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Criswell Cemetery




Situated four miles south of Rees Station, this cemetery is in the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 10 of Township 13 N Range 9 W. The grave markers are situated together at the very top of a small rise which is covered with a stand of brush, trees and weeds in the middle of a field. There is a creek running along 3 sides of the hill where the burial ground is located. A few of the old posts from a fence which surrounded the cemetery at one time can still be seen along the south side of the cemetery. The cemetery lies to the east of, and in sight of the nearest road although there is no evidence from the road that a cemetery is located atop the brushy hill. This forgotten family burying ground is overgrown with brush, weeds and briars and contains the remains of many fallen trees. Given the years of neglect, the stones are in remarkably good condition with all but two still standing. We visited the cemetery after locating it with the help of the property owner and took these photographs on October 26, 2005.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
CRISWELL, George B. 17 Mar 1806 16 Feb 1890
CRISWELL, Jane 20 Dec 1811 14 Aug 1906 Wife of George Criswell; Born in Tennessee
CRISWELL, Elmer 25 Dec 1869 19 Feb 1872
CRISWELL, Robert R. 1 Aug 1836 17 Aug 1881
CRISWELL, Samuel M. 17 Nov 1853 6 Apr 1854
CRISWELL, Susan 26 Aug 1834 8 Nov 1853
DALTON, Mary 28 Sep 1830 9y7m Dau of I. & R. Dalton
DALTON, Sarah J. 3 Jul 1848 16y 3m 17d Dau of I. & R. Dalton
SEYMOUR, Martha A. 22 Sep 1848 19y 1m 21d Wife of Jackson Seymour (No stone found)

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