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Soldiers & Sailors Home - Admissions - Daily Record

Fourth Biennial Report
of the
Quincy, Illinois
June 30, 1892

Admissions - Daily Record

Indexed by Lowell L. Volkel

Admission of Mexican War & Civil War Veterans

1887 - 1889

Section #1

The late Lowell L. Volkel indexed this volume in 1975. The book consists of actual copies of the printed records of the Soldiers' & Sailors' Home in Quincy.

The preface in the book includes the following information: "The Soldiers' and Sailors' Home was established by an act of the General Assembly, June 26, 1885, "to provide a home and subsistence for honorably discharged ex-soldiers and sailors who enlisted from Illinois in the U.S. Army or Navy, during the war of the rebellion and the Mexican War, and who have since become and are now residents of the State of Illinois, and who may have become disabled through ... such service, or who by reason of old age, or other disabilities, are disqualified from earning a livelihood...."

The commission appointed by Governor Oglesby to locate the home under the provisions of this act, selected a tract of 140 acres just outside the northern limits of the city of Quincy. Building operations began in May, 1886. The home was formally opened in March, 1887.

This book contains copies of pages from the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Biennial Reports of the Board of Trustees and Officers of the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home. Only those pages listing admissions to the Home were copied. Much additional data about the operation of the Home may be found in these reports. Copies of the full reports are in the Illinois State Library.

Each soldier or sailor was assigned a "Registry Number" upon admission to the Home. These numbers were assigned in consecutive order beginning with the number eleven. If a discharged veteran was later readmitted, he kept the number initially issued to him. Many names in these reports are obviously misspelled. A researcher should check the index for various spellings of a name.

The records of the Quincy Home are in the Illinois State Archives, Springfield, Illinois. You may receive photocopies of a soldier's file by writing to the Archives. When making a request, be sure to state the soldier's name, his regiment, and his registry number as found in this book. There may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of the copies.

This volume covers 4,418 separate admissions to the Home between March, 1887, and June 30, 1898. Many re-admissions are also noted. All of the men listed in this book served their country in the Mexican War or the Civil War. Beginning in 1899, Spanish-American War soldiers also became eligible to enter the Home. Projected future volumes of this series will include Spanish-American soldiers as well as veterans of the earlier wars.

Lowell M. Volkel, August, 1975"

March 29, 1887 76 ACKOFF, CHARLES Co. K-2d Illinois Artillery Morgan Necrosis, right tibia and left fibula
April 19, 1888 758 AINSWORTH, JOSHUA Co. I&K-2d Illinios Artillery Morgan Rheumatism and diarrhea
May 22, 1890 1581 BAMFORD, M. Co. C-38th Illinois Infantry Morgan Hernia
February 2, 1892 2166 BAMMEL, CHRISTOPHER Co. B-7th MO. Cavalry; Co. I-9th Illinois Cavalry Morgan Rheumatism and affection of heart
March 30, 1887 92 BEERUP, CHARLES Co. I & Co. A.-10th Illinois Infantry Morgan Enlargement of spleen, ch. malaria
March 28, 1887 59 BERRYMAN, GEORGE Co. K-59th Indiana Infantry Morgan Chronic rheumatism; Discharged July 10, 1888
October 22, 1890 1739 BRATTON, JAMES Co. G-3d Illinois Cavalry Morgan Piles and varicose veins
March 17, 1887 28 BROWN, JOSHUA B. Co. G-13th Illinois Cavalry Morgan Scurvy
February 11, 1892 2172 BURCH, FRANCIS M. Co. A-32d Illinois Infantry Morgan Heart disease
August 31, 1889 1289 BURKE, WM. Co. A-23d Illinios Infantry Morgan Varicose veins
January 21, 1890 1464 CAVANAUGH, PETER Co. B-133d Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
November 7, 1890 1762 CAYNE, JOHN Co. B-133d Illinois Infantry Morgan Inflammatory rheumatism
December 13, 1888 1058 COLE, JOHN Co. D-26th Illinois Infantry Morgan General disability
April 20, 1887 216 COLLINS, WM. Co. E-55th Illinois Infantry Morgan Right ing. hernia
January 23, 1892 2158 CONNER, STEPHEN Co. A-5th N. Y. Artillery Morgan Rheumatism and disease of eyes
February 15, 1890 1487 CRAVEN, RICHARD Co. H-143d Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
November 7, 1890 1760 CRAWLEY, JOHN C. Co. A-10th New Hampshire Infantry Morgan Rheumatism and lung trouble
December 13, 1888 1056 DABNEY, WM. Co. B-8th U. S. Heavy Artillery Morgan Paralysis
October 22, 1890 1737 DEVINE, DANIEL Columbia Militia Morgan Deaf and blind
September 12, 1891 2005 DOLAN, PHILIP Co. E-77th PA Infantry Morgan Rheumatism and piles
December 31, 1889 1440 DOYLE, PATRICK Co. A-10th Illinois Infantry Morgan Varicose veins
February 18, 1892 2177 FERGUSON, JOHN B. Co. E-10th Illinois Cavalry Morgan Disease of bladder
September 29, 1887 519 FERRARA, JOHN Co. C-101st Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism and diarrhea
March 15, 1887 22 FETTER, GEO. W. Co. E-2d Iowa Infantry Morgan Loss of left leg; Discharged June 28, 1887
May 2, 1891 1888 GOLD, SEDGWICK H. Co. K-2d Illinois Artillery Morgan Rheumatism and old age
April 26, 1887 240 HARMON, EDWARD Co. A-1-10th Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
November 11, 1889 1379 HENDERSON, WILLIAM H. Co. F-99th Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
March 28, 1887 60 HENNESSEY, THOMAS Co. E, Co. D, Co. A-U. S. Infantry Morgan Hemplegia
November 2, 1891 2069 HILL, JOHN Co. E-101st Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
November 11, 1890 1772 HOVEY, WILLIAM J. Co A.-54th Illinois Infantry Morgan Disease of eyes & chest
February 12, 1891 1849 KELLY, JOHN Co. E-10th Illinois Cavalry Morgan Rheumatism
October 31, 1891 2068 MATTHEWS, ALEX J. Co. B-144th Illinois Infantry Morgan Defective eye sight
January 31, 1890 1173 MAY, WADE H. Co. D-29th U.  S. Colored Troops Morgan Bronchitis
March 30, 1887 90 McDERMOTT, JOHN Co. B-114th Illinois Infantry Morgan Hemorrhoids & rheumatism; Discharged 4/11/1888; Re-admitted 5/18/1888
November 8, 1887 583 McDERMOTT, THOS. Co. H-32d Illinois Infantry Morgan Sore eyes
March 18, 1890 1510 MITCHELL, NICK Co. A-101st Illinois Infantry Morgan Varicose veins
March 31, 1887 102 MONROE, WILLIAM Co. H-2d U. s. Dragoon Morgan Loss of arm
July 11, 1887 405 ODONAHUE, PATRICK Co. H-39th Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
December 17, 1891 2116 OHLER, COLEMAN Co. C-61st Illinois Infantry Morgan Old age
March 7, 1892 2167 PARKER, W. H. Co. B-3d N. Y. Artillery Morgan Injury to eye and hip
March 28, 1887 55 QUINN, MICHAEL Co. H-11th Missouri Infantry Morgan Chronic rheumatism; Discharged July 10, 1888
January 2, 1890 1443 REDDING, JOHN Co. K-2d Illinois Artillery Morgan Rheumatism
September 17, 1891 2015 ROBERTS, JOHN J. co. K-1st Kansas Cavalry Morgan Rheumatism
April 14, 1890 1534 SKIDMORE, R. Co. E-4th Illinois Infantry Morgan Old age
March 3, 1891 1859 STEPHENS, JOHN P. Co. C-28th Illinois Infantry Morgan Ch. diarrhea, piles, gun-shot wound, rheu.
August 2, 1887 443 STOCKTON, THOS. B. Co. K-233d Illinois Infnatry Morgan Rheumatism
October 8, 1891 2034 WALIHAN, JOHN Co. B-133d Illinois Infantry Morgan Rheumatism
February 11, 1890 1482 WELLS, ALBY G. 1st Iowa Artillery Morgan Varicose veins
November 6, 1891 2075 WETTER, LOUIS Co. E-24th Illinois Infantry Morgan Gun-shot wound
January 28, 1888 671 WILLETT, WILLIALM A. Co. K-33d Illinois Infantry Morgan Heart disease
March 28, 1887 58 WILLIAMS, WILLIAM U.S. Steamers Niagara, Savanna, Saline, & Glaucus Morgan Injury to spine; Died april 17, 1888