jacksonville with his parents in 1860. He attended Illinois College until the fall of 1863, when he was appointed a midshipman in the United States Navy by Congressman-at-large Allen, and graduated at the Naval Academy in 1868. He became an ensign in 1869, Master in 1870, and a Lieutenant in 1872, remaining in the naval service until 1893, when he was placed on the retired list; the sickness which incapacitated him being caused from exposure to a blizzard, in 1890, when about three days out from New York, on his return from an Asiatic cruise in the "U. S. S. Niepsic." Jacksonville was always his home, and most of his vacations were spent here. In 1884 and 1886 he was detailed as Instructor of Physics in Illinois College, and received from that institution the degree of Ph. D. In 1870 Lieutenant Barnes married Lizzie A. Porter, of Hartford, Conn., and died in that city January 1, 1899, leaving his widow and two daughters. He was always recognized as a splendid officer, and a man of exceptional learning and conversational powers.

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