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Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers, 1906.

BARROWCLOUGH, MARY E., an estimable and highly esteemed widow, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Reeve, at No. 693 East State Street, Jacksonville, Ill., has the distinction of having enjoyed the longest continuous residence of any settler in Morgan County. She is a native of Indiana, born July 19, 1822, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Haines) Broadhead, the former a native of England, the latter of Germany. Her father died in Morgan County. Her paternal grandparents, William and Anna Broadhead, were natives of England, where they spent their lives. Her maternal grandmother was a native of Germany. In girlhood Mrs. Mary E. Barrowclough received her mental training in the subscription schools in the vicinity of her home. Her father, Thomas Broadhead, was one of the earliest settlers of Morgan County, whither he brought her when she was five years old. He entered 160 acres of Government land just north of Jacksonville, to which he subsequently made additions until he owned more than 300 acres.

Mrs. Barrowclough has been thrice married. She was first wedded in August, 1840, to Isham Taylor, a native of Virginia, who received his mental training in the early schools of that State. Mr. Taylor died in Cass County, Ill., September 3, 1878, aged sixty-four years. The second husband was Benjamin Hickman, who was born in Staffordshire, England, and died near Jacksonville in 1894, aged eighty years. Mr. Barrowclough, the third husband, a native of Holonfirth, Yorkshire, England, was married to the subject of this sketch February 14, 1899, and died in the vicinity of Jacksonville on April 22, 1900. The first union resulted in eight children, as follows: Sarah Jane, Catherine, John and Susan (deceased), Margaret, Martha Ellen, Eli and Lucy. Mrs. Barrowclough is a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which she is held in tender regard, and her spiritual interest is nurtured with pious solicitude. Her home surroundings are most felicitous, her declining years being constantly attended by the tender ministrations of her devoted children.

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