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Abbreviations used:
J'Ville SH=
Jacksonville State Hospital    

Columns: S/R/MS = Sex, Race, Marital Status; IL=Years in IL; Bk/Pg=Book/page#

DOTY Ephriam NY MW mar d26Dec1889 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 94y1m4d Bk2p24 46
DOTY Phoebe A NJ FW mar d20Mar1879 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 56y11m8d Bk1p30 24
DOTY William OH MW mar d18Oct1907 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 84yrs Bk4p545 60
DOUGHARTY Virginia Marcus Springfield OH FW mar d7Mar1904 Franklin IL Franklin Cem Franklin IL 59yrs Bk3p535 45
DOUGHERTY John b18jan1835 TN MW wid d26Sep1919 Morgan Co IL Franklin Cem
DOUGHERTY William Ireland W wid d10May1905 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 77yrs Bk4p181
DOUGLAS Edward L IL FW sin d4May1911 J'Ville SH Calvary Cem J'Ville 39yrs Bk6p207
DOUGLAS Eva Annie J'Ville FB d20Jun1882 J'Ville Cem J'Ville Cem 1m3d Bk1p103
DOUGLAS Howard MW mar d8Jul1888 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 60yrs Bk1p231
DOUGLAS Maggie Pike Co MO FB mar d10Dec1886 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 34yrs Bk1p197 22
DOUGLAS Nancy Ann b2Jan1844 IL FW wid d17Mar1919 J'ville J'Ville Cem 75y2m15d Bk10p179? Wiswell/Bradshaw
DOUGLAS Thomas Fuller b30Apr1840 OH MW mar d9Ssep1918 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk10p25? Douglas/Reed
DOUGLAS William B J'Ville MB sin d3Nov1907 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 22y8m6d Bk4p572
DOUGLASS 6mi n J'Ville FB d10Jul1892 6mi n J'Ville Country n of J'Ville 10m Bk2p75
DOUTHWAITE Henry England MW mar d11Jul1908 J'Ville SH Pawnee IL 66yrs Bk5p40
DOW Kate FW d11Oct1887 J'Ville SH to Monmouth IL by F Boggess 42yrs Bk1p215
DOWD Anna Gratia FW sin d9Oct1889 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 28yrs Bk2p20 27
DOWD Charles Jr St Louis MO MW sin d19Apr1901 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 47yrs Bk3p535 37
DOWD Charles Mrs b1831 Ireland FW mar d3Jun1911 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 80yrs Bk6p236 62
DOWD Clotilda J'Ville F d19Jun1893 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 22y8m6d Bk2p93
DOWELL Allie B America FW sin d1Mar1913 J'ville SH Petersburg IL 32yrs Bk7p61
DOWELL Willis MO MB d15Jul1889 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 17y10m6d Bk2p16 14
DOWLING Bridget Ireland FW wid d19Oct1909 e of J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 80yrs Bk2p241 35
DOWLING Ruth b17Jun1832 NJ FW wid d5Jan1912 Murrayville IL St Bartholemew Murrayville IL 79y6m18d Bk6p392 65 Sayers
DOWLING William Ireland MW wid d26Jul1895 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 60yrs Bk2p141 25
DOWNEY Mary b1861 US FW sin d30Jun1919 J'Ville SH Pittsfield IL 58yrs Bk10p178?
DOWNING Harry W OH MW mar d7Aug1909 J'Ville SH Decatur IL 53yrs Bk6p391
DOWNING Mary W b27Aug1830 NY FW wid d27jan1912 J'Ville Rose Hill Cem Chicago IL Bk6p391 50 Slayton/Pahner?
DOWNS Frank D b21Oct1884 Schuyler Co IL MW mar d29Dec1920 J'Ville J'Ville Cem Bk10p537? Downs/Moore
DOWSLAND John Burniston England MW wid d24Apr1906 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 74yrs Bk4p319 50
DOXSTADER Elizabeth Ellen b14May1844 IL FW wid d7Nov1915 J'Ville Rose Hill Cem Petersburg IL Bk8p43? Taylor/Morris
DOXSTADER Jacob L Ft Plains NY MW mar d25Apr1908 J'Ville Petersburg IL 69y5m14d Bk5p67 52
DOYLE Ann Ireland FW mar d16mar1885 Morgan PoorFarm nr J'Ville 50yrs Bk1p61
DOYLE Bridget Co Down Ire FW wid d31May1901 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 82yrs Bk3p58 50
DOYLE Cathrine Ireland FW mar d20Jun1908 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 62yrs Bk5p40 45
DOYLE Francis Ireland MW sin d1Nov1911 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 61yrs Bk6p351
DOYLE J P Ireland MW mar d27Jul1895 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 80yrs Bk2p141 38
DOYLE Mary J'Ville FW sin d30Aug1905 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 40yrs Bk2p221
DOYLE Robert Benjamin b30Nov1918 Rd Dist 11 J'Ville MW d8Dec1920 Rd Dist11 J'Ville Murrayville Cem 2y8d Bk10p560? Doyle/Wright
DOYLE Thomas Ireland MW mar d16Apr1906 Morgan Co IL Calvary Cem J'Ville 55yrs Bk4p333 35
DOYLE William b4Sep1835 Ireland MW mar d22Jun1911 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Doyle/Murphy
DOZIER Annette J'Ville FW d29Jul1889 J'Vile Catholic Cem J'Ville 8m8d Bk2p16
DRAKE Elizabeth b16Sep1828 IN FW wid d16Dec1911 OldPeoples Home Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 1906
DRAKE Mrs England FW wid d2Dec1909 Bethel Jordan Cem (Bluffs IL?) 84yrs Bk5p328
DRAKE Nancy Terre Haute IN FW mar d18Nov1909 J'Ville Rockbridge Greene Co IL 72y10m8d Bk5p263 70
DRAKE William H Bethel IL MW sin d14Jul1883 Bethel Jordon Graveyard 23y7m Bk1p109
DRAKE William Jr b3Feb1864 Springfield IL MW sin d22Oct1918 J'Ville SH Springfield IL Drake/Houser
DRAPER Edwin Smith Co TN MW wid d8Aug1887 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 80y11m23d Bk1p212
DRAPER Henry Macoupin Co IL MW mar d19Aug1907 nr Literberry IL Virginia IL 48y7m7d Bk5p69
DRAPER Linda Macoupin Co IL FW mar d17Feb1890 J'Ville Pullman Cem nr Waverly IL Bk2p30
DRAPER Sarah F b1Feb1849 Alton IL FW mar d9Jul1919 J'Ville Hillsboro IL Bk10p181? Wm Perkins by KY
DRAPER Uraina L Chautangua Co NY FW mar d4Aug1887 Morgan Co IL Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 69yrs Bk1p211 6
DRASER Daniel b1850 Germany MW wid d1Nov1915 Concord IL Oak Grove Cem 65y1m Bk8p44? 40 Thos Draser
DRESBACH Charles Sutton J'Ville MW d21Oct1878 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 10m Bk1p19
DRESSER Anna b4Sep1861 IL FW wid d3Apr1917 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 55y6m29d Bk9p269? FrankQuintel
DRESSER Frank Lowell MI MW mar d24May1907 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 48yrs Bk4p512
DRIEMEIR Bertha May MO FW mar d10Nov1918 J'Ville SH Highland IL 69yrs Bk10p27?
DRISCOLE Jno Griggsville IL MW sin d17Nov1883 Morgan Co IL Griggsville IL 12y9m9d Bk1p137
DRISCOLL John IL MW d16apr1883 J'ville Pike Co IL 12y9m9d Bk1p136
DRIVER Richard b20Apr1835 England MW wid d10May1918 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk9p568? /Miss Wilcox
DROVISCH Emma D b3Feb1887 IL FW sin d11May1922 J'Ville SH Decatur IL Bk11p194? Drovisch/Bailey
DRUIN Pearl b30Mar1901 Arcadia IL FW mar d13May1919 J'Ville Moss Cemetery Bk10p179? Stanley/Nash
DRULEY Francis b1841 OH MW div d14Feb1913 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 72yrs Bk7p41
DRUMMOND Benjamin Franklin IL MW mar d26Jan1917 Morgan Co IL Scott Co IL 65yrs Bk9p269?
DRURY Belle Paxton Pike Co IL FW wid d13Nov1911 Orleans IL Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 68yrs Bk6p350
DUCAHRTT (Unnamed) IL FW d23Jul1889 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 3mo Bk2p15
DUCHARTT William Germany MW mar d16Apr1914 J'Ville Beardstown IL 92yrs Bk7p353
DUCKELS Martha Niel J'Ville FW d18Dec1903 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 3m3d Bk3p506
DUCKELS Thomas MW mar d2Jun1909 J'Ville Girard IL 70yrs Bk5p240
DUCKET Clara E IL FW wid d8Jul1911 Chapin IL Chapin IL 34/36yrs Bk6p325
DUCKET Matilda Morgan Co IL FW wid d9Oct1908 Chapin IL Jorden Cem 74yrs Bk5p120
DUCKETT Edward IL MW d25May1906 Chapin IL Chapin IL not indic. Bk7p118
DUCKETT Mary A PA FW mar d16Dec1894 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 65yrs Bk2p105 53
DUCKWALL Gertrude Lynnville IL F dAug1880 Lynnville IL Lynnville Cem Bk1p63
DUCKWALL Helen Elizabeth b2Mar1917 Morgan Co IL FW d19Sep1917 Morgan Co IL Ebenezer Cem Bk9p269? Duckwall/Tuke
DUCROW Laura US FW mar d24May1909 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 49yrs Bk5p182
DUDDY Daniel MW d6Oct1889 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 64yrs Bk2p221
DUDHOPE Rachael Emorine b27Oct1869 Petersburg IL FW mar d18Jun1921 Meredosia IL Oakland Cem Meredosia IL Bk11p25? mother Sarah Yokum
DUER Mamie Morgan Co IL FW d6Mar1879 nr Pisgah IL Pisgah Cem 4y11m Bk1p30
DUERS Charles IL MB d28Mar1904 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 39yrs Bk3p521
DUEWER Charlotte b7Feb1843 Germany FW mar d18Feb1911 Morgan Co IL Luken Cem, New Berlin IL Bk6p158 44yrs Fa/Sotmann?
DUFF Asahel b1845 KY MW mar d6Apr1921 J'Ville SH Pearl IL Bk10p611? spouse/Unis Duff
DUFFER Henry IN Mwmar d20Jul1880 Woodson IL Sheppard's Cem Woodson IL 23y10m15d Bk1p64 11
DUFFNER Ann Ireland FW mar d10Jul1895 Woodson IL Catholic Cem J'Ville Bk2p139 45
DUFFNER John b1837 Germany MW wid d2Feb1913 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk7p38 58
DUFFY Louisa Ireland FW sin d6Dec1878 J'Ville Delhi IL 20yrs Bk4p519 child
DUGAN Jessie MO FB sin d13Jun1907 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 20yrs Bk4p519 7
DUKER Henry MW sin d9Sep1893 J'Ville SH Quincy IL 48yrs Bk2p98
DULANEY Delia IL FW sin d1Nov1893 J'Ville SH Rockbridge IL 25yrs Bk2p102
DUMMERWORTH Magdeline Germany FW mar d30Aug1883 Morgan PoorFarm Morgan County Burial ground 41yrs Bk1p132
DUMPHY James C J'Ville MW d12Nov1895 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 4y3m Bk2p147
DUMPHY John P b4Nov1884 J'Ville MW mar d21Feb1913 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk7p40 Dumphy/Shanahan
DUMPHY Mary FW mar d6Jun1917 J'Ville SH Calvary Cem J'Ville
DUMPHY William F J'Ville MW sin d13Mar1898 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 17y26d Bk2p200
DUNAHEE Alvin MW d3Sep1888 Morgan Co IL East Cem J'Ville 17yrs Bk1p236
DUNAVAN Cornelias b1866 J'Ville MW sin d8Jun1911 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk6p237 Dunavan/Donavan
DUNAVAN Jacob Wyan Hopkinsville KY MW wid d1Mar1887 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 77y4m8d Bk1p202 55
DUNAVAN James W KY MW mar d6Jan1885 J'Ville "Not accurately known" 45y24d Bk1p158 child
DUNAVAN Jesse LeRoy J'Ville MW mar d11Mar1909 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 25y2m11d Bk5p152 Street car conductor
DUNAWAY Frederick Virigina IL MW sin d13Jul1905 J'Ville Virginia IL 27yrs Bk4p240
DUNAWAY Wright J b1880 IL MW mar d14Jun1921 J'Ville SH Findlay IL
DUNBAR Mary Ann NY FW wid d31Jan1889 J'Ville SH Lafayette IL 57yrs Bk2p7
DUNCAN Andrew M Indiana Co PA MW mar d7Nov1878 Chapin IL Jorden Churchyard 27y9m29d Bk1p20 1+
DUNCAN J W b26Oct1856 Girard IL MW mar d22Jul1919 J'Ville Palmyra IL Bk10p180? Duncan/Crawford
DUNCAN Jordan KY MB mar d22Jun1905 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 96yrs Bk4p198 47
DUNCAN Margaret A J IL FW mar d27Apr1878 Waverly IL Waverly IL 37yrs Bk1p9
DUNCAN Martha Ann b18May1826 KY FB wid d18 Mar1913 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk7p60 56 T.Shropshire
DUNCAN Richard A b8Jan1878 IL MW wid d20May1919 Franklin IL Franklin IL Bk10p178? Duncan/Rutlege
DUNCAN Robert Bruce b23Jan1881 Franklin IL MW sin d9Feb1922 J'Ville Franklin Cem Franklin IL Bk11p127 Duncan/Gibson
DUNCAN Robert L TN MW mar d24Jan1909 J'Ville Virginia IL 61yrs Bk5p121 40
DUNCAN William b26Sep1855 MW wid d21Jan1938 Morgan Co Home East Cem J'Ville
DUNCAN William Henry Morgan Co now Scott IL MW wid d1Feb1910 Murrayville IL Gunn Cem Murrayville IL? 77y2m12d Bk5p280
DUNCAN William Wallace IL MW mar d30May1892 Franklin IL Franklin IL 42y2m26d Bk2p73
DUNEGAN Margret b1856 Ireland FW Wid d3Feb1911 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville 30 Ryan/Gleeson
DUNHAM Nancy MO FB wid d6Sep1879 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 45yrs Bk1p44 4
DUNIGAN Margarett Ireland FW mar d11Oct1893 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 52yrs Bk2p100 22
DUNIVAN Hannah b28Oct1850 Morgan Co IL FW mar d12Feb1912 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville Bk6p416 David & MarySamples
DUNIVAN Jesse J KY MW mar d4Nov1905 J'Ville J'Ville Cem 60yrs
DUNKER Frances b1852 IL FW mar d19Feb1921 J'Ville Quincy IL 69yrs Bk10p574
DUNKERSON ThomasWashington KY MW wid d9Jun1909 OldPeoples Home Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 80yrs Bk5p242
DUNKESON Dora IL FW mar d7Feb1897 J'Ville Carrollton IL 57yrs Bk2p176
DUNLAP Bessie b19Aug1879 J'Vile FW d19Aug1879 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 20min Bk1p40
DUNLAP Dicy OH FW d25Jan1912 J'Ville Antioch Cem 100y11m15d Bk6p390 72 Wm & Mary Runke (P?)
DUNLAP Elizabeth OH F mar d27Jan1879 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 74y4m Bk1p29 48
DUNLAP James KY M wid d8Jul1879 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 76y6m8d Bk1p88 35
DUNLAP Sarah Alice b27Dec1884 Morgan Co IL FW sin d15Mar1912 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville Bk6p441 Dunlap/Orear
DUNLAP William F Urbana OH MW mar d20Jun1878 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 46yrs Bk1p111 35
DUNLAP William H b13Oct1842 IL MW wid d1Aug1915 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville 72yrs Bk14p329 Dunlap/Annkle?
DUNN Ambros IL MW sin d28Feb1883 Chapin IL Catholic Cem J'Ville 16yrs Bk1p111
DUNN Benjamin Staffashire England MW mar d14Jan1906 Meredosia IL Oakland Cem Meredosia IL 75y6m29d Bk4p279 40
DUNN Caroline MD F  wid d16Oct1887 Lynnville IL 5 mi w of Beardstown IL 73yrs Bk1p217 58
DUNN Charles b1Dec1856 IL MW sin d7Dec1920 J'Ville Beardstown IL Bk10p537? Dunn/Treadway
DUNN Ellen b1846 IL FW mar d7Jul1921 J'Ville Calvary Cem J'Ville Bk11p13 John Daley
DUNN Louella J'Ville FW d17Nov1880 Chapin IL Catholic Cem J'Ville 4y11m Bk1p71
DUNN Mary Staffordshire England FW d18Nov1884 J'Ville Ebenezer Cem 2y11mo Bk1p156 3mo
DUNN Matilda b12Mar1856 Beardstown IL FW mar d3Feb1921 J'ville Beardstown IL Bk10p573 Chalfant/Norton
DUNN May Pike Co IL FW May1880 J'Ville Mt Sterling IL 1y6m Bk1p58
DUNNAVAN Jesse M Carthage Hancock Co IL MW mar d12Jun1878 Arcadia IL HazelGreenCemMorgan Co IL 38yrs Bk1p9
DUNNIGAN Mamie J'Ville FW d24Feb1909 Woodson IL St Bartholemew Murrayville IL 13y11m12d Bk5p154
DUNVANDACK John IL MW sin d13Jan1909 nr Meredosia IL Meredosia IL 34yrs Bk5p120
DUSCHARME Odille Canada FW mar d22Mar1879 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 31yrs Bk1p32
DUSTIN William H OH MW Sep1897 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 76yrs Bk2p183
DUVAL Minerva IL FW mar d27Feb1887 J'Ville SH Wataza? IL 58yrs Bk1p201
DUVALL Anna IL FW sin d24Feb1913 J'Ville SH Griggsville IL 36yrs Bk7p39
DUVALL Mary Clinton Co MO FW sin d30Jul1885 Sulphur SpringsIL Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 28yrs Bk1p233 10m
DUVANDACK Adam Germany MW d28Jun1910 Meredosia IL Meredosia IL 86yrs Bk6p391 40
DUVANDACK Mrs Adam Germany FW wid d18Aug1915 nr Chapin IL 84yrs Bk8p45 50
DWYER Anna May IL FW sin d20May1913 J'Ville SH Winchester IL 37yrs Bk7p101
DWYER Mollie Marie b22Jun1887 FW mar d25Jan1919 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville Bk10p30 Graubner/Spreen
DYE Infant b25Dec1921 J'Ville MW d26Dec1921 J'Ville East Cem J'Ville Bk11p106 Dye/Clements
DYE Rhoda FW sin d18Mar1889 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 57yrs Bk2p8 20
DYER (unnamed) b11Apr1913 Woodson IL M d12Apr1913 Woodson IL Murrayville IL Cem Bk7p83 Dyer/Asher
DYER Andrew A b7Jul1850 J'Ville MW mar d7May1921 J'Ville Ebenezer Cem Bk10p626 Cyer/Whitlock
DYER Elvira b1893 Windsor IL FW sin d1Jun1917 J'Ville SH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville 24yrs Bk9p270 mo/Dyer
DYER Frances J'Ville MW d5Sep1887 J'Ville Catholic Cem J'Ville 10m3d Bk1p215
DYER J J US MB mar d4Jul1886 Morgan PoorFarm Morgan County Poor Farm ?2y10m3d Bk1p198 25
DYER John IL MB mar d13Aug1911 J'Ville SH Quincy IL 70yrs Bk6p287
DYER John A Morgan Co IL MW mar d26Oct1903 Pisgah IL Union Cem Pisgah IL 55y1m4d Bk3
DYER Lucy M B b18Oct1850 Mayview KY FW mar d11may1915 J'Ville Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville Bk8p45 40 Book/Downtain
DYER M E IL FW sin d2Jun1905 J'Ville SH Lovington IL 30yrs Bk4p212
DYER Martha b1864 FB wid d31Mar1922 J'VilleSH Diamond Grove Cem J'Ville Bk11p174
DYER Nelson MW sin d3Feb1936 County Home County Cem 79y6m18d
DYER William TN MW mar d4Feb1880 Morgan Co IL 44yrs Bk1p68
DYRE William b3Feb1836 TN MW wid d25Aug1917 J'Ville San Union Cem Pisgah IL Bk9p270 Dyre/Bridgeman

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