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Weeks Cemetery

Weeks Cemetery is atop the bluffs directly east of Meredosia, on a line with Illinois Route 104. This highway makes an abrupt turn southward at the bottom of the same bluff on which Weeks Cemetery is located. The cemetery cannot be seen from the highway because the tombstones are slightly below the crest of the bluff, on the opposite side from the highway. Weeks Cemetery is perched on an exceptionally steep bluff behind some farm buildings and above an artificial spring fed pond. The cemetery is not fenced and is free of brush. It does have some trees. While standing in the cemetery it is possible to see the Chambersburg tower and the village of Meredosia, as well as parts of Morgan, Pike, Brown and Cass Counties. The cemetery is located in the northern half of Section 19 of Township 16 N, Range 12 W and is three miles east of Meredosia.
Name Born Died Age Additional Inscriptions/Information
BRYANT, Alpheus 1 Apr 1814 29 Mar 1889 74y 11m 13d (Alpheus Bryant's tombstone shows he was born
Apr.11, 1814, but his biography on page 754 of
"History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878" shows he
was born April 11, 1812 in Middlebury, Addison Co.,
Vermont. He gave up farming there about 1847 and
went to Worcester, Massachusetts, where he was
engaged in making iron work on cotton machines. In
1852 he farmed in New York state, then went to
Wisconsin. In 1860 he came to Morgan County, Ill.
On May 26, 1861 he married Hannah Weeks, widow
of Washington weeks.)
BRYANT, Hannah 1 Feb 1890 78y 11m 24d Wife of A. Bryant
(Miss Hannah Mansfield was born at Laurel Hill, Pa.
At age 2 years she moved with her parents to Ohio
where she lived until age 19 years, at which time she
moved to Indiana.She came to Morgan County, Ill.
in 1831 during the summer following the "big snow".
Her first husband was Orvil Bushnel and her second
husband was Washington Weeks. At the time of her
death she was the widow of Alpheus Bryant. Among
her children were Orvil Bushnel, born in 1837, and died
of wounds received during service in the Civil War;
William Weeks, born Feb. 4, 1842; John L. Weeks,
born Dec. 1, 1847; George W. Weeks, born Nov. 4,
1842; John L. Weeks, born Dec. 1, 1847; George W.
Weeks, born Nov. 4, 1850; Thomas J. Weeks, born
Jan. 14, 1853; and Benjamin Franklin Weeks, born
Nov. 8, 1853. Hannah's death certificate is not
recorded in the Morgan County Court House.)
HUDDLESON, John 10 Feb 1871 51y 1m 3d
MANSFIELD, Edward 11 Apr 1878 44y 4m 22d (His tombstone was erected by his wife, Sarah L.
Mansfield. His death certificate is not recorded in the
Morgan County Court House. Page 27 of "Atlas Map
of Morgan County, Illinois, 1872"shows that he was
born in Warren County, Indiana and came to Morgan
County, Ill. In 1837.)
WEEKS, Lena M. __ Mar 1878 18 Apr 1878 Dau of T.J. & Mabel L. Weeks
WEEKS, Margaret E. 23 Aug 1869 23y 6m 16d Wife of J. L. Weeks
WEEKS, Raymond T. 2 Jan 1879 30 Jul 1878 Son of T.J. & Mabel L. Weeks
WEEKS, Washington 29 Jan 1858 57y 11m 15d

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