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Reed Cemetery


This cemetery is located about 4 miles south and west of Rees, Morgan County, Illinois and about 1/4 miles from the road. It is also known as Old Providence Cemetery as it is located behind a family dweling that was the old Providence School. It is located in the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4, Section 9, Township 13 North, Range 9 West.

In years past, the weeds and grass were so dense and high in this old cemetery, it was nearly impossible to get through the cemetery and extremely difficult to locate the smaller stones. Much to my surprise, when I visited this cemetery during the early part of April 2001, the cemetery had been cleaned, with no brush or weeds lying in the cemetery. There is much green growth, wild lilies predominently, so if they aren't cut during the summer, it will be difficult to locate the smaller stones in the east end of the cemetery. The cemetery is fenced on all four sides and is situated with timber on 3 sides and a cultivated field on the fourth. It is impossible to see or even know the cemetery is there from the road.

***** NOTE ***** If, as you go through the listing, you find pictures of markers which belong to ancestors and would like to have the original pictures, let me know. Send your mailing address, cemetery name and names on the stones for pictures you'd like to have.*****
NAME BORN DIED AGE Additional Inscription/Info.
ALFORD, Little Charley 24 Jan 1882 2y 1m 17d Son of Wm. & Mary Alford
BAPTIST, Raymond R. 30 Aug 1889 11 Oct 1906
BAPTIST, Martha B. 3 Oct 1896 25 Jul 1897 Dau of F.W. & F.G.
CONLEE, Phebe J. 13 Nov 1847 22y 4m 24d Wife of A. Conlee
CONLEE, Isaac L. 15 Nov 1847 2y 2m Son of A. & P.J.
CONLEE, William T. 25 Dec 1853 1m 12d Son of A. & S. Conlee
DAUGHERTY, John 1 Nov 1797 8 Jul 1866 68y 8m 7d
DAUGHERTY, Mary 1/4 Dec 1802 12 Jan 1893 90y 1m 12d Wife of John
DAUGHERTY, Charles 15 Nov 1828 8 Nov 1899
DAUGHERTY, Margaret C. 22 Oct 1834 1 Sep 1881 Wife of Charles Daugherty
DAUGHERTY, Cynthia J. - (Obit) 2 Mar 1848 (1921) (73Y) Wife of Charles Daugherty (See Etter)
Married (1) F. Sheppard (2) C. Daugherty &
(2) Etter
DAUGHERTY, Gracie 1 Aug 1886 1y 18d Dau of C. & C.J.
DAUGHERTY, Infant 13 Feb 1884 Son of Chas. & C.J.
DAUGHERTY, Mary E. 31 Jan 1864 9y 2m 12d Dau of C. & M.C.
DAUGHERTY, Henry 4 Feb 188_ 2y 3m 22d Son of C. & M.C. Daugherty
EDWARDS, Infant Inf. Of Everett & Myrtle B. Edwards (No Stone)
ETTER, Cynthia Jane - (Obit) 1921 73y (From Obituary) - See Daugherty
GIBSON, James 14 Dec 1830 Father
GIBSON, Rebecca 14 Aug 1847 Mother
GIBSON, James 2 Jun 1791 25 Jan 1855
GIBSON Hannah 27 Aug 1882 84y 8m 2d Wife of James Gibson
GIBSON, Sarah J. May 1831 6y Dau of J. & H. Gibson
HILL, Nancy M. 22 Sep 1858 2y 10m 27d Dau of I. & S.A. Hill
HILL, M.B./F. 7 Nov 1852 1y 2m 25d Dau of I. & S.A. Hill
HILL, William L. 17 Jan 1864 6y 22d Son of I. & S.A. Hill
HILL, Isaac M. 13 Mar 1868 1y 1m Son of I. & S.A. Hill
HILL, Isaac 30 Sep 1907 81y5m14d (Isaac Hill was born in Hamilton Co., Ill., son of
Richard & Mary Ann Webb Hill. Richard Hill was
born in Virginia, April 12, 1799, and raised in Ky. In
1815 Richard's parents moved to Hamilton Co., Ill. 
Richard married Mary Ann, a daughter of Lazarus &
Nancy Webb.  Richard died in 1838, Mary Ann, his
first wife, had died in 1828.  Isaac came to Morgan Co.
in 1846.  He served in the Mexican War and was at the
Battle of Buena Vista.  In 1849 he married Sarah Ann
Daugherty who was born April 20, 1831.  Isaac was a
justice of the peace for 20 years.  He does not have a
tombstone &  it is not known if his wife is buried here.)_
PARKS, Sally Ann 17 Nov 1835 11m 10d Dau of D. & M.
REED, Phebe C. - (Obit) 1866 1916 Dau of J.L. & P.A. Reed
REED, James L. 11 Jan 1899 63y 11m Father (According to his obit in the Jacksonville
Journal, J.L. Reed was born in Tenn., and brought to
Ill. At the age of 1 year.  He was survived by his wife
Polly A.; the following children:  Mrs. James Self, Mrs.
E.D. Rothwell, Mrs. Colton of Lyons, Ks., Mrs. Pike,
George Reed, and Mary, Phebe & Minnie;  these
brothers & sisters:  John of Chicago, Mrs. J. S. Spires
of Nortonville and Mrs. W. T. Spires of Franklin)
REED, Polly A. Daugherty 23 Apr 1834 12 Jan 1910 Wife of J.L. Reed - Mother
REED, Isaac M. 17 Apr 1890 37y 5m 25d Son of J.L. & P.A. Reed
REED, Matilda J. 13/15 Oct 1851 1y 3m Dau of J.L. & P.A. Reed
REED, John M. 29 Oct 1881 26y 11m 9d Son of J.L. & P.A. Reed
REED, Mary M. 17 Jan 1847 25 Aug 1909 Dau of J.L. & P.A. Reed
REED, Martin B. 26 Jul 1804 22 Apr 1887
REED, Sarah 28 Nov 1805 9 Mar 1884 Wife of Martin Reed
REED, John (No dates)
REES, John H. 25 Dec 1804 4 Jan 1858
REES, Nancy Seymour 22 May 1812 24 Jan 1902 His Wife
REES, Minerva F. 4 Oct 1838 11m Dau of John & Nancy
REES, Delilah 7 May 1839 3y 5m 20d Dau of John & Nancy
REES, John 8 Oct 1843 76y
ROUSEY, Paul Francis 4 Jan 1917 20 Jan 1917 Son of Wm. & Ada Simpson Rousey (Fm death cert)
SEYMOUR, Della/Delilah 2 Jan 1856/67 55Y 9M Wife of William
SEYMOUR, Mary 29 Jul 1867 24y 6m 16d Dau of Wm. & D.
SEYMOUR, Samuel 28 Apr 1831 8 Feb 1905 (Samuel Seymour was born in Sullivan Co., Tn.  His
mother was Elizabeth Blackwell Seymour.  Samuel's
paternal grandfather was John Seymour who was born
In Person Co., N.C. on Oct. 11, 1772, and his paternal
grandmother was Agnes Pullan (?) Seymour)
SEYMOUR, Catharine 28 Dec 1885 51y 7m 9d Wife of Samuel
SEYMOUR, James M. 21 Nov 1858 3y 6m 26d Son of S. & C.
SMITH, Infant __ ____ 1863 Inf. of W.E. & _. Smith
SOOY, Adney/Adner 11 Mar 1818 23 Jan 1861
SOOY, Susan L. 15 Aug 1841 28 Apr 1863 Dau of A. & M. Sooy
SOOY, Mary E. 11 Jun 1868 21y 2m 29d Dau of A. & M. Sooy
SOOY, Barbara E. 31 Mar 1855 7 Aug 1856 Dau of A. & M. Sooy
SOOY, Sarah A. 25 Nov 1848 31 Jan 1856 Dau of A. & M. Sooy
SOOY, Lydia M. 28 Mar 1847 20 Dec 1854 Dau of A. & M. Sooy
SOOY, Infant 4 Sep 1853 3 hrs Son of A. & M. Sooy
SPIRES, Charles S. 19 Sep 1863 2y 1m 22d Son of J.S. & M.H.
SPIRES, Francis P. 5 Jan 1864 24y 2m 20d Co. G 1st Mo. Cav.
SPIRES, Henry McDonal 23 Jun 1860 18y 8m 19d Son of J. & M.M. Spires
SPIRES, James S. - (Obit) 27 Nov 1833 6 Jul 1899
SPIRES, James W. - (Obit) 29 Dec 1855 8 Jul 1897
SPIRES, John 17 Jul 1798 18 May 1888 (Born in NC, he lived many years in Ky. Moved from
Ky to Morgan Co. in Nov. of 1831)
SPIRES, Melinda M. (Sturgis) 16 Apr 1882 73y 4m Wife of John
SPIRES, Susan (Leech) 26 Nov 1832 35y Wife of John; she married John Spires in 1819.
When she died she left a family of 4 small children.
SPIRES, Infant 15 Dec 1847 Son of J. & M.M. Spires
SPIRES, Infant Oct 1840 Dau of J. & M.M. Spires
SPIRES, Luella 8 Mar 1864 9m 22d Dau of J.B. & A Spires
SPIRES, Rebecca A. 13 Sep 1834 2m 25d Dau of J. & M.M. Spires
SPIRES, John E. 25 Nov 1864 4m 7d Son of J. & M.
SPIRES, Martin 31 Jul 1857 16d Son of J.S. & M. H. Spires
Footstone:  H.D.S.
SPIRES, Martha H. - (Obit) 17 Jan 1836 14 Jan 1899
SPIRES, Walter 12 Sep 1885 21 Oct 1885 Son of J.W. & L.B. Spires
SPIRES, William 3 Aug 1845 40y 5m 20d
SPIRES, Elcy 21 Nov 1844 37y 8m 21d Wife of William (She was born in Ky.  When she & her
husband sold land to Clayburn Dalton on Sept. 5, 1832
her name was given as Alsey. Another source spells
it Elsie.)
SPIRES, Thomas J. 2 Oct 1845 1y 1m 11d Son of W. & E.
STAPLES, Olive M. 14 Sep 1883 3y 5m 17d Dau of H.D. & S.E. Staples

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