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Devore Cemetery

SE 1/4 NE 1/4 NW 1/4, Section 12, Township 14N, Range 9W
Morgan County, Illinois

From page 431 of Deed Record UU in the Morgan County Clerk's office, it is found that on November 12, 1863, Uriah J. Devore, executor of the estate of John Devore, deceased, sold land in Section 12 of Township 14 N, Range 9W. He reserved the right of way to the burying ground formerly reserved on the said described land. The buyer was Uriah Johnson. When the executor of Uriah Johnson's estate sold the land to Elmer E. Smith on Sept. 14, 1892, the cemetery was described as containing 1/2 acre plus the right of way thereto. The executor was Thomas Hembrough and this transaction is found on pages 597 and 598 of Deed Record 46 in the Morgan County Clerk's office. Harold Edwin Hembrough remembers that as recently as 1940 the tombstones in tiny Devore Cemetery were standing in a pasture. A visit to the site on Nov. 25, 1980 found a plowed field with no trace of the cemetery to be seen. The site is reached by driving north from Asbury United Methodist Church 1 and 1/5 miles and turning east into a private road posted against trespassers. Following the winding private road, drive .8 of a mile until a farm house and outbuildings are reached. The cemetery was located about 50 yards south of the house.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
FRY, Milton 11 Sep 1803 16 Jun 1865
FRY, Letitia Devore Wife of Milton Fry

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