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Heffner Cemetery

SW 1/4 NE 1/4, Section 2, Township 16N, Range 12W
Morgan County, Illinois

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Info.
BAILEY, Abraham R. 4 Mar 1789 15 Jan 1877 87y10m11d (Born Springfield, Essex Co., NJ) (See 1872 bio)
BAILEY, Elizabeth 12 Dec 1803 1 Oct 1884 80y9m19d Wife of A.R. Bailey
HEFFNER, Joseph F. 1833 1919 (Best known as Francis Heffner)
HEFFNER, Phoebe E. (9 Aug) 1842 (3 Aug) 1930 Wife of Joseph F. Heffner; Dau of Abraham R. and
Elizabeth Sullins Bailey. Born in Missouri.
HEFFNER, Merrus A. (25 Jul 1867) 6 Aug 1961 94y11d (Never married; son of J.F. & P.E. Heffner)
Considered an eccentric person by some of his
neighbors, he enjoyed making drawings and carving
wood. His grave is the northernmost burial in the
cemetery marked only with a funeral home marker.
HEFFNER, Phebe Inez 30 Jul 1870 28 Dec 1958 (Phebe was born in Morgan County, daughter of
Joseph F. & Phoebe Heffner. She never married.
She seldom visited with neighbors and didn't
encourage visitors. She is known to have worn men's
shoes which she laced with baling wire. She was a
crack shot with a rifle and is known to have regularly
gone out with a rifle and bagged some wild game
which she would then cook for the evening meal for
her brother Merrus and herself. An often told story
is that upon her death, brother Merrus was seen
dragging her coffin up the bluff to the cemetery, and
that neighbors then assisted him in completing the
task. The story is branded as a fairy tale by
Melvin Dufelmeier, who himself was a pallbearer at
Phoebe's funeral. Mr. Dufelmeier knows that Phoebe's
grave is immediately south of the grave of Merrus
Heffner. Her grave is marked only with on unreadable
funeral home marker.
HEFFNER, William F. 16 Nov 1860 1m28d Son of J.F. & P.E. Heffner
(His name is carved on the same obelisk as that of
his grandparents, Abraham R. & Elizabeth Bailey.

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