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Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers, 1906.

WILKINSON, (HON.) IRA O., (deceased), lawyer and jurist, was born in Virginia in 1822, the son of Otway Wilkinson, for many years a prominent merchant of Jacksonville. In 1835 he became, with his parents, a resident of Jacksonville, Ill., where he was educated and studied law with Judge William Thomas. On being admitted to the bar he formed a co-partnership with Hon. Richard Yates, Sr., which was relinquished on his removal to Rock Island in 1845. There he built up an extensive and successful practice and in 1855 was elected and served two terms os Judge of the Sixth Judicial District, in which position he obtained an enviable record, and gave very general satisfaction. In 1867, he removed to Chicago, and became the senior partner of Wilkinson, Sackett & Bean. He was appointed by the Editorial Convention at Decatur on the 22d of February, 1856, a member of the State Central Committee which called the first Republican State Convention held at Bloomington in May following.

Judge Wilkinson was unassuming in his manners, dignified and courteous in his deportment, and, without the circle of his intimate friends, somewhat inclined to reticence. He had a vigorous and well balanced mind, trained and developed by liberal professional and general culture. He possessed undoubted integrity, and in his practice united the probity and fairness of the Judge with the acumen and fidelity of the lawyer. He was thoroughly familiar with the general principles of the law, and in argument he reasoned from his own premises, deduced his own conclusions, and used cases only so far as they illustrated principles. He was a counselor rather than an advocate, and, as such, was a very safe adviser.

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