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Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers, 1906.

BURNETT, GEORGE W., prominent farmer and live-stock breeder, living in Section 22, Town 14 North, Range 8 West, Morgan County, Ill., was born in that county three miles west of his present home, April 3, 1831, the son of Isham and Lucinda (Van Winkle) Burnett. Roland Burnett, the grandfather of George W., migrated from his native State of Kentucky to Missouri, while his son Isham moved to Morgan County, Ill., in 1830. Isham Burnett was an enterprising man and a successful farmer, and was widely and favorably known through out this section as forming a part of the pioneer element. He acquired a large estate and had a family of eleven children: James, Rantz, John, Mary, George, Byar, Roland, Moses, Joseph, Charity and Micajah, all having died except George, Moses (of Franklin), Joseph (of Jetmore, Kans.), and Micajah (of Springfield, Ill.). Roland, Sr., died in Morgan County in September, 1885.

George W. Burnett, the fifth child of his father's family, was reared on the farm in his youth, assisting in agricultural labors, while receiving his education in the country schools. He was married May 6, 1858, to Mary McCormick, daughter of John and Jane W. McCormick, and moved to the present home. To them were born eight children: Marshall, born March 5, 1859, was married to Martha Hocking November 24, 1882, and to them were born two children - Ethel and Frank Lester; Everett, born September 14, 1860, and was married to Margaret Hubbs October 16, 1890; Oscar, born February 17, 1862, was married to Nancy Adams October 15, 1884, and to them was born one son, Edward Littleton, Mrs. Burnett dying June 12, 1903; Frederick, born May 1, 1863, was married to Mary Bateman October 8, 1885, and to them was born one daughter, Olive; John, born December 1, 1864, resides with his parents; Anna, born September 10, 1867, died September 9, 1872; Emma, born April 2, 1877, was graduated from the Woman's College, Jacksonville, in the class of 1897, received a diploma from the Illinois College of Music, in 1901, and has served as instructor in that school for the past three years; Lucinda, born August 14, 1878, graduated with her sister Emma in 1897, was married to Lewis Massie October 10, 1899, and they have one daughter, Helen Burnett. Mr. Burnett has given each of his sons a well-improved farm and a good residence, and still owns and cultivates 330 acres of land, being in every respect an up-to-date farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Burnett are universally respected for their qualities of mind and heart, and are prominent factors in the community in which they live. Mr. Burnett has served his district on the School Board many years and is affiliated with the Republican party. He is not a member of any denomination, but attends the Methodist Episcopal Church located near his home, and has been a liberal contributor to its work besides serving as its Trustee for twenty-five years; his wife and daughter are members of this church and have actively assisted in the Sunday school and other church work.

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