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Seymour-Bull Cemetery

NE 1/4 SE 1/4, Section 22, Township 13 N, Range 9 W, 3 PM


Earl Deatherage and I first located this small burial ground, with the help of the property owner, on October 20, 2005. We returned during the following week to photograph the three cemetery markers which are still located on this burial site. If there were additional burials, no current record exists to tell us who they might have been. The cemetery is located near the edge of a field well back from the main road and appears as an island in the field which is cultivated all around it. The current owner is a descendant of the Seymour family and believes he may be a descendant of the Seymour individuals buried here.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
BULL, J. W. 28 Mar 1864 72y 5m 19d
SEYMOUR, William 21 Aug 1872 70y 4m 3d
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1838 31y 10m 27d Wife of William Seymour

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