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(His death certificate shows that Isaac M. Hammel was born in Kentucky and that he was killed by a musket shot on July 28, 1878, at age 38 years 2 months and 0 days. The following news item is copied from the Jacksonville Journal of Tuesday, July 30, 1878):


The city was somewhat agitated early yesterday morning over a report that Isaac Hamill, a farmer living about six miles southeast of the city, had been shot and instantly killed the evening previous, at the home of John Angelo. There was no doubt as to the truth of the report as the coroner had been notified the night before. Several parties stated that Isaac Hamill went on horseback to the Angelo's house about dusk and while there he was shot in the head and killed. From all sources of information we deduced that Hamill went to Angelo's house - the farms of the parties adjoin - riding a horse and carrying a shotgun, though it is stated upon good authority that the gun was not loaded. A gun was fired from a window in the second story of the house, and Hamill threw up his hands, said something about his wife and fell from his horse, dying almost instantly.


From what could be gleaned from those who knew anything about the case it was the general belief early yesterday that the shot that killed Hamill was fired by the hands of Theodore Angelo, son of John Angelo and only eleven years of age. It was also currently reported that the boy had shot Hamill as the latter stood in the yard, at the command of his father. It is certain that the boy and his father were upstairs at the time of the shooting, and that no others were with them. The father is so blind as to be unable to see anything. The one and only possible circumstance then was that if any hand fired the gun, it was that of Theodore, the boy. John Angelo is now 78 years of age. He was born in New Jersey and settled here in 1820. Theodore Angelo was 11 years old July 7, 1878. He seemed unconcerned about the tragedy when we saw him in jail, and taled freely and cooly as the most hardened man. His stories are wild and visionary and unreliable upon their face. Isaac Hamill is well known, as he has lived here most of his life. He was about 38 or 38 years of age, and lived on a small farm adjacent to Angelo's. He was married, but sometime ago his conduct was so bad that his wife brought a bill for divorce. She returned to her home not long ago however, and has been there ever since. Formerly Hamill was a hard working man, but his course has been anything but commendable for several years past. He leaves a little farm and some personal property, so 'tis said. His body was buried yesterday afternoon.

The very lengthy news article goes on in great detail, naming several residents of the area. The jury found that Isaac Hamill came to his death at the hands of Theodore Angelo. Upon the return of the coroner's verdict John Angelo was released from jail and the boy was retained. But some of John Angelo's neighbors swore out a warrant on him, and John Angelo was returned to jail.

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