From page 314 of "History of Cass County, Illinois, 1882": Dr. George W. Crum, the seventh living child (of James & Christina Crum), was born on the homestead 1 Oct 1848. He attended school at the State Normal University, two and half years at Bloomington, in 1868, 1869 and a part of 1870. He then entered Adrian College, at Adrian, Mich., and in 1872 received the degree of A.M. He then returned to the Wesleyan College, and graduated as an A.B. In the meantime he spent two years in the study of medicine, at the St. Louis Medical College, and graduated in 1874, receiving his degree as M.D. The course of study he pursued may seem rather irregular, but it was taken as his choice, to avoid the discipline under one set of minds. Dr. Crum practiced medicine about four years, but is gradually abandoning practice, and has embraced farming, on account of failing health. He entered farming in 1869, when he purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land adjoining the homestead.

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